Ireland Stifles It’s Political Voice.


When it comes to demanding an investigation regarding the original source of Covid-19 (not called that because there wasn’t 18 versions before it), Fine Gael once again has decided to take the silent route on the matter. Despite the virus killing many around the word, numbers still increasing at the creation time of this article in Ireland, 1,290 have died reportedly from it.

It’s looking highly likely that the source of Covid-19 – one way or other – originated from China. The government there has used every method possible for outside countries not to further investigate.

They have sent home foreign journalists, attacked other journalists abroad, made people in their own country disappear and sent to prison those that survived a state culling for even daring to speak on the matter. On investigating on the matter has been closed off to the outside world. Documents have been likely been mass destroyed.

The Wuhan lab has likely been scrubbed clear of any potential evidence. Anything and anybody that might even be a risk, has been eliminated or moved, never to be found again. The world will never know the full truth now. The Wuhan’s Institute of Virology has removed photographs of scientists working in its laboratories and edited out references to visits by US diplomats. Pictures which appear to show slack safety standards at the Chinese laboratory at the centre of international sus­picion over Covid-19 have been systematically deleted from its website. LINK  LINK 

The American White House as well as the British government, had each received classified briefings raising the possibility of a leak from the institute prior to the actual outbreak. They knew one way or the other, what was possibly coming. They have a lot of evidence that they won’t be parting with, to other world governments. Even if those government did get access to such information the USA and UK has, they would probably be willing to overlook it as at the end of the day, all need to stay sweet with China – and China knows it.

Ireland is one of these present governments – willing to ignore what China might be responsible for, regardless of evidence given to the world or not. Why? The answer is very obvious to those willing to see a bigger picture. The answer comes in two parts.

(a) All are still heavy dependent on China for masks, a lot of hospital breathing equipment and other medical supplies to fight the pandemic.

(b) The rest of the world will also need China’s economic muscle to help pull each and all out of their deep recessions. The Chinese government direct, though many international companies or corporations and banks they own, have massive investments and ownership’s of buildings, foreign and domestic businesses and even banks that have even more massive loans given to whole single governments, European bodies and individual businesses with each country – loans that if they decided to pull in, could over night crash world economies.

It hasn’t been Chinese tanks that has managed to gain huge influence, it’s their banks. Just like Ireland is susceptible to EU’s financial yanking in regards to it’s own Troika setup, the Irish government like others world states, are also susceptible to the power of China and it’s financial strength and ability to make or break nations. Prior to Covi-19 outbreak, it was already on course to have an economy that was steaming ahead to take over the weight of America – and the American White House knew it.

Mikko Huotari, executive director of the Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS), a Berlin-based think tank, noted that the Chinese economy is expected to bounce back strongly from the pandemic. “What is clear is that despite all the complications, China will not experience negative growth in 2020 — unlike the USA — and it will probably have 9-10 percent growth in 2021,” said Huotari. LINK

Hosuk Lee-Makiyama, director of the Brussels-based European Centre for International Political Economy think tank, said that China will be the first country that gets out of the economic “tunnel.” “That means exporting countries such as Germany and France will be even more dependent on the Chinese market than before,” he said.

Ireland too!

So for plain survival reasons in terms of financial and state, Ireland’s elected is going to ignore the many deaths that might have been originally caused by someone or some institution in China – and ultimately, seek no real accountability or demand compensation from China. Ireland’s current elected are ultimately going to not seek out any investigations nor likely publicly call for any Chinese accountability, except in window-dressing PR token effort to appease a few at home – but ultimately like many states around the world, not hold China to account for what the world has suffered – and the Chinese government knows this.

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