A center based party seeking greater accountability, improved non-discrimination for every citizen regardless of race, colour, religion, sexual persuasion, etc. A party professionally dedicated to the protection and improvement of human rights.

Sadly, we are seeing an increasing amount of right/left wing groups starting up or progressing that possess extreme ideas.

UnitedPeople wants nothing to do with such extremes.

History has shown many times over that there is no fairness or long term stability for any society by taking extreme directions. A better society is a decent, fair society. One that tries best to encompass all through inclusion and open conversation.

UP world say no to racism_5446226
Can any of elected politicians at local and national level be honest? Can any of them stand up and stop being spineless, cowardly and too quiet? It appears not so. Well, here are some core truths that few have the character or courage to fully state. We all know that the attack that Hamas did when it sent its armed murderers into Israel, was completely wrong. A mass slaughter of innocents, men, women and even babies, occurred. It was plainly wrong.
Now, let’s be very clear here from the very start. The agenda of Hamas – and Iran that backs it, along with the Hezbollah – is to wipe Israel off the world maps. It’s not about the people being of Jewish religion. It’s not just about invaded land. Hamas/Iran wants Israel wiped out of existence. That’s core it. Proper research will prove this.
What Hamas did, was well planned. Years of research and training had been done. They knew exactly what the reaction of Israel would be. They have spent years building their professional made tunnels (up to 1,000 of them). They have for many years, built up their mass stocks of weaponry for a fateful day, quietly planned for. They knew how Israel and yes, the USA, would then react – and they have planned for this too. Israel, with USA backing, has indeed reacted – as Hamas expected.
Subsequently, there has been Israeli cries of “Vengeance”. Let’s be really honest. How would we also react to mass killings of our own people? Be honest with yourself.
So, “vengeance” is now being tried to be dished out by the Israel government and its military IDF. We can understand the emotional seeking of vengeance. At some point however, we must also ask “When does a nation’s vengeance end? When is actual “Justice” sought and applied, instead?
Israel would be 100% right to seek justice. Anyone that says different, is inhuman, excuse spinning or just plain stupid. Innocent people in Israel were wrongly killed. Innocents were mass murdered. No “ifs” or “buts”. There is a thing that also exists alongside the seeking of “Justice” (not vengeance) and that thing is called “Proportionate Response”. A general definition of “Proportionate Response” is that of a reactionary response – that suffices to prevent further attacks and seeks to hold to account those that are directly responsible for the primary questionable, likely very wrong prior action.
What the Israel government, care of its IDF, is doing right now, is not a “Proportionate Response”. It’s “collective punishment” being rained down in the form of mass numbers of bombs on other innocent people – this time in Gaza.
Let us be clear. Israel in most people’s eyes, would be absolutely justified in seeking justice against murderous Hamas scum. Israel however, in its current action of ‘Lets bomb the crap out of Gaza’ is not a “Proportionate Response” and in fact, is highly likely a further war crime. One more to add to already made ones in the last month by the Israeli government and its own IDF, well-armed soldiers.
Let’s be further clear. There are cries now from further stupid people, saying that a “Pause” or “temporary cease-fire” would only suit Hamas – so they could then further get more weapons, etc. This is pure stupidity. Anyone with half a brain knows that Gaza is locked up tighter by wall, wire fence and even by sea, care of the Israel IDF and even USA forces and equipment by sea. There is bugger-all going in and out without permissions, negotiations and mass security checks. We all know this.
Hamas have being preparing for years. They don’t need to import any more of their weaponry crap. They are well stocked already. We know this. The world media know this. Israel and other governments know this. So, who the feck are our stupid politicians only trying to PR kid? Yes, you, the mass public.
To conclude. Hamas, the murderers, deserve to be held to account. No question. They do. Israel however, by over-reacting, by applying a “collective punishment” upon furthermore innocent people, are certainly not carrying out a proper “Proportionate Response”, but by eventual falling domino effect that we can all see will occur, are further creating more reasons for others, in the future to later come back and seek vengeance for the killing of their innocent own. In short – the whole on-going 75 year existing mess, will continue for more years to come as vengeance is sought back, tit for tat.
Israel was right to go after murderers – but how it’s done so, is very wrong. Israel is further sowing the seeds for future attacks against themselves, once again. We all can see this. It’s not rocket science – but it will be further missiles likely going back and forward once again! All this crap has to stop. End of story.
“Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it”.

"The Battle For Africa. The Bigger Picture".

This video was previously uploaded to Facebook and to Youtube.
In both cases, they quickly censored it from being viewed.
All the details in it can be independently confirmed.

Credit to VICE News for their willingness to report matters that other news outlets,
including RTE, attempt to keep hidden from the people of the world.


