The 2020 Cabal Track Record.


“To oppose corruption in government
is the highest obligation of patriotism.”

― G. Edward Griffin

Just as they started off after 170 days of keeping the country waiting, the antics began.

To begin with...

* Just the top ministers = €3.5 Million a year in wages.
* Other ministers and sub-ministers = €120,000+ a year for each one. (increased perks also thrown in)
* For every TD that has a Simon Coveney car perk = €200,000+ a year on top of personal travel allowance. Top men getting this.
* 6 week holiday pay at €700 a day, 5 day week, = €21,000 for six weeks off.
* Every TD (x 159) on basic pay = €650+ per day.
* Free phones, free tablets/laptops, phone bills paid, reduced household charges or non-existent if home registered as office, car cost perks, travel perks, expenses paid for other items bought including gifts to others, staff expenses (often family), walk around money (because they have to park their car and walk then to the Dail), shoe polish expense and more...
* Reported 70 advisors at €120,000+ each a year - not including up to 8 more for Mr Eamon Ryan.
* Hire of the Dublin convention center a day = €25,000 a day.


29th of June, 2020. The first full day of the new Fianna Fail/Fine Gael/Green Party cabal. The FFG.

Two and a half weeks later...

So far since FFG took over...
1. The continuing mega amount of 70 advisors scandal.

2. A pair of TDs exposed as separately trying to sway judge court decisions.

3. The Simon Coveney €200,000 a year, car perk allowed by FFG.

4. The Leo Varadkar extra perks, including his own hoard of new advisors and even an additional Aid De Camp.

5. Eamon Ryan and his bonus extra advisors along with additional perks.

6. The proposed €8,000 pay bump for councilors, advances.

7. The additional well paid jobs for the boys who were faithful.

8. FFG invention of some many more minister/sub-minister positions, that the law needs to be changed to mega pay them all.

9. The 30 legal cases heading towards the highcourt regarding PSC (and FFG silent over the whole mega law breaking in that matter).

10. The announcement that more TD pension information will now be kept from public and reporter FOI request. Even more kept secret than the last time of FG/Labour passing a bill to reduce public access to information.

11. Four u-turns and a vote against affordable homes already.

12. The country's doors from the USA remain open while that top CV19 hotspot boils - and FFG won't do anything besides issue ignorable warnings.

13. Appointing Regina Doherty to head the Seanad, a place she prior called to be closed and in her wake in previous office, leaving behind a mass of legal issues & 30 highcourt cases over her office mega law breaking and her PSC card rammed down the throats of a nation.

14. The Cowan drink driving matter starts and continues.

15. The Green Party firstly votes to block other elected from asking questions - but then when things get worse in the Cowan matter, u-turn and demands answers themselves!

16. Government refuses to confirm date for new Stardust inquiry.

17. Michael Martin seemly lied in the Dail when he said he had read the Garda Pulse file of Barry Cowen’s drink-driving incident when defending his Fianna Fáil colleague. LINK

18. Green Party leader being paid €175,000+ a year, falls asleep during a debate on low wages of the average worker. Misses much of the debate, only having to be woken just so he can vote against seeing them gain a better living wage.

The FF fronted cabal confirms it will continue to block sections of a Consumer Insurance Contracts Act until September 2021 - despite it being signed into law by President Higgins since February 2020. as Pease Doherty, SF, stated "The government have chosen to block sections concerning the per-contractual duties of insurers, proportionate remedies for misrepresentation & the duties of insurers at renewal. These provisions were crucial in shifting the balance of power towards the consumer making it harder for insurance companies to wriggle out of paying valid claims, & making the pricing of your premiums more transparent when it comes to renewal time. It is clear that the Government have bowed to the wishes of the insurance industry who have had since 2017 to get their act together & prepare for the provisions of this legislation. Once again Gov. has served their interests. Other provisions of my legislation will be given legal effect this September. They will offer real protections to consumers & SMEs."



Having failed to continue protection for many renters. seeing previous legislation ending, vulture funds moved in to evict those they were waiting in the sidelines, to kick out at first opportunity.

