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Section One - A Brief Introduction To A Cult.

There are a number of  lesser known genuine religions that exist in Ireland. "Scientology" is not one of them. What this growing organisation and business is in our Ireland state, is a insidious growing cult that slickly uses cult practices to recruit or entrap citizens, then uses further cult procedures to keep those grabbed within their claws till they are squeezed for monetary assets and all physical efforts gained. to the benefit of the cult.


The Dangers Of Scientology.

The damaging effect this cult has on individuals and related family, has been recognised the world over by ordinary, highly educated, professional and political people. When it comes to Scientology, we list below just some of this cult's damaging aspects.

Ripping apart families. The cult operates a policy of conquering and dividing families. In slick PR effort, they deny this - but their very own documents that they have tried to keep secret, clearly exposes this practice. Thousands of victim statements also expose the cult practice.

Scientology’s toxic ‘disconnection’ policy requires its members to cut of all ties to people the church has deemed “suppressive” because they left the organization or spoke out about it. That’s required even if the suppressive is a family member. And so children will turn their backs on parents who have left the church, parents will cut off their own kids, and countless marriages get ripped apart. Others have covered many stories of disconnection and at one site, the Bunker, every morning they publish an updated list of some former Scientologists who have spent years unable to communicate with their loved ones because of Scientology’s heartless policy.

Financial extortion. Scientologists are under incredible pressure not only to pay for increasingly expensive courses as they go up the “Bridge to Total Freedom,” but also to donate increasing amounts to various fundraising initiatives for the cult's current long existing leader, David Miscavige, and his new Ideal Orgs along with the enormous costs of his litigation expenses and retaliation schemes. Many private individuals, reporters and world media networks have covered some of the all too real outrageous stories that have occurred in the last couple of years.

They each in turn go on to describe how new people, especially if they’re older, can be overwhelmed with Scientology’s hard-sell tactics, saddling them with stunning amounts of debt nearly overnight. People often ask, if Scientology is a church, what does it worship? The clear answer is money.

Abuse of Sea Org workers. Scientology recruits the children of its members for its Sea Org ranks beginning when they’re 12 or 13 years old. Many personally spoken with a few former Sea Org workers who signed its famous billion-year contract when they were only five or six years old. Once they actually go to work in Sea Org posts, the hours are incredible.

At only 12, Laura DeCrescenzo was working 90 hours a week, she testified in her court case. When she turned 13, she was moved to the adult schedule at 112 hours a week. Sea Org staff work 365 days a year and may go years without seeing their other family members. And their pay? It’s typically $50 a week, if they’re paid at all! Also, the culture in the Sea Org is a paramilitary organization where humiliation and abuse is the norm, and punishments are insane. Don't take our word for this. You will find hundreds, if not thousands of victims statements on this matter alone, out on the internet, through media productions, in police reports and in many books written in attempt to expose this cult. Former members were also stuck in the Sea Org’s internal prison programs for years at a time. There are a lot more abusing aspects of this branch, within the overall cult.

Forced abortions. Since the 1970s, women in the Sea Org have been told they can’t have children in order to keep up its 112-hour weeks of work. When they do get pregnant, they are heavily pressured to have abortions.

In 2009, Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis admitted that the church had a ban on having children, but denied that women were coerced into abortions. But too many defectors that rare escape the cults Sea Org, exposes that it’s still going on. Women have come forward and gone on record, telling of being forced into abortions. Scientology in 2018 spent millions settling a lawsuit in order to keep one such person, Laura DeCrescenzo, from being able to speak of a forced abortion from others ears at an ongoing trial.

The cult can afford to do such things when you get people like Tom Cruise, actor and top ranking member, donating vast financial amounts - while continuously refusing to discuss the practices and crimes of his cult.

Smears and retaliation. Scientology has a well-earned reputation for smearing, stalking, and trying to destroy people who leave the organization and then speak out, as well as targeting journalists and even judges who try to expose the truth about the church. The cult also has a long history of attacking private and political individuals or groups they are attached to.

