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Welcome to the new UnitedPeople consumer page. As the header above says, we will be asking questions (many that other won't and are avoiding), we will be offering comment and along the way, trying to give a bit of help too.

If you have any personal thoughts, issues or questions, please feel free to email us at - or use the section at the bottom of the page.



A good number of people have contacted UnitedPeople over an ongoing issue with the Ireland Disney+ service. In Short: trying to connect to the service though their phone or tablet, they are having issues getting past  - or even getting to - the login screen. for some time this has been apparently going on and Disney worldwide so far has refuse to officially state (a) that the problem exists, (b) provide any real useful help through online chat services and (c) so far, won't admit where the fault actually lies.

As UnitedPeople has discovered through extensive research, work, online messaging and a lot of phone calls, we got to the heart of the matter and for many stuck with this issue, we offer a possible solution - if only a temporary one - till Disney own up more honestly and get their act together much better!

The Problem - And Temp' Solution.

So, people cannot log in. They are getting and error message like the blue screen you see here entitled "Image One". The message says "Unable to connect" etc... Talk about stating the obvious. Note that they give no further help whatsoever - not even to refer people to any further Disney help service. Just give an "OK" button that is useless!

If you are experiencing this problem, this is what you need to do, to address the matter.

Step one: Open up a browser (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, etc) on your phone or laptop.
Step two: Type in the URL box ""
Step three: Look for the three small dots in a corner of your screen. See "Image Two" on this page for a graphic example of what you should be seeing. These dots are usually the top or bottom left-side. When you find them, tap once on them.
Step four: From the list that appears on screen, select "desktop site" and wait for the screen and webpage to then refresh (update itself).
Step five: You should now be looking at the a page that will allow you to log in. Log in as normal and then use the service denied to you by using an android app.

Image One

Image One

Image Two

The Heart Of The Issue.

The underlying problem appears to be version 1.17.1 of the Disney Android Application currently available through Google Play and other app providers.

We contacted Disney at least four timed through Twitter for initial help on this matter and we were repeatedly ignored. We rang them up repeatedly and each time - after being twice cut off in mid-sentence - eventually got speaking to someone - only to be cut twice off again from them.  In one situation, they claimed they "We were aware of the ongoing problem in your own area" after we only told them that many people were having the same problem. Then later in the SAME conversation they was "Can you tell me what area you live in?" Think about it...

Only one (at the end of the long UP task of getting to the bottom of things) rep' finally part admitted at the end, that the fault lies within their own app. All others didn't want to hear even this suggestion - never mind admitting this was in fact, the very fault. They tried to blame everything and anyone - but Disney!

Disney help service rolled out the usual generic apologies "We are sorry..." "We do sympathise" "We do understand your problem" "We hear you" etc. They rolled out the help that's online suggested by others - that is often totally timewasting and useless. "Please uninstall the app, reinstall the app, modem disconnect, modem reconnect, reset the modem, connect by Ethernet cable", etc...

Not once did Disney actually admit the problem appears to lay with their own provided android Disney app.

When this was put to them in yet another call (before being cut off), they espoused that all faults causing the issue, were external to themselves. They blamed everything and anything. "It's possible attenuation on the line, It could be your net speed, it's your modem, it's your wireless signal", It's your version of phone/tablet android operating system (even though many devices were all using different versions 8, 9  or 10 and still experiencing the same issue) etc...

The (temp') solution was only to be found and connection could be re-established, when everyone avoided use of the actual Disney provided android app. Avoid using their app (ver: 1.17.1), follow the steps above - and you could then regain the service you were paying for.

Disney still won't publicly admit the issue with their app, in Ireland. They are massive saying nothing in any adverts still plugging their service. They are leaving hundreds, if not thousands of people in Ireland, in the dark as to what is the real issue (their very own app) and even possible (temp') solution. They are not warning enough people, from the start, to avoid using their Disney android app. They are however, willing to still remain too silent about where the true fault lies - and still willing to take people's money for absolutely no service provided!

FINAL NOTE: Disney through Twitter, only replied to us after multiple messages sent, when we later further indicated that we were going to expose their poor/no service on our UnitedPeople website. Up till then, all our previous messages were completely repeatedly ignored.

* Trying to speak to them by phone was great fun (not) too. First call while waiting to speak to someone - cut completely off. Second, third, etc, calls were also cut off by them without "goodbye" or even waiting to hear us trying to talk when they had finished their well practised apologies. We had more to ask and suggest - but they just cut us off repeatedly. Every time we did manage to get through to a live person, we had to go though EVERYTHING yet again, name address, email, phone number, problem, solutions tried, etc... Only to be then cut off. Every time we rang them we got more messages and advertising (Star TV, for example) for one minute of the call before even getting into a queue to actually speak to someone.

IN TOTAL, just to get through to a live person, we spent (in money and time) well over an hour on the phone - only to be repeat given the run around, never called back despite being promised we would, if we were cut off again - and yes, then cut off again... It's a hell of a way to run a (questionable) service!

Ireland Insurance Business

Credit where due, to Pierce Doherty of Sinn Fein political Party. He's been long tacking the Irish insurance rackets that being allowed to too long continue in Ireland.

Despite being repeatedly ignored by companies, other parties and governments in office, he's kept up the pressure to see things get better - often by exposing many of their rackets/scams and/or unfairness and inequality issues.

Sadly, it's still obvious that the insurance big boys are carrying on many of their bad ways. Their exposed unofficial cartels appear to be continuing. Very poor (none) accountability. FF/FG/Labour and other parties are in no hurry to make them see the inside of courtroom for their possible illegal acts. The parties of old have been this way inclined for decades and clearly not up for major insurance change or in willingness to do anything regarding serious accountability substantially - or at all!

What little is being done, Fianna Fail is now trying to claim all the credit for! They have not once acknowledged others work and years of research. They are just attempting to win PR for themselves off the backs of others without even a "Thank you".

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Daily Mirror Editor Comment

Ireland's Costly 'Free Education'

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