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Protect And Enhance.

All That Makes Ireland Special And Better.

  Ireland is a very special place. It's unique in ways that are outstanding to the rest of the world. The range of different type, special regions within Ireland, are what helps to make Ireland maintain it's exclusivity in the minds of many. An "island of four seasons on any one day" is how Ireland is often described. "Green" is another because of the amount of rainfall in balance with a sun we share with other countries.

Everyone of thoughtful constitution has ideas on how best to protect our island, our environment and help greater share it to others as an asset to entice others to also become part of it. UnitedPeople welcomes all ideas. Standard and traditional ones are welcome alongside unique and exemplary ones. There are of course, good bad and terrible ideas but only by putting them 'out there' can they be examined and made better or put to one side for another that's more workable. UnitedPeople is open to all ideas just as much as it's open to all people that share our unique island regardless in invisible borders. We have an island to protect and enhance, then share further to the world. Let's make it the best it can be and keep it that way.

Progressive Roots To Start From.

Weak, voluntary agreements used by the biggest polluters to PR themselves as always doing 'the right thing' have been exposed as the fallacy that they continue to be. UnitedPeople members continue to carry out the important task of exposing those that would try have to many fooled.

We need to better address political game playing, tweaking and carbon allowance selling of carbon amounts manufacture allocations, all within another new form of 'stock exchange' system that has become more known as the "Carbon Market".

A far greater, united counter balance to the open and behind closed door, quiet lobbying attempts by big business, must be more professionally confronted, exposed and greater successfully overcome. Their decremental lobbying must be better uncovered, exposed for what they truly are and then quality challenged.

We need to relook at how big business is consistently able to influence government policy direction and hold those not acting in the best interest of citizen, living form and nation, to the highest account as legally possible, as soon as possible. Time has never been crucial in the history of our planet and island.

True democracy must operate within open and fully transparent citizen assemblies. These public elected, not TD selected, assemblies should allow ordinary caring citizens to help decide the scale and pace of appropriate transition of business and state practises, based on own research, the collection of independent scientific research and fair, counter balanced opinion.

New laws are needed for the prevention of ecocide. This is the destruction of plants, insects, animals and ecosystems that mankind needs for future pollination, clean water requirements, more natural food production, and the protection of our inshore and offshore sea zones.

We must re-examine how past, present and future allocations of national resources have been - and continue to be - managed, owned and over-exploited to the detriment of our island people. All done for advantage of a far smaller elite who are able to additionally pull unbalanced harder at political party strings behind too many closed doors and quiet meetings with those in power to effect change.

The underlying still continuing issues we face and which we must challenge in order to turn a corner towards greater progress includes addressing the worse forms of exploitive capitalism, deliberate weakened biodiversity, inequality, abuses of power, greed and corruption in relation to environmental issues.

The unwillingness of others to tackle such matters, puts at risk our entire ecology system onshore and off it. We believe that a better green Ireland can truly live alongside an obviously needed manufactured living system that still has the potential to greater co-exist in balance with the needs of all. This means more quality participatory outcomes from island humans, to do what is right!

The above sub-sections have good content but they are shortly being expanded even more.

What The Devious Are Deliberate Not Telling You!

In the 1970's , the American Petroleum Institute (API) - a company trade organisation made up of interested private companies - formed a panel of senior scientists from Exxon (look that company up. It's notorious), Mobile, Shell, Texaco and others, to look at the effect of exhausts gases on the worlds climate. At the end of the day, they always having their own private interests at heart!

Their highly qualified and world recognised scientists went to work and by the 1980's the group had become completely convinced that the release of carbon dioxide gas from burning fossil fuels would increase the cooking of the Earth. Yes, rising temperatures. Remember, this was a group that was supposed to be working with always the best interests of their employer also in the back of their minds - and even they came to definite conclusions about their employers business activities and the subsequent knock-on effects.

They took these clear, definite results - results that had been checked and rechecked, backed by further independent analysis and which also coincided with the results of other world institutions studying the in the same area - to their employers, explained what was going on and further more, what needed to be further done to alleviate what had already started.

Image of two young businessmen using touchpad at meeting
Group of scientists working at laboratory

Without serious doubt, given the serious facts and years of uncovering them and multi-verifying them, the scientists began making plans for cutting emissions, changing their refinery methods and moving where possible, to alternative fuels in the interests of preserving the planet. Credit to them and a mighty leap regarding progressive action, especially from people working for private companies. Ones that usually revolve around scoring just one main goal, maximum profit at all costs!

The management of the companies however, had different ideas. They didn't like what they were hearing. The oil giants then disbanded the scientific committee setup and all that went with it.  The big business companies then setup an alternative new group. This was to be called "Global Climate Coalition" (GCC). A name chosen deliberately for PR purposes but in fact was to be a contradiction. This new group, more selectively staffed by those that agreed with their thinking or could be persuaded to, operated on the basis of achieving focused goals for their corporate bosses.

Especially since the 1990's, the GCC day in, day out, all year, every year, every decade, has been busy suppressing scientists finds and deliberate undermining them. The GCC has been found to be creating bogus scientific organisations that subsequently deliberately spread doubt and misinformation - often only too willing to be swallowed by an average citizen who regular failed to to do research homework and accept something dumped on them at face value.