Having previously denied women of Ireland - some dying while waiting -  to the help and justice they deserve, the cabal of FG and FF continue to do nothing as another victim of Cervical cancer passes away. FG and FF in their next refreshed combination continue to do bugger all, leaving them to go to the Dublin highcourts in what remain time they have left, to seek a resolution for their families.  Rest In Peace Keelin Shanley.

Another RTE news buried item. Along with other national and local biased media that have too close links to certain parties, this news was also kept away from a nations attention as much as possible. The usual amount of cabal TD's were again all too Dail silent. No questions raised!

FF and FG copy an idea put forward from an opposition political party, PR spin it into a near useless stunt for a few able to avail of - but still try to steal any credit remaining, for themselves - having taken others ideas and not also acknowledging or thanking them!

It's revealed that despite FG/FF saying they were following all given medical advice, in fact they were not. They were exposed as doing the exact opposite of what they were told to do or at least even try to do. FG/FF response? None - except sudden deafness and continuing in action. since the 8th of May, Ireland Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Ireland had been asking Simon Harris TD, for mandatory quarantine for 14 days for all visitors to Ireland and non-essential, non business flights to be curtailed. As of July 21st, none of this was made happen. In fact, Michael Martin, off on a four day trip to the EU, decided he too was not going to quarantine himself - besides he too telling others to do just that when they return from outside Ireland! He proving again that there's one set of rules or dictates for the public - but that same are not applicable to elite elected.


FF Michael Martin returns from the EU having given them €16 Billion and gained €1.5 Billion in return - and he thinks this is a great deal for the people of Ireland! LINK

. Martin = €207,590. Varadkar = €191,403 Others at top table = €175,699 each.

Martin, Varadkar and Ryan then had to get creative. Suddenly, the invention of 20 Junior Ministers. €87,000+ to €120,000+ each. There was a previous limit on 'jobs for the boys' so at Wednesday, 11pm, while many were in bed, they quiet rushed through legislation to pay others mega money.

Still not enough though. The thee amigos created three more jobs. The lucky lotto winners this time were Jack Chambers (Fianna Fáil), minister of state for roads, Hildegarde Naughton (Fine Gael) and minister of state for land use and Pippa Hackett (Green Party) biodiversity. These are now SUPER Juniors who were on €124,000+ bumped up by another €16,000 each. That's only an extra €307 per week. That's €140,000+ a year. Poor dears.

They do this in a building that's costing you €25,000 a day for them to eat, drink and even sleep in, at all your expense. When tired of all that, a number of them can avail of their additional €200,000 car perk, to take them to their homes that contains the phones, iPads, printers, computers, etc, that you pay for too.

As they have also registered their home as a working office, there is the reduction or non-existence of household charges, the phone bills get paid by the taxpayer, the heating, yes - an expense too passed on. Even if they all go out at night and need clean shoes, guess who gets to pay for the shoe polish? Get their photo taken? Yes, you pay for that too - but before that, some need a touch of make-up. Don't worry, you also pay for that. (But don't dare ask about their pensions. That's now deemed top secret, exempt from the FOI Act)

So while this lot on €700+ to €900+ a day are stressing where to order their next steak meal and bottle of fine wine, they are working hard to see the sick, elderly and already low paid, might not see a fiver, denied increased workers rights and see others cut from €350 a week, down to less. They are getting all forehead wrinkled trying to invent more taxes, charges and levies while also increasing such things as the Carbon Tax. Then there is still the incoming Internet/mobile tax that is basically another household charge - but you are used to paying for things multiple time. Your water, for example!

A great bunch of €700+ to €900+ a day folk, all working away in the gym, bars and Oireachtas restaurant, day dreaming ways to survive their hardship while thinking of you.

You can be sure they will still be thinking of you while they each are off on their 6 week holidays which they will get an average €32,000+ for. They are doing that much thinking, they need 70 additional advisors on €80,000+ to €120,000+ a year each.

Then there is expense accounts for all. Vouched and unvouched. Another €20,000+ to €40,000+ for each one. Marvelous. Fantastic. Happy days are here again.

By the way, we ain't got to the Senators yet. For example, let's give the public fired woman that wanted it closed, that has pressganged hundreds of thousands while breaking data laws, that has caused 30+ legal cases to be highcourt started over the PSC card, the top job of actually running the Seanad with a mega wage and more, there too...