Nous accueillons tous ceux qui, de partout, cherchent à améliorer la région et le pays qu'ils aiment. Pas de discrimination. Pas de préjugés. Pas de racisme. Tout le monde est le bienvenu.

Witamy wszystkich z każdego miejsca, którzy szukają czegoś lepszego dla regionu i kraju, który kochają. Bez dyskryminacji. Żadnych uprzedzeń. Żadnego rasizmu. Wszyscy są mile widziani.


Vi byder velkommen til alle fra alle steder, der ønsker at forbedre den region og det land, de elsker. Ingen forskelsbehandling. Ingen fordomme. Ingen racisme. Alle er velkomne.

Καλωσορίζουμε όλους από παντού όσους επιδιώκουν το καλύτερο για την περιοχή και τη χώρα που αγαπούν. Χωρίς διακρίσεις. Καμία προκατάληψη. Όχι ρατσισμό. Όλοι είναι ευπρόσδεκτοι.

Wir heißen alle von überall her willkommen, die etwas Besseres für die Region und das Land suchen, das sie lieben. Keine Diskriminierung. Keine Voreingenommenheit. Kein Rassismus. Jeder ist willkommen.


Diamo il benvenuto a tutti coloro che cercano il meglio per la regione e il paese che amano. Nessuna discriminazione. Nessun pregiudizio. Nessun razzismo. Tutti sono i benvenuti.

Мы приветствуем всех и каждого, кто стремится к лучшему для любимого региона и страны. Никакой дискриминации. Никакой предвзятости. Никакой расизма. Мы приветствуем всех.

Vi välkomnar alla från alla håll som vill förbättra den region och det land de älskar. Ingen diskriminering. Inga fördomar. Ingen rasism. Alla är välkomna.


UnitedPeople supports the actions of Dogs Trust Ireland in their aim of ending puppy farming. They currently have a petition up and running regarding this issue. It can be found HERE.

We hope everyone takes time to support their efforts by signing it. Thank you.

Copy of Lockdown (1)

Richi Medhurst on Julian Assange ‘celebrating’ 50th birthday behind bars.
3rd June 2021

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Why Choose UnitedPeople?

The last 30+ years in particular, has exposed that the traditional parties of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour and yes, even the Green Party, have been at various times, separately or together in numerous coalition governments, been only too willing:

(a) To turn a blind eye to corruption involving white collar business friends, business moguls that have contributed to their parties and/or operated forms of useful influence to their own individual or collective gain.

* UnitedPeople would put a stop to this. A classic example of UnitedPeople doing this, is in relation the still covered up JobPath mega corruption and abuse scandal - SEE HERE. Unlike the involved old parties, UnitedPeople is willing to do the proper investigations!

(b) Refused to investigate matter brought to their attention by other elected, state departments and even citizens individually or collectively. From Garda to whistleblowers and more, many have been given a deaf ear, ignored or in some cases, even silenced through instigated state department tactics.

* UnitedPeople is willing to far better investigate matters brought to it and far greater protect those willing to expose all forms of corruption and unfair citizen exploitation.

(c) guilty of putting off matters in hope that a later government will deal with them instead. Not possessing the courage or the will to tackle issues that even today are crying our for better addressing, old political parties put issues off simply out of fear of losing individual or collective votes. This does not help fair efforts at resolving of still poor addressed fundamental issues.

* UnitedPeople is willing to far quicker and openly address many matter that other parties lacks to courage to address or even openly speak about with an island of citizens. INCLUSION - NOT EXCLUSION!

(d) Same parties have denied to carry out proper democratic processes. Instead, they have rammed down the throats of every Ireland citizen, European pacts, European treaties and more. From pacts involving the use of Ireland military services to still trying to bully impose the CETA agreement - that is a masked version of the previous equally dangerous TTIP treaty - all have been foisted upon a nation of citizens without their fundamental vote permission.

It's one thing to bring in small changes but greater pacts and treaties likes these, we say, must be put to the public for their vote decision. That is true democracy. Ramming them down people's necks is not!

* UnitedPeople is far greater willing to bring all major decisions, to the public all year, every year if need be, for their vote approval or rejection. If democracy is to survive, it must not only exist in legal form but more regularly practiced in order to ensure the public understands why it's still an important useful ability in modern society.

(e) Same parties and more, have been using state media unfairly to be their forms of propaganda outlets. From RTE TV and radio, to other major Irish newspapers and even radio stations, they have been unduly pressured or influenced in their output of content or biased treatment of other political party elected via to close to home political connections with media directors, department heads and even presenters.