Scientology spends insane amounts of money employing a small army of private investigators, former journalists, and lawyers in order to compile dossiers on its supposed enemies, and then targeting them with online attacks, visits to family and neighbours, and other dirty tricks intended to intimidate and frighten people into silence - when also trying to undermine their name, reputation and even family life. The founder of UnitedPeople,Jeff Rudd, presently continues to be a target of such attacks. He is but one of many the world over that is being targeted to this very day. Google "Scientology Fair Game".

Passing off pseudoscience as mental health treatment. Since 1950, cult founder L. Ron Hubbard and his followers have been selling their world recognised parlor tricks as a “science” of the mind. To this day they convince the gullible to fork over huge amounts of money in the pursuit of past-life memories and the promise of god-like powers.

As early as the 1960s, governments were pointing out that Scientology was essentially passing itself off as a mental health provider and foisting nothing less than quack ideas on vulnerable people in order to reap huge profits.

Exposing individuals and groups have shown that the US government - and Ireland politicians in government - has been clearly aware of this scam for decades. Depressingly, year after year they do little or often nothing about it. Even worse, they allow the cult to continue to grow and worse again, further expand it's abusive, exploitive practices.

The above introduction to the Scientology cult is only a brief introduction. A mere scratch of a deeper surface. There are far more dangers about this cult and within each angle (of which there are more) of all those dangers. There has been thousands (possible hundreds of thousands) of victims, absolute massive law breaking across the world and more, while those that try and stop them, continue to be open and covertly attacked.

If you wish to learn more, please read on or google some of the items already mentioned in this introduction section. Prepare to be utterly shocked.

Section Two - A Cult's Invasion Of Ireland.

  The cult in Ireland originally just had one tiny location starting off, in Dublin, Ireland. Based at 64 Middle Abbey Street, it was one small door that led to small rooms on floors above. The whole operation ran from there and in truth, it never really ran anywhere.

The cult was in constant debt. It reported had to financially bailed out a number of times from the USA. For long time they just existed and no more. Their Irish members was less than 30 in number for a long, long time. In more truth, its numbers today have not increased dramatically. It's not they weren't trying to recruit - they certainly were - but over time media kept exposing their rackets and activities.

TV, print and even street protests, leaflets street and out and more, kept vast others informed or updated. Thankfully many stayed away from the cult. Many still do.

Still, the cult persisted in maintaining an Irish presence. In the last few years they have upped the ante. They have embarked upon property buying of a serious nature.

They have opened up a European branch of their "Office of Special Affairs" in Dublin. They have bought a large public centre and turned that into a cult facility. They have bought other property and to date (Feb' 2020) they are progressing their plans to turn it into a location where their known highly dangerous quack practises, are also going to be carried out.

As of 2020, Irish political parties Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, the Green Party and Labour, refuse to enact any policies which might pave a positive effect in stopping the growth and practises of the cult. Each of them have held government office - and done absolutely nothing in that time.

To be continued...

An Unfortunate Big Mistake.

For whatever reason, often justified by genuine religions themselves operating badly at times, a few people claim that all (genuine) religions are all the same. Firstly, Scientology is not a religion in the eyes of many countries, experts and vast experienced religious theological professionals. To claim that all other religions are of similar nature to the Cult of Scientology, is an unfortunate big mistake.

For a start;

* No genuine religion today has it own military style setup - with additional ranks, brutal punishment regimes and cruise boats.

* No genuine religion today has deprivation setups that keep people off needed drugs, away from their families, away from their home locations and even countries.

* No genuine religion today has been charged and convicted of so many serious crimes - from kidnapping, government infiltration, defamations acts, interrogation methods applied, torture, kidnapping and murder - just to begin with. There loads more. Google "Scientology crimes".

* No genuine religion today fakes masses of documents, member figures, blatantly false promotional material, including faking an Irish radio station studio -  and much more.

* No genuine religion today hires military style goons to track down people (ex-members and people exposing the cult), follow them, harass them, falsify bomb threats, attack their homes and much, much more.

* No genuine religion today hires police staff onto their payroll in order to protect themselves from others trying to uncover their many quack practise and illegal, dangerous operations carried out around the world.