After barely four weeks of work, now giving themselves six weeks off for holidays, they have it hard you know. Be gentle on them. After all, they worked hard at clapping for one minute, for our nurses. A whole minute that cost them nothing (but you a lot). A great lot of elected we have and don't you forget it. LINK

28. An online poll exposes that 70% of voters already think Fianna Fail is making a hash of things. Some of FF's own are not impressed either. LINK. LINK

The new FF headed cabal continues to let people fly in to Ireland unhindered but tells people already here that they should stay. People can come but we can't go! RTE continues to not mention the full details of how people are infected.

30. FF/FG/Greens opt to take holidays not even after four weeks being in power. The holidays will last six weeks and the cost will be €21,000+ for each TD over the holiday period.

31. Letting the unaccountable away with more crap at the taxpayer expense. Of course, no one in the back system will be held to account for this. Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and the Green Party does poor or no accountability.


32. Dole scandal (PART ONE) It emerges that the Social Welfare department has decided to act totally discriminatory against poor people in Ireland - kicking them when they are further already down. The SW decides to stop payments to those on Covid help because they might have the audacity to travel. The government does not impose any penalties on others traveling - just the poor and low paid.

33.  Dole scandal (PART TWO)

34. Dole scandal (PART THREE). The office of Data protection has to start a further investigation as to how the Social Welfare department is passing along and gaining people's private information from private flight companies - which alone is in contravention the EJC Bara case ruling - besides conflicting with the EU GDPR laws on data protection and additional Irish laws.  LINK

...But then, FG and FF have been breaking Data laws in many ways for a long time...


35. Dole scandal (PART FOUR).  The rich get richer and the poor get walloped again.

Dole scandal (PART FIVE). Leo Varadkar once again decided to grandstand the government of the day by announcing things on TV ("This Week In Politics" show) in regard to CV19 payments. Things not actually passed yet by any legislation. Almost immediately, the state social welfare site - on a Sunday afternoon - was then suddenly changed by someone to cover his ass.

The underlying issue is this. That state policy can be suddenly change just on the words of Leo, on RTE, with no party discussion, no top table discussion, no triple leader discussion or consultation with the actual Social Welfare department. Leo speaks - its suddenly regulation!

All it takes now is for Leo to say something on TV and it THEN becomes apparently national policy. Who then changed the welfare site to reflect Leo's word's? The public of Ireland will likely never be allowed know. Credit to Phyllis Murphy (LINK) for capturing the SW changes to the English version of the SW site -  and the Irish version one SW forgot to change in their haste to help cover what Leo Varadkar has stated.


37. In FF/FG/Green Party panic mode over the national backlash and public feelings expressed at the Super Juniors ministers pay being even more mega bumped up, the trio party government announces in hopeful PR attempt to win back favour, that the 10% pay cut will be carried out on government ministers. The PR attempt fails within less than 24 hours. One simple reason. It becomes exposed that the rates of pay the ministers and top three leaders would still be getting, would be more than what the previous government had been getting previously.

In other words, only under Mícheál Martin & the FFG cabal, could a 10% pay cut actually result in a €1500 pay increase! LINK This results in €718.52 A DAY + alone, in mega expenses for the top man - never mind the many others. LINK


38. At the fury of the public and opposition TD's over the abuse of public personal information regarding Covid-19 payments and private flight companies. Michael Martin (on €186,813.00 a year) is reluctantly forced to announce and investigation. Almost immediately it's seen as just another PR stunt - with little hope of full facts coming out and sure as hell, no named person will be ever held accountable.  LINK


39. While the public was part distracted by the sudden announcement of two investigations going on, because of FFG antics over one weekend alone, others including prominent elected in government and in opposition as well as journalists, were more seriously beginning to ask "Just who is the actual leader of the country?" - don't be distracted away from an equal serious issue. Many of them with more political observers noted that Leo Varadkar still seems to be the man in charge. They said "He hasn't gone away, ya know!"