* UnitedPeople is far greater wiling to not only separate political influences being used by direct and closed door methods practiced today along with more methods they propose to instigate, but UnitedPeople will go further.

We will update broadcasting legislation to ensure not only is there clear separation of government and political parties from media, we are willing to re-write legislation to bring about far greater reporting of items that are deliberately often hidden, even censored, by biased media outlets.


The above is only the start of what UnitedPeople wishes to address and then see done by legislation upgrade and more. We recognise that older traditional parties unwilling to do what's right - and so try stop UnitedPeople from doing what is right and long overdue - will attack the party openly and covertly. We know they will attack UnitedPeople members to stop changes. It's what they will do in order to see matters they have previously found often to their personal advantage, are not improved!

Despite this, UnitedPeople members have to courage to do what is right, bring about far greater public accountability and peacefully, lawfully continue on all possible efforts to protect and enhance the rights of citizens to gain a fairer society.

Want to see a simple example? Have a look at our starting points regarding social media - SEE HERE.

Ireland more than ever now needs a more modern political party. One willing to do what is required to bring about a greater open, investigative and accountable society. One that will protect current established rights while further improving them.

If you seek a fresh alternative political choice due to tiredness of corruption, questionable not held to fair account, unwillingness to address issues and more...

If you seek a new center based, open minded, political direction, one not with all the answers - but willing to further find them - while willing to do the work needed while also returning power to the people paying the (outrageous) wages of elected, then we hope you will further checkout and support UnitedPeople.

Thank you for visiting our website.

Yellow With Black Police Line. Do Not Enter, Danger. Security Quarantine Tapes. Isolated On Transparent Background. Vector
Yellow With Black Police Line. Do Not Enter, Danger. Security Quarantine Tapes. Isolated On Transparent Background. Vector

Aim: The advancement of a more green environmentally and bio-diverse Ireland which current and future generations can exist alongside through actions of protection, foresight and appreciation of all that makes our unique island, special to all within and outside our nation border. We invite all to participate in creating and advancing progress for our nation, land & people.

It is very clear that a number of referendums needs to be held in Ireland.

One is in relation to balancing the right of dad's to be given equal access to their children. Far too long over due but put off because the usual cabal are cowards.

Another is exemplified by the 170 day, government formation wait, Ireland has had to suffer while politicians arsed about playing games at ignoring others elected.

1. There needs to be a time limit set and confirmed by referendum. Once that time limit is set, there either has to be an emergency national government formed or another election called.

2. There needs to be a referendum to see that once people are voted out of office, they no longer are allowed to still hang on, still possessing a state office from what they have been fired from. They must be replaced with actual new elected. We have had fired TDs still ramming laws down the throats of a nation. Legal? Immoral?

3. Another referendum is needed so that local councilors are not allowed to be able to just hand off their council seats to family and friends, just because they are then later selected or elected elsewhere Dail or Seanad direction. It's legalised nepotism, immoral and considered by many as very undemocratic.

4. Another referendum needed, is one that bring about the end of moving fired TDs soon thereafter, into the Seanad. Labour has previously done this, for example with Ged Nash in Louth and Find Geal has just done it with Regina Doherty. Both by the way, had previously campaigned strongly for the Seanad to be closed - but were happy enough to quickly move into it soon after they were TD fired. Regardless of the people saying they were unwanted, parties soon shoved them down the throats of same voters yet again. Democracy and expressed choice be damned! A referendum to end this immoral racket must happen.

5. The nation is STILL WAITING for the referendum to protect our water resources from privatisation. Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour and the Green Party continue to drag their heels on this matter. It's beyond a sick unfunny joke that now has gone on too many years. Get your act together people. Some of us haven't forgotten the matter - even if you are trying to kick the issue down the road in hope a nation of people forget about it. UnitedPeople are not forgetting it.

These and more, are fundamental system changes that are very much needed. Let's be honest though. The usual Dail cabal of rotten parties are not going to make a lot of the above described, come about. It would upset their cosy setups and a personal bank account. That and an obvious fact, some just don't have the guts to do what's right!


