The Week From Hell For FF & FG.


The last seven days started like the week before – news further being shared out that the number of infections in Ireland increasing and the sad passing of more people. Each death heartbreaking to families of the lost. UnitedPeople extends its deepest sympathy to all families.

Social media started to show signs that it too was feeling the effect of many more people staying at home and possible censorship or removal of items kicking in more (LINK LINK). We had the news (no surprise) that FF and FG were once again desperately switching back and forth between other small parties (LINK), desperate to suck in another bunch of people to cover their own backside in the Dail – while the Central Bank came out to state the plain obvious that not all jobs would return.

News (LINK) emerged that Mary Lou McDonald was to return to the Dail after Corona isolation, non-virus illness and then lung issues from catching the virus after that for good measure. Concerns continued to be expressed (LINK) over that some called a near police state. More evidence emerged that FG and FF were rejecting SF still but willing to steal their ideas (LINK) while the Irish Times, usually a FG backing paper, also came out and stated this also. For them to state it too, was staggering in itself and said loads? The awake found out that FF and FG were to share equal cabinet seats (LINK) even though they came second and third in the general election regarding the number of public votes while they both deliberately blanked the first place winner.

Then we discover that democracy and free speech was being further cracked down on (LINK) within the Fianna Fail party as they group kicked out anyone of their own for daring to say anything different which might also conflict with the words of their party boss. FF core members expressed their dismay when being suddenly ousted and ostracised too like their party was also doing to Sinn Fein for some time.

Shannonwatch reported (LINK) that 130 USA military bases were Corona infected while their troops continues to flow into Ireland. It should be noted that all the previous were just emerging or noted to be continuing on the 12th – one day alone.



MONDAY: The next day was no better. Various newspapers stated (LINK) Leo Varadkar’s own statement telling us what we, the awake, already know – that Ireland still was facing it’s darkest days. Little did we know then it would be also later in this very week! The Phoenix magazine reported (LINK) on the unfair bias of the €350 payment, exposing much about that which FG and FF were not telling the pubic when they appeared on RTE cameras. The same day, the same publication exposed (LINK) a possible party purge to continue in Labour as a newly elected leader might wish to see off internal foes.

Even further news (LINK) emerged that FG and FF had now flip-flipped back again to the Social Democrats in government formation desperation. Their attempts so far to induce the Greens and the Labour party back into their Dail cabal, having failed. While massive criticism of Dail elected (excluding SF) continued for taking a massive €8,000 pay rise when they progressed Corona plans that put people out of further work, it emerged that in New Zealand, their politicians were at least doing the decent thing and all taking a substantial pay drop – while Irish elected (excluding SF) remained also very quiet about their pay bump upwards. It was obvious that the public was and still is generally not meant to know. RTE was and still is, too silent on the matter.

The criticism (LINK) of Cheltenham going ahead and so many attending it, continued but worse was yet to emerged later in the week that would further damn FG and all those that have allowed it to continue. Media reported (LINKLINK) that restrictions are likely to continue until there is a vaccine that FG can then later demand everyone get – and if they don’t? They might find themselves ostracised (notice a trend here?) and told they cannot avail of further services? Unconstitutional or discrimination to come? We might be seeing later on in the future.

Meanwhile, news emerged (LINKLINK) that FF and FG were to officially meet to sign off on their 22 page government formation document. Certain media outlets made a big PR song and dance about this – until the document was actually handed out and read by others. More on that to come… The same day Ireland people were to find out (LINK) that many people were also given the wrong test results by the state. Not the first time this has happened under a government by the same parties in power or backing them?

That government formation document that FG and FF hoped to sway others (LINK) to their favour? People and parties began to read it. The criticism of it began immediately – and would continue all week. Not just about what was in it – no – about what was also massively missing (LINK) from it while it appeared to be also more vagueness and easy get out, escape sections for a future FG/FF government that didn’t want to be caught standing by previous words said on paper.

TUESDAY: UnitedPeople raised (LINK) the subject of the R rate factor connected to Corona. The first party to do so. This R Rate was for many weeks since the start of February, something the FG government had also remained very quiet on. Subject avoided. For daring to ask such political questions, UnitedPeople, a Dail registered official political party, came under attack (LINK) for daring to speak about politics.

The ran a poll (LINK) about would a FF/FG government would be public supported? The result at the end was a resounding “NO”. Other media outlets didn’t like that answer? So no more was said about that poll! UnitedPeople tried to explain (LINK) why FF/FG might continue to refuse a national emergency unity government while double standard, calling for “Unity” in the face of a virus – while they ostracised Sinn Fein and yes, even their own internal party members! Mary Lou made a personal statement (LINK).