40. It emerges that changes instigated by Leo Varadkar has meant that Bertie Ahern gains in his yearly pension €150,000+. This in on top of the taxpayer coughing up €421,769 in one year alone for secretary services for him as a retired TD/Minister. It becomes even further obvious why the state has now decided to keep top secret a lot more pension information! After 10 years of gaining some info under the Freedom of Information Act,  now that too has been changed not in the taxpayers favour. LINK


41. The number of homeless that dies in one week, increases to five in number. LINK. Not one appointed minister is available to address or comment on the situation. Given the previous other matters embarrassing them four week in already into government, many appear to have gone into hiding.

The super junior ministers farce grows even more. It now emerges that the €16,000 bump on top of their already pay of €127,000+, will now be withdrawn. However, they will now instead get an extra €10,000 in expenses. LINK

 Welfare legislation rushed drawn up and then passed on a Wednesday (before TD took their holidays on a Friday) now included a section that stipulates a claimant must “genuinely” be seeking work. This is particularly angering a lot of people including opposition parties. At first thought you might think "unemployed" people should be looking for work - and there is absolute correctness in thinking that.

HOWEVER, the FFG (and biased media) are not giving the mass public, the full story. When the CV19 payment (PUP) scheme was brought in, the idea was that it was a temp payment to help people ALREADY EMPLOYED who's work was suddenly put on hold while CV19 was tackled. The PUP payment therefore is for people on hold position, that still have a job to go back to.

In order for those people to seek other work and take it, they would actually have to then sign off the PUP payment scheme. It makes proper sense that they would do this. Little could argue this point. However, the FFG cabal now say that someone on the PUP scheme that still has an official appointed 'on hold' job, they can be cut off for traveling to a county the FFG don't like that someone going to!

The reason why? Because they are not looking for more work. Those 'someone's' were/are having the audacity to calmly wait till their 'on hold' job can recommence. For that, they are travel punished. AGAIN, it must be noted that all this crap started because Leo Varadkar opened his gob incorrectly on RTE's "This Week In Politics" when he stated that something was a rule, when in fact

(a) it was never in the paperwork (contract) signed by people for application for PUP,

(b) it was not stipulated on any Social Welfare site (till someone quickly changed the sw site AFTER Leo opened his mouth) and

(c) as it was not actually on the law books up till the last 24 hours, money taken off people or cut off PREVIOUS to this, was done illegally - as the legislation was not there to actually allow it to occur! (Sound familiar? Think #JobPath)

...But the general public are not supposed to know all this and the usual news media outlets that are favouring the FFG, are saying little either.

NOTE. It is very much suspected by many that the FFG ordered Heather Humphries to do a partial u-turn because of they fearing a court case occurring out of all this law breaking. One national organisation was quick to point out they were breaking the law.

There are still aspects of the new Dail legislation that are deemed still possible discriminatory and illegal. There still could be legal cases taken against the state over this additional FFG cock-up. Any one court case has the potential to expose just how wrong the actions of elected in government were and possibly still are - besides the sudden SW site change and words spoken by Leo apparently suddenly be taken as law when it actually wasn't!

So now the FFG gave done a partial u-turn in hope of also lessening the chance of an embarrassing, damaging, court case been taken against them. 'Sure, didn't they u-turn (partly) out of the goodness in their hearts'. But you're not supposed to know all this. Meanwhile, the discriminatory targeting of the poorer in Ireland society, continues...


44. The FFG quietly and sneakily, brings in legal legislation to make Hearsay useable as evidence. Vulture funds and Banks will be able to use Hearsay Evidence to evict people from their homes. Minister McEntee sneaks in a new Bill to let the courts to accept the word of an agent of a Vulture fund or Bank as irrefutable evidence. Previously a judge rules that this was illegal under the law - so the FFG changes the law. Renters get screwed and they rush this law quietly in before they disappear on their holidays. It's not as if there are other pieces of far more important legislation to be passed anyway - besides this next immoral one?


  It becomes exposed that Senators that have been biding their time in the Seanad, raking up their pension there, can in fact now convert that time to Dail time and so get even more financial payment care of the taxpayers of Ireland. Like many things on this page alone, RTE news fails to report this also.