* No genuine religion today deliberately hunts out celebrity figures and them uses them for promotion of their religion - or mass financial gain from them personally or though use of their image and physical effort in staged events, live or broadcast.

* No genuine religion today has created it's own alien landing pad. We kid you not. Google "Scientology alien landing pad" or click HERE for a sample.

* No genuine religion today has openly, stolen the crucifix image of the Catholic religion and incorporated into their own bizarre logo concoction, to try look like a genuine religion (for tax dodging reasons in the USA - google this matter also) . Add to this, there is nothing in Hubbards wild sci-fi stories or Scientology rants that mention what a crucifix has to do with this invented cult!

* No genuine religion today has a head of it, that shy's away as much as possible, from top world leaders, the mass world population, away from a big range of countries (fearing arrest and/or extradition), has hidden their wife away for many years, and much more - only to very rare appear when it comes to events promoting the cult.

* No genuine religion head today declines personal interviews from the vast majority of news networks and documentary style programmes addressing matters surrounding their organisations past and present practises.

* No genuine religion today has created such a vast process of direct financial gain though direct Scientology named setups and other wide ranging, wide spread fronts operating under other suspicious company and business names.

* No genuine religion today is though to go out of its ways to operate online under thousands of fake social media identities, including Facebook names, Instagram, Twitter and yes- Irish forums names - in order to attack and spread complete lies about those that are exposing or challenging their cult and its diabolical, dangerous methods of professional entrapment, brainwashing methods, people attacking and mass money grabbing efforts. A simple example, see HERE or HERE - and this is only one person of many they attack to this day. See HERE and independently use web search on this matter too.

* No genuine religion today worldwide mass harasses TV and radio presenters, reporters, researchers, politicians, government agencies, companies, film and documentary makers and critics - and much, much more.

* No genuine religion today has invented to quack 'purification' processes and other crazy body treatment practises - criticised as false, pointless and dangerous by world medical professionals (except their own, of course) - before also going on to invent 'proof' that they supposedly work  - but also later exposed as more complete bunkum!

* No genuine religion today has successfully infiltrated countries government agencies, targeted their individual staff or tried to infiltrate others across the world - but also exposed and sent packing, for attempting to do so.

* No genuine religion today has been worldwide outright denied religion status by so many 'first world' modern countries. Instead, the cult has to PR spin it's worldwide popular by relying on using 'third world countries' or far poorer countries where they have imposed themselves without invitation from their mass public, as supposedly further proof as its entirely excepted by all beyond a few 'nay-sayers'.

* No genuine religion today has gone out of it's way to attack the founder of UnitedPeople, Jeff Rudd, his name, his business and even the servers of the website you are reading this page from! The UP website has been professionally attacked a number of times and crashed by deliberate orchestrated online attacks. Something way beyond the skills of amateurs and which takes very serious research, effort and resources to do.

Why has all this happened and more, including attacks on his family home? Simply in part, due to his continuing activities in helping to expose the cult of Scientology, in order to help protect Irish citizens. Using mass fake names, Twitter name accounts and more, the amount of false lies regular posted to social media locations, Facebook and other Irish conversation forums, has been immense. They have dug into every aspect of his life and when they could not find any bad material, using their many fake names and accounts, have invented from scratch compete lies that are then stupidly swallowed and used by other Ireland based political opposition, delighted to get such material (not realising its complete and utter rubbish - or just not caring if it is or not).



Cult Terminology.

The Scientology founder, a man assessed to be insane by US government agencies and even family, invented his own bewildering arcane jargon. Scientology’s baffling cocktail of terminology, screwy brewed from psychology, technology, and philosophy, can be particularly tough to untangle. Below are just some of them. All cult members are made use this invented jargon in what is a long known, mental tactic used in order to separate brainwashed victims further from the real world, including people exposing the whole racket.