Wednesday: TD’s already gaining a massive wage and additional kept quiet wage bump, incredibility then demanded (LINK) that they get an additional allowance for working from home. Something other workers across the country couldn’t claim! A shocking exposure (LINK) emerged that day showing how the Irish government risked lives of people in nursing homes – and lost. RTE news said nothing about this report.

Rumors started to emerge that numbers of infected and numbers of tests done might be way off from what was being quoted to media on a daily basis. Media reported that if Varadkar was to try cling onto power after coming in third, he had to dump some of this party mates from positions. It was bad enough that he had to do it – but to have it publicised (LINK) was bad PR for Leo. Leo only likes to make regular good PR for the masses. In the same paper, the health chief as forced to admit they didn’t know the real Corona death toll.

UnitedPeople produced an exposing report (LINK) regarding past austerity measures what are now deemed wrong and more on future state antics to come. News emerged (LINK) that the FF/FG deal was done and on the same day, video (LINK) was dug up of Michael Martin previously stating outside the Dail that FF would not be going into a future government with FG because it was all about public trust and FF being seen to keep their word. Opps!

The Irish Times came out and also stated (LINK) that FF/FG were using SF policies despite the latter still being excluded by the former.

Thursday: Things decidedly went from bad to worse for FG and FF, it’s continuing backer. More solid details emerged (LINK) about how the pair of them has made a complete hash of care home matters. Not before time, more journalists finally started to ask some of the questions they should have been asking a long time previous. National and local media began to wake up and started to more mistrust the FG daily produced PR efforts. Journalists went on a questioning offensive. FG decided to play duck and cover.

Journalist Gene Kerrigan spoke (LINK) about what elected in opposition had been saying for some time. The low quality of the now recognised FG/FF farcical formation for government document. The criticism of it not only continued (LINKLINK) but others also pointed out that it had taken the two parties from the second week of February to present date, to produce so little in detail beyond “filler”. Other elected were seen and heard to agree on social media platforms and through non-RTE media that actually voiced government criticism more than RTE likes to do. and media others confirmed (LINK) the long future restrictions to continue. The Irish Independent even came out (LINK) and admitted that the FG/FF promises “don’t add up”. For the Independent newspaper to state this when they are daily, normally found to be a backbone of FG support, still remains a staggering development itself!

At 4.30pm approx’ in the Dail, it was finally quickly admitted that the Corona R Rate factor which FG was exposed as keeping quiet on – and which UnitedPeople had previously called for to be stated on record, was revealed to be between 1.oo and 0.70 (LINK).

Friday: The news came out (LINK) that Ireland had hit its worse day for deaths from Corona. More details emerged about home care government mistakes and how too late they acted in stepping in. Due to this lateness and also previously criticising those that tried to warn them, it was opinionated by many in Ireland that FG had actually caused the loss of more lives than was necessary to be lost due to Corona. Leo Varadkar admitted that ‘when people look back in history, it might be discover that a number of mistakes was made’ then he dropped the subject before quickly moving on to something else.

TD’s travel expenses were again exposed (LINK) and called by others (LINK), to be cut as they were still able to be claimed by TDs staying at home (LINK).

News started to emerge (LINK) about the importation of large numbers of people across Ireland’s borders in order to pick strawberries. The company involved said they were “essential workers”. Others asked since when was strawberries considered “Essential” while many other businesses in Ireland were closed down and not allowed to operate. There was a perceived unfairness besides the company flouting around health regulations and restrictions imposed on the rest of Ireland people.

National and local media all expressed their anger at the double standards permitted by Fine Gael – who themselves were all over the place in trying to PR cope. Backing the company earlier in the day – and then seeing how the media and public felt – they changed their PR tune later in the same day (LINK), to agree with the public! Airport video exposed mass numbers arriving in Ireland, all bunched together – no social distancing.

Further criticism of the FF/FG government framework document continued (LINK) as it was called “An insult to those who wanted change”.

Media and opposition TD’s began to more serious question (LINK) what behind closed door deals had been done again with Denis O’Brien and others for the usage of their private owned hospitals (LINK). Demands were made by others for FG to tell the full truth.

The Irish Times came out and stated “Fine Gael’s and Fianna Fails reckless manifesto offers a recipe for disaster” (LINK). RTE of course, said nothing once more.

The Irish Examiner had an expose (LINK) care of nurses telling of reported more accurate, on the ground matters. “The numbers are being fudged says nurse who brands testing…” Again, RTE news reporters and O’Brien media said nothing. Another deafening silence.

Further evidence (LINK) of EU airports being flooded with no social distancing measures emerged – while it also became known that even more people were continuing to be imported into Ireland like the day before, for picking strawberries – despite what FG had said the previous evening (LINK) after flip-flopping.