It went over the heads of most - as RTE and other media didn't bother to report the discrepancy - but not over the heads of UnitedPeople members... The Irish Times reported that 2,000 pandemic unemployment payments (PUP) were stopped after airport checks were done by state officials including Garda. When the FFG was exposed for doing that was an illegal act in a number of ways, RTE and the FFG quick down graded the number just to 80+ to 100+. Like the sneakily updated Social Welfare website, the public wasn't meant to notice what here too, was going on behind their backs. LINK


47. Once again, the awake and more observing were again able to spot the utter confusion in which the FFG cabal operates. In one day (27th July, 2020) Leo stated that covid payment (PUP) receivers should be state cut off (example LINK). That morning (Mr Martin) it was stated that such people should not be singled out for discriminatory sanction - and but by evening the story changed yet again in the face of what Leo has again said in contradiction. Mr Martin then backtracks his own earlier words by stating individual cases can be looked at (in other words, all of them, individually).


48. FF/FG (remember, also made up of landlords) passes a Dail bill that will only freeze the rents of those that are affected by CV19 financial affects. The current freeze on rents for all (previous non-CV19 related) end Saturday. Aug' 1st. 2020. After then, it's expected many landlords/owners of properties will quickly move to up rents before any further legislation might suddenly appear at any time, to stop them doing so.

The previous Dail legislation that was allowed to run out, applied pressure on landlords up to the Saturday. The trio FFG cabal refused to extend it. After the Saturday, major pressure goes from landlords/owners and ALL the pressure is then put on tenants to just prove their CV19 status. Everyone else basically gets stuffed thanks to FF/FG and the Green Party!

Even those that will struggle to prove their case before a landlord/owner slaps up the rent, will only have their rent frozen until January next year. After that, they too are up the creek! All this in turn will lead to another wave - this time of a further housing crises - and it's expected to begin after the first of August when the  FF/FG/Green Bill kick in and the previous one runs out. The aftereffects will be felt by many renting for months to come. Many are going to have a further miserable Christmas. More pressure, less money and that's if they get to keep the roof over their head! LINK

  The unfunny joke regarding TD's and ministers wages become all too clear. What the FFG tried PR spinning as a 10% cut in their direct pay, was exposed as many of them gaining even more than the last government office holders. The 'Super Juniors' in particular getting a 10% cut but then also getting an extra €10,000 in additional expenses. In other words, only in Ireland could a '10% cut' mean they would be getting more than the previous term!


50. Further damaging details emerge regarding the cock-ups made in regard to PUP payments, the illegal obtaining and transfer of passenger information LINK, the contradictory words/antics of Leo/Martin and the sneak actions of elected and officials. LINK

Even more damaging details (Wed' 29th, 2020) emerges regarding the €200,000 extra car perk awarded to TD Simon Coveney. Someone who will never be held accountable decided to bypass the cabinet in order to gift Mr Coveney his nice car perk.


52.  It emerges that while the TD's were concerned about holding onto their mega pay and rushing to TV? Radio station to justify they are worth it, 60 people on stretchers that day alone, at Limerick Hospital. That national scandal continues. LINK

Sligo-Leitrim TD Marc MacSharry decides to get the tarnish brush out and widely insult what's deemed by some as too many civil servants in just one vocal lash. He accused public servants of laziness and using the Covid-19 crisis as an excuse to “lie on the couch and watch box sets” LINK - all because he apparently had an issue with one state department. The backlash to his words was almost immediate. LINK LINK

News emerges that the FFG are heading towards yet another blow-up as word leaks out that only a select few may receive limited information about any Covid-19 case at their child's school. If and when a breakout might occur, the rest of the school, is not likely to be informed. This in turn could lead to (they being additional carriers) they possibly becoming sick soon themselves, unknowingly have the potential to pass it on further to friends and family beyond school grounds.

A state veil of silence could be imposed as the state tries to not have parents take their children away from school, away from any potential risk. The matter (Aug' 1st. 2020) is currently under quiet review behind closed doors. All this becomes apparent as its revealed in newspapers that 20% of parents still wish to not risk their children with further school attendance under the proposed state conditions.

Heather Humphrey's: "I have listened to the concerns expressed in recent days..." and a PR effort to make it look like she had spoken to victims, turns out to be an apparent order to her, demanding she to reverse a possible, previous rushed in decision. LINK


56. It emerges that under standard SW law, an actual "unemployed" person has the legal right to travel away for up to two weeks as long as the SW office is advance informed. EU law stipulates that an EU citizen also has the right to travel in search of employment also. So, anyone that is PUP financially punished for traveling to a country, be it on a green list or not, is possibly being discriminated against when compared also to a further "unemployed" person who it now seems, had more of a right to travel than someone on PUP. The nations people are not supposed to know all this.