What is NOT in the FF/FG agreement for the formation of a new government?
* The tackling of a media monopoly controlled or influenced by elitists.
* The addressing of regular lying and bias of RTE - example: Go to Facebook - search "RTEcensored".
* The addressing of RTE's refusal to disclose stars up to date wages and tax avoidance measures.
* The closure of JobPath - along with investigations regarding and ending the following: data stealing and illegal data retention. It's fraud, its human rights breaking, pressganging practices and more.
* The ending of the EU ruled VRT racket which the public is still paying for EU imposed fines upon the government, for continuing it.
* The ending of awarding of state contracts to companies always overcharging in open ended cost contracts and other contracts regular awarded to business mates of elected and their party.
* The end to the additional tax on wages that was only supposed to be temporary.
* Reversing the hiding of previous reports and still continuing FG burying of files for 25+ years, using state secrecy laws to their own convenience.
* The starting of investigations regarding state NAMA discounts to FG connected.
* The addressing of cronyism and nepotism with the Dail and Seanad.
* The addressing of supertrawler fishing stock pillaging and coastal seabed destruction.
* The addressing of religious organisation not paying the massive money owed to state and victims due to past abuses.
* The instigation of actions to hold to account those involved with criminality while being an elected local or national representative.
* The addressing of local and highcourt judges acting illegally in actual court and beyond it.
* The removal of Fluoride in our water systems.
* A complete independent assessment of 5G and it's long term effects.
* The reversing of state abandonment, decades use of "Precautionary Principle" safety protocols.
* The reversal of state departments now finding people 'guilty before innocent' by default decision before even allowing on the rare occasion, a legal right to face their accuser. Sentence imposed before any formal natural course of justice allowed to be instigated.
* The reversal of elected giving away bit by bit, Irish neutrality and sovereignty.
* The reversing back to the constitutional ideology that the state is supposed to serve the people - not the people are supposed to serve the state - something that was quiet subtle changed without public consent. No referendum was carried out for permission to allow this and the mass public are still not meant to notice.
* The creating of greater accountability protocols and ways to see they are more carried out. Accountability to be instigated on those that don't see they are carried out.
* Further legislation to give greater protection of people's personal data - while holding to account those elected/non-elected that have already broken data laws, it's illegal transfer and illegal storage on further illegal, un-legislated for, state servers.
* The creation of greater individual rights protection legislation in regards to property, exploitation, abuse through state instigated actions, banks, departments and businesses.
The above is only a beginning of WHAT IS NOT in the new government FF/FG agreement. In other words, besides the traditional policy areas which both parties will make a song and PR dance about, there will be NO change in regard to other serious matters they do not want actually addressed.
Unlike UnitedPeople that wants to address them all and more - and that scares the crap out of them.

Discover our starting points by clicking below.
This document is only an introduction to what we would do.

Participatory Democracy

True democracy in action. The people of a nation gain greater opportunity for positive improvements and hold to account those who would stray from an honest path.

Moving Forward
Some of the topics UnitedPeople is vigorously pursuing.

Women in politics

Trying to create a fair democratic balance, UnitedPeople works to create equal opportunities for more.

Read More


A long time back bone industry in Ireland, survival and improvements are much needed for better growth.

Read More


Supporting our Irish nation fishing industry, UnitedPeople steps up to protect workers and communities.

Read More

Covert Privitisations

Exposing an agenda that was never public voted for, we detail how older parties are giving away state assets.

Read More


A better working transport system is vital for increasing national tourism, employment and more, for Ireland.

Read More

Big Data

Since UnitedPeople was founded it has sought to protect the personal information of citizens in Ireland.

Read More
UP court1 A4
Green Planet in Your Hands. Environment Concept

Off To The Dail We Go.

The very first people to give Dail testimony for the 2019 new year regarding the JobPath scandal were UnitedPeople leader Jeff Rudd, assisted by Damien Fagan.

Both had been formally invited to present themselves and along with the material related to the UnitedPeople three year investigation of the state setup. Speaking to TD's and answering their questions, the exposing of JobPath as it existed and still currently exists, was made clear to waiting TD's. To find out more that is the mega-costly, human rights abusive setup that is "JobPath" go HERE to discover more.




1st Feb', 2019.

The Government hiding more for their employers. That's you!
Again, no one will be accountable and named.

Commission should not 'hide away' findings of report into Mother and Baby Homes, says Catherine Corless. LINK

Review of children's hospital spend told to stop short of individual blame. LINK

I'm a product of my Irish culture, and I could no more lose that than I could my sense of identity.
Gabriel Byrne
“When anyone asks me about the Irish character, I say look at the trees.
Maimed, stark and misshapen, but ferociously tenacious.”
Edna O'Brien, Author "The Country Girls".

“For you can't hear Irish tunes without knowing you're Irish, and wanting to pound that fact into the floor.”

Jennifer Armstrong, Becoming Mary Mehan.

If you're Irish, it doesn't matter where you go - you'll find family.

Victoria Smurfit

Being Irish is very much a part of who I am. I take it everywhere with me.

Colin Farrell
You think the Welsh are friendly, but the Irish are fabulous.
Bonnie Tyler
Even when they have nothing, the Irish emit a kind of happiness, a joy.

Fiona Shaw

"This [the Irish] is one race of people for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever."

Sigmund Freud.


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