The Irish Times ran an exposing article (LINK) entitled “Nurses account for nearly one-in-ten coronavirus cases, new data shows” as called for government incompetence over PPE, under staffing and under-resourced hospitals continue to struggle. RTE news said nothing about the the shocking report – but their man George Lee did come out and make a terrible statement about bodies ‘dropping like flies’ in care homes. This was thought to upset or possibly cause further stress to families of those in care homes.

More FF rank cracks in the party were exposed as Éamon Ó Cuív came out (LINK) and dismissed the FF-FG coalition plan as ‘a wish list with no costings’. He expressed further worries for rural people on the already much ridiculed document. Sinn Féin housing spokesman Eoin Ó Broin pointed out that both parties promised document stated items before. After earlier similar words, little or nothing came to fruition in many areas.



Dr Tony Holohan says the chartering of flights to bring workers into the country is “not consistent with the public health advice”, when asked about the Keelings/Ryanair controversy (LINK). It was the first public insight to how health officials suggestions and FG own antics are in possible conflict.

Given the amount of FG cock-ups continuing (but alleged buried by RTE to its viewers), Michael Clifford of the Examiner came out and called for what UnitedPeople has been seeking since the party’s creation – more elected accountability. (LINK) Article called “Caretaker Cabinet must be accountable”.

Saturday: The same Examiner paper revealed what RTE and other media didn’t or refuse to – that the state was giving no funds to support the air ambulance service. (LINK) Previously – also news and report buried by FG, Enda Kenny had cut funds to similar services and it was said to have possible contributed to the loss of  later air rescue crew – which had to be called on because another underfunded service was not available due to the previous Enda instigated, emergency service cuts. This whole matter is also not RTE or Denis O’Brien media outlet reported but The Phoenix Magazine has gone into it extensively.

A front page media report (LINK) “Health staff pay a terrible price in race to stop virus” emerged, exposing much including more than one third of republic infected, was nurses. This adds to a shocking figure that 53% of all republic infected, could be found in care homes alone. It further emerged yesterday that a HSE memo referred to those infected as being said to be the “Dirtiest” – making out that even if they were (no proof provided by them) that there was a correlation between ability to catch the infection and being the “dirtiest”. FG and others have avoided addressing this additional matter substantially or at all, with their now regular on camera appearances. RTE equally have played the matter down. No surprise from them at this stage?

Fianna Fail leader Michael Martin is reported trying to stop FF members getting an ability to vote by post, regarding the acceptance or rejection of the proposed coalition document being passed around. He would prefer to see who is likely voting what way and possible then try apply pressure to them directly or though his party whip so that they fall inline with his dictates? There is a current real unease within core FF that the marriage of them to FG, is the opening a door to further election disasters.

Disasters of all disasters for Fine Gael, details have emerged that the Cheltenham racing fiasco – where Fine Gael and Mr Harris saw no issue.  They also indicating there should be no travel restrictions, no health checks nor any advice given regards 14 day quarantining to any of the 18,000 returning from a prior known infected zone – this being the very same racing zone that has DOUBLE the now infected than other surrounding zones who didn’t run race competitions at the same time!

This report too has been RTE media non-reported – like many others things that elected also are not publicising.

This in turn leads to a very obvious statement and question. People all around the world and yes, in Ireland, on a regular basis, have been fired from roles/jobs for saying the wrong thing, upsetting someone, tweeting something wrong, Facebook being daft, not acting when they should have and loads of other apparent good reasons. Many people have been fired from their jobs because their actions or in-actions have lead to one death – never mind many.

So the question is,  what does it take in Ireland, to have an elected person or party removed from office if they not only have made a regular hash of things but also might have cost one family alone, to lose a single loved one – never mind sadly, possibly others from additional families also? A genuine question.

Saturday Night: Coming closer to the end of a disastrous week, it has also been exposed that the Fine Gael appointment of Ernst & Young, the world wide business that looks after corporations as a primary concern,  have been brought in to oversee the lifting of Corona restrictions placed on people, for some inexplicable reason. Brought in despite having no medical qualifications and who are the same business crowd that came up with the Apple tax dodging racket that has cost the Irish state €14+ Billion Euro (and more now as FG burn through public money in legal costs to fight against the state having the money, trying to give it back to them).

RTE and O’Brien media are also failing to report on this matter also.

Not a surprise.

Today being Sunday, it only remains to be seen what else might finally Sunday newspaper emerge from a disaster week for Fine Gael and Fianna Fail. They are possibly on their separate knees praying for a good start to next week? If they are, it’s highly likely RTE won’t be reporting that either!

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