The FFG rushed in updated PUP legislation to cover their previous backside - but NOW they have done a partial u-turn on the whole PUP payment scheme details - so will the rushed legislation brought in, be reverted back or changed yet again? Time will tell or expose more incompetency at failure to do it. LINK


57. At the Dáil sitting in the Convention Centre in Dublin Fianna Fáil TD Jack Chambers put forward the proposal that the Dáil adjourn this evening and return on September 15. Before the vote, Sinn Féin TD Louise O’Reilly proposed that the Dáil convene next Tuesday to facilitate questions and answers to and from Tánaiste Leo Varadkar and the Minister for Employment and Social Protection Heather Humphreys about the PUP/social welfare controversy and the statement made by the Data Protection Commissioner in respect of the gathering of data by social welfare inspectors and gardai at airports and ports.

Ms O’Reilly also said the Dáil doesn’t need a six-week holiday and that deputies should return on September 1st. Labour TD Aodhán Ó Riordan said Labour was supporting Sinn Féin’s proposal but added that another item needed to be resolved before the Dáil took its summer recess – specifically: “The issue of pandemic unemployment payments for those who are self-employed and those who are in receipt of employee wages and self-employed wages who are now going to be put on a lower schedule of payment.”

He added: “Now we can only resolve this issue if the Dáil is in sitting and we can’t have a six-week recess for those who are in receipt of this payment. So it would be very simple for us to return here on Tuesday, have questions over and back on this issue and come to a resolution on the issue that has been outlined by Deputy O’Reilly and also the issue that has been outlined by myself.” In the end, TDs voted 81-44 to return to the Dáil on September 15.


58. The Green Party section of the FFG cabal becomes undermined as two of of it leading TD's votes against the terrible renters Bill that backstabs many. Green TD Neasa Hourigan quits as party whip and votes against Government while Junior minister Joe O’Brien also broke ranks with coalition colleagues and abstained from the main vote on the government’s own Bill. LINK

The punishment announced by the Green Party towards the TDs are a bit of a joke (they lose Dail speaking rights for 2 months - effective immediately just as 6 week holidays kick in) but the fact that the two TDs have been targeted, exposes what the Green Party thinks of Ireland democracy in general and how their own rules of being vote with their conscience, are a load of crap LINK - which Eamon Ryan can ignore when he and his top party elite feel like it.

Some judge him as back-stabbing his own members and ignored a party conscience rule so that he and the other cabal leaders can dictate their way. He putting FG and FF first, ahead of the care of his own TDs/members and willing to also total blank a conscience rule when it suits his/their dictating demands. When the sleeper awakes, he punishes his own members for doing what their local voters hired them to also do. LINK

IRELAND’S Data Protection Commissioner has “serious doubts” over whether staff from the Department of Social Protection are allowed to carry out sweeping welfare checks at airports and ports. The FFG continue to keep their heads down over the matter, trying desperately to avoid it garnishing any further public attention. A six week holiday couldn't come at a better time for them as they pray for lesser media attention and even lesser daily cock-up for a change! LINK

Ten homeless dead in a month - 6 in one week alone - and the FFG decides to go on a six week holiday. just as well there are no crises or issues in Ireland that demand constant leadership attention?

More signs of Fianna Fail and the Cabal coalition not making it to it's natural end, emerges within media. LINK LINK LINK.

61. It emerges that Eamon Ryan might get up to another 8 special advisors. All on serious money of course! LINK

62. Things begin to seriously worsen as it emerges that 46,000 fly into Ireland from high risk countries - but the now absent FFG cabal from their Dail offices, had been previously just blaming youths and and house parties. Picking an easy target that cannot fight back against such allegations so easy and at a time when the general public are vast majority more wearing face masks - yet the infections numbers increase! Something does no add up... LINK

Things are just not going well at all in any way, for the FFG...

The FFG is now off on it's six weeks holidays as of the 31st of August, 2020.