Auditing – A whacky mixture of psychotherapy and hypnosis, auditing is one of the central practices of Scientology. An auditor asks a person being audited sets of questions directed at uncovering subconscious memories believed to be the root of trauma, addiction, or other obstructions to happy, ethical living. Auditing is an integral part of advancement in the ranks of Scientology. The contents of auditing sessions are said to be confidential, except in cases where the church has reportedly allowed them to be used to blackmail disaffected members (see Fair Game, below). (The cult denies virtually all accusations made by hundreds of ex-members and equal number of journalists who have questioned Scientology, regarding the incidents the defectors describe.)

Blow – to escape out of the clutches of the cult.

Clear – a cult follower who has reached the first of two main levels on the way to salvation, after undergoing auditing and freeing himself from the negative influence of his subconscious (see Reactive Mind). Before becoming a Clear, converts are known as “pre-clears.”

Dianetics – the name for the invented theories of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. Hubbard described Dianetics as “a spiritual-healing technology” and an “organized science of thought,” though it is overwhelmingly seen in the scientific community as a pseudoscience. Based on the crazy, all over the place, often self-contradictory, ramblings of the founder.

Disconnection – one of the most controversial practices of Scientology, in which converts are required to sever ties with all friends and family members believed to be unsupportive of their decision to join the church. Those hostile to the church - including members who become sceptical - may be labeled a “suppressive person,” forcing other Scientologists to shun them. (See Suppressive Person). This has happened many, many times, the world-over!

E-meter – World recognised (beyond the cult) as a completely useless device, PR passed by the cult as an essential device, it is an electronic wiring concoction created in the 1940s by Volney Mathison, an inventor and early collaborator with L. Ron Hubbard. E-meters are used during auditing sessions to measure the electrical conductance of a person’s skin, which Scientologists con people into believing it indicates changes in the “reactive mind” of the person being audited. Hubbard claimed that E-meters were sensitive enough to detect the screams of fruit being sliced - yes, seriously! Mathison later became disillusioned with Hubbard and his theories and criticized the use of the E-meter by the Scientology leader and others for their “phony systems.” E-meter prices range from under $100 to more than $10,000. They are only one small part of the cult's many money grabbing practises. Cult members are told to constantly buy the latest supposed "updated version" (like their many mind-bending invented books) - at high cost of course!

Engram – a hypothetical process by which memories are claimed to be recorded in the brain - something still researched and speculated about in modern science. In the teachings of Dianetics, the engram is described as a mental picture, a recording of an experience that contained pain and some type of threat to a person’s survival. Supposedly discovered through auditing, a person’s engrams also supposedly fit together to form a time track. Outside of the cult, no proof of this invented stuff can be found in the world. This doesn't stop the cult from inventing their own regular 'proofs' with little basis in outside reality whatsoever.

Fair Game – Practised to this day, although they deny it for obvious reason, this is Scientology’s policy of retaliating against perceived enemies, based on Hubbard’s writing that “suppressive persons”. Such people may be “deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist … May be tricked, sued, or lied to, or destroyed.” The founders own words.  Hubbard later cancelled this order because it created bad PR, but the church has continued to follow it (a worldwide mountain of evidence exists to prove this), resulting in its reputation for litigation. The church has also carried out many numerous harassment campaigns against ex-members and critics. In the most famous case, known as Operation Freakout, the FBI discovered that the church had harassed, threatened, and plotted against journalist Paulette Cooper with an elaborate scheme to have her imprisoned or placed in a mental institution. More recently, the church tried to destroy the business of a man who employed a high-ranking defector. Two examples of many they have done and continue to do - and then there's Operation Snow White...

Freewinds – a commercial cruise ship on which the highest levels of Operating Thetan training take place, and where Sea Org member Valeska Paris (one of many) claimed she was held prisoner and forced to do manual labor for 12 years. Freewinds was built in 1968 and passed to a Scientology-controlled company in 1985. It was sealed in 2009 for asbestos contamination and its current status remains deliberate unclear.

