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 Personal information yet again in Ireland, in the last few weeks has become open for abuse. It's further being shared and used by others up to no good, exposes once again that far stronger laws are necessary to protect citizens not only from private companies but also from others in state who are also leaking it for suite their private, self-gain, agenda. ...And the usual parties are seeing that no one is being held accountable for it all - again!

It's #TimeForbetter. Its time our politicians put the people first. We would like to see people's rights better defended and the guilty held to account. 


 "New Ireland Rising"

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Uncover more facts behind the undemocratic secret TTIP Treaty.
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Water Commission. Its All Set Up Already.
The Public Will Pay. UPDATE: 05 - 07 - 2016


  If you think that the resignation of Chairman Joe O’Toole helps the water commission to be more fair in its eventual result, you better think again! It is one thing to give out and claim this while speculating - but if you actually look at who else is already on the commission, you see the clear direction it can only go.

* Xavier Leflaive (of the OECD) who has previously written that “Water pricing can be used to signal scarcity and to create incentives for efficient water use in all sectors (e.g. agriculture, industry, domestic)”,

* Peter Peacock who is chair of the Customer Forum for Water Scotland.

* Gritta Nottelman. Works for a PRIVATE Dutch water company.

So what is the likely outcome of all this? We can see its outcome already simply by reading what Joe O'Toole indicated as soon as he got his role. He indicated that a predetermined outcome will in time be some form of water charges and that it will be deeply irresponsible not to impose future water charges. They will back their evidence to make this claim by they referring also to the deliberate regurgitated EU mentioning of Ireland has no choice but to do so.

The fix is already in, The stage and its actors have been Enda Kenny and Fine Gael selected. The public audience now just as to wait for the play already written end - and what the conclusion will be! It's not rocket science to see where that result will end. "Old Politics" and its antics still continues.


Bin Charges - The Next Fine Gael Created Rip-off.
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Non-biased newspapers are trying to highlight TTIP issue.

Transatlantic Trade Deal: Tide turning on partnership but fears of falling standards continue to rise. LINK

Transatlantic trade deal: EU’s secret deals must be opposed. LINK

TTIP, who would benefit? Scepticism is justified on trade deal. LINK

NEWSPAPER QUOTE: "When voices as diverse as Greenpeace, the Irish Farmers’ Association, and some of Britain’s most eccentric Colonel Blimp champions of Brexit agree, and when Europe’s trades union and France’s Front National’s Marine Le Pen find common cause, it is time to sit up and take notice." 







Registered As A Political Party.

UnitedPeople is a new political party in Ireland that was registered as a political party on the 6th of October under section 25 of the electoral Act 1992, as substituted by Section 11 of the electoral Act, 2001 and as amended by the Electoral (Amendment) Political Funding Act, 2012)