Despite there being no law existing that allows people's data to be incorporated and then used outside the remit of the Social Welfare Department, the state still demands that the PSC card is produced in order to avail of many government services. Your passport has become worthless in many cases.

The national I.D. card in all but name, in fact, is breaking a number of laws like above. It openly conflicts with the EJC ruling as in the Bara case regarding data sharing. The PSC card also has the stolen data stored on servers that are also legally operating outside legislated time limits under GDPR and other data protection regulations.

Having said all that (and more elsewhere) the FFG intends to press ahead with a court case against the data watchdog over a report which found that the public services card breached data protection law.

They cannot have it standing that they are breaking laws as both the Post Office and a Department of Social Protection (Persecution) not only continues to abuse and give away illegally, people's data but at same time, gives two fingers to Irish and EU laws. The FFG intend to take their own case to possible judges they appointed - so that they can get a ruling that overlooks what's actually written in already passed legislation print. The Data Protection office is also continuing to take the government to court.

The law breaking of the FFG doesn't end there however!

Our very constitution says that there should be no more than 18 ministers within a cabinet. This doesn't also include the additional 20 junior ministers. The FFG had also given two fingers to to our national laws and constitution also as they insert another three in order to reward their loyal and mates.
Not only are their acts open nepotism, their acts are clear cut, unquestioningly very unconstitutional.

“Most of the time with constitutional law, there’s a great deal of ambiguity and it’s really unclear what the constitutional answer is,” says David Kenny, Assistant Professor of Law at Trinity College Dublin and co-author of the leading text on Irish constitutional law.

“This is one of those ones where I think it’s very clear that there’s essentially no scope for having more than 15 members of government. The Constitution is crystal clear about that, there’s just no way to have more than that.”

Confidentiality is also enshrined in the Constitution, meaning that you can’t have non-Cabinet members involved in the deliberations of Cabinet.

Article 28.1 of Bunreacht na hÉireann states simply:

"The Government shall consist of not less than seven and not more than fifteen members who shall be appointed by the President in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution."

Article 28.4 alludes to the confidentiality and collective responsibility of Cabinet:

"The Government shall meet and act as a collective authority, and shall be collectively responsible for the Departments of State administered by the members of the Government.

The confidentiality of discussions at meetings of the Government shall be respected in all circumstances save only where the High Court determines that disclosure should be made in respect of a particular matter."

Kenny continues: “So the question is how are these junior ministers both allowed to be subject to these confidential discussions and involved in these meetings, where only 15 people are supposed to collectively wield the executive power of the State?” /END QUOTE.

But you're not supposed to know all this and RTE news (and other national/local sanatising media) refuses yet again to point all the above out. The FFG are openly breaking laws of Ireland and Europe while they tell you to obey them.


The FFG farces, failures, lies, double standards and devious activity, continues... And it's only been FOUR WEEKS!

Having gone on holiday for 6 weeks at the average cost to the taxpayer of €21,000+ per TD head, the farces continue.


65. The FFG releases further confusing double standard CV19 restrictions. LINK. A lot of anger ensues across the nation. Meat plants are further confirmed as a source of infection and the FFG does little to address the matter. Workers rights are not even mentioned or addressed at the factory locations. LINK. LINK. Subject deliberately dropped. Too many political connections? "Hot Bedding" is also dropped while is continues to be part of the problem, continuing and not also addressed. LINK.

66. Department Of Justice discovered monitoring citizens on their voiced opinions regarding a much disliked government practice. LINK. The FFG say nothing subsequently and do nothing. News buried. Even after their Social Security rights are discovered denied. LINK.

67. One rule for all others and once again, elected think they are different - until they are caught out. Then they are all appoloetic. and Minister Dara Calleary apologises for attending golf event in breach of health guidelines. LINK

68. Yet another one. How many spin artists does a law breaking government need?

69. Approximately 47,000 houses are known to be needed built EVERY year for the next five years, just to catch up with the current (August 2020) housing crises numbers. The FFG say they will only attempt to build 50,000 over five years! LINK LINK

70. The hospital emergency crises continues unablated - 500% overload in one case- but RTE media remains silent as does other news outlets except at least one LINK. FFG TD's say nothing. TOTAL SILENCE. TD's decline to further comment.


Also attending was EU