The GCC same time, smeared individual climate scientists just like the Scientology cult worldwide in the past and present also does against those it perceives not to be to it's advantage or the aims of the top ranks. In both cases, involving mega profit gain through also the destruction of any existing or even upcoming potential opposition.

The GCC began in more earnest, investing (lobbying) heavily in politicians that were up for grabs, who could be then used to derail emission regulations and further attack those that spoke out against the private companies. All this and more was brought to be by the GCC - but they were not alone.

Other private industries centered around the worlds top 1% of mega rich, joined in through their own efforts, fronts, groups, business like setups, and additionally went to war against those that would try undermine their ability to mass profit. It was and still is, a insidious mis-information war and the victims would the people who again failed to actually check matters out in more depth.


Such undermining efforts by private interests have dramatically worked in their favour. For example, the USA has pulled out of a global climate agreement that was formed in 2017. One major USA political party espouses that climate change is a compete hoax. Obstructions to progress have been also subsequently daily raised repeatedly by the devious, combined with further efforts of those they have also deeply misguided, now also being covert used as a means to a greater profit end.

As technology improved in the realm of social media, the private companies here too were quick to take advantage. Using many fronts, many supposedly 'independent' forums and more, they perpetrated their continuing task of undermining the core facts found by scientists of the past and ongoing present.

A gullible public, one often too busy just getting on with their lives or not having the time or willingness to further check matters out deeper, continue to be fed inaccurate or outright wrong information - to the point where so much bad data has been out out and it has gone around and around so much, newer growing generations have further swallowed it all without even more questioning that even today, is still absolutely vital be carried out. Meanwhile, at many core soil samples and other material test results expose from hundreds of independent sources,  climate temperatures are indeed still rising while the world and it's inhabitants increasingly continues to suffer the consequences.

Quietly in the background, the world's 1% elite are continuing to smile all the way to their many off-shore bank accounts, knowing they personally, most likely, won't have to suffer further from what's to come in decades and in greater terms by various weather changes and pollution production guises. The GCC was in time uncovered for what it was, how far it had extended it's tentacles and how it succeeded in manipulating the minds of so many. Once exposed, it was forced to close. Those that made it's make up however, just diluted themselves into other similar ventures with similar think and underhand aims to this very day. Their disreputable work continues, only to be picked up and sadly swallowed by others.

Further reading. research, sources and uncovered evidence.

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Care to assist, lead the way or share your possible ideas?

UnitedPeople Statement Of Intent

The struggle to protect our environment continues care of scientists, academics and activists in Ireland and beyond it. the efforts carried out are often hard, punishing and often very lonely as voices and people seem to be speaking and acting 'in the dark', to those that often don't want to hear, due to their own laziness, an already existing 'I'm alright Jack' attitude or own opposition agenda underscored by exploitive profit, egotism or greed in financial terms or other ways.

3D illustration of a pushpin pinned in front of the text long term, Business vision or financial investment duration concept, horizontal image

It has become very clear that private companies operating also sometimes in complex guises, front names or people, have been at least ignorant of what's happening to our country and planet. At worst, they have been deliberate patronising while pretending to care via their own setup's that like the GCC and other still existing others, are in fact working against the common good of all that are temporary tenants of Earth and our shared environment.

To challenge and turn a long flowing tide of devious and deliberate shared, incorrect information that has lead to further destruction of our planet and its resources unable to given opportunity to additionally renew and revive,  UnitedPeople's green agenda seeks to transform our society further. What this boils down to is the creation and peaceful carrying out of actions what will lead to a further positive outcome consisting of compassion, inclusiveness, sustainability, equitability, green creativity, for our environment to be then cherished and celebrated. Recognised as a precious gift to be further passed on to later generations.

While some governments have consistently failed to understand the current seriousness that is more needed, in regard to the current climate and environment crises, UnitedPeople members believe that more actions are needed in order to wake up those still enwrapped within their self-indulgent agenda where exploitive made profits are their own main concern.

The work ahead needed to be carried out, we know will not be easy most of the time. We open invite all peaceful acting individual and already existing groups, to help us. The aims of UnitedPeople and it's green agenda towards those that are still in denial and complacency, are fourfold.

  1. All must better act to halt biodiversity loss and stronger seek a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025 or as close to it as best possible. At the very least, more serious efforts has to be made in this direction - not just PR lip-service continued.
  2. All must greater tell core truths while declaring a climate and ecological emergency, while at same time working alongside other institutions to communicate the still rising urgency for positive change and improvement.
  3. Individually and collectively, we must all be more creative and be led by open, transparent wise decisions that have come about by a citizens assembly based on the principles of Participatory Democracy. Such a citizens assembly will be tasked to deal with climate issues including not just problem solving but also the further prevention of future problems. UnitedPeople is not only here to deal with the present but to better protect the future.
  4. Ecological justice must be better sought and we believe, this too will come about by the insertion of greater accountability protocol creation practises and subsequence adherence to important aspects that are to the benefit of individuals and collectively all.

UnitedPeople has many peaceful, positive agenda aims that incorporate inclusiveness, not the excluding of many aspects that should be equally respected. We hope you will join us and participate in a worthy quest to create a better positive Ireland society and environment, to the benefit of all including todays existing generations and ones to still yet come.