Gold Base – the international headquarters of the Church of Scientology in Riverside County, Calif. Gold Base is a 700-acre compound whose location was kept secret even from lower-level Scientologists until the last decade. It is the home of Scientology’s top officials and the headquarters of the Sea Org. It contains "The Hole" although the cult denies this too. Many abuses are recorded that have happened at Gold Base and it's inner "The Hold". We strongly suggest readers google them. Why this place has not been genuinely investigated (beyond a rare mere glance) and entered by professional investigating bodies properly, is open to regular suspicion! The place is completely closed off, with high wire, walls, many security cameras and military style personnel. The cult has often got USA police force staff in their pockets, also working for them. As such, many people outside investigating the location, have been seriously hampered by the cult and those on their payroll.

Operating Thetan – a Scientologist who has reached the second level in the religion’s hierarchy of salvation. The designation is divided into eight sublevels, which gradually reveal the deepest secrets of the church, including its creation story, which is revealed in the infamous OT III. According to many ex-Scientologists and investigative reporters, progressing through the final echelons costs tens/hundreds of thousands of dollars. Tom Cruise is rumored to be an OT VII.

Office of Special Affairs (OSA) — An office that now has a European headquarters based in Dublin, Ireland. It's officially the branch responsible for Scientology’s legal affairs and public relations, the Office of Special Affairs has drawn considerable attention for acting as the cults “secret police,” carrying out “dead agent” or “Fair Game” operations against the cults enemies. Former OSA operative Gary Scarff claimed in 1993 that he was ordered to murder the leader of an anti-cult group. Other rumored plots involved the OSA attempting to frame targets for phony crimes. There have been many crimes care of the OSA and it's cult members have been found court guilty of such, worldwide.

Reactive mind – the subconscious half of the human mind containing a person’s involuntary impulses. (The conscious mind is known as the analytic mind.) The goal of auditing and most other Scientology practices is to abolish the reactive mind, which Hubbard believed was the cause of most people’s physical and mental problems.

Sea Org – a fraternal order that originated from Hubbard’s sea travels in the 1960s, when he invented the upper levels of Scientology. Sea Org members, some of whom are teenagers, sign contracts for up to a billion years of service, and are discouraged from having families of their own. The organization has drawn fire for drafting Scientologist children before they are 18 years old, sequestering them from mainstream life in compounds and aboard the Freewinds, and according to some ex-members, held prisoner and required to do forced labor. Katie Holmes’s exit from the church is rumored to be driven by her fear that her daughter, Suri, was being groomed for the Sea Org.

Suppressive person (SP) – officially, a person with sociopathic tendencies or behaviors. In practice, the label is a catch-all term that church leadership uses for anyone (all critics or those exposing it's true nature) at odds with Scientology, including internal critics. Since church teaching forbids members from associating with SPs, parents may be required to kick their kids out of the house or spouses to cease contact with each other. This happens a lot although the cult tries to hide it. The term originates from Scientology’s growth in the 1960s, when Hubbard intensified his authoritarian control of the movement. Hubbard even went to USA agencies, offering up it's practises as a way of people mind and physical control!

Thetan - a supposed invisible part of a human being, invented by a confirmed mass liar, that he said exists whether or not it is currently operating a human body. Scientologists are made believe Thetans are trillions of years old, having been reborn repeatedly in various earthly bodies. They are responsible for the existence of the material world, which they willed into being, according to Dianetics.

Xenu – according to Hubbard, the dictator of a Galactic Confederacy who brought billions of people to Earth and massacred them with hydrogen bombs 75 trillion years ago. The slaughter, known as “Incident II,” sets up a major conflict in Scientology, as the thetans of the victims devolved into “body thetans” that torment modern humans. Releasing their grip is part of the goal of Scientology. The story of Xenu, which the church tried to keep secret until it leaked via an Internet newsgroup in 1994, is revealed in Operating Thetan level three, or OT III. Some Scientology officials now deny the existence of the Xenu story. They waste their time. The evidence of this Hubbard invented tale is out, to be found easily through an internet search (which also might explain why cult members are told to stay away from doing their own independent net surfing research). The cult through previous level stages, in professional method recognised, brainwashing practise, ensure cult members are first susceptible (gullible) to swallowing such a mega wacky, mega expensive yarn - which they only gain access to having handed over an absolute fortune in money and/or years/decades of physical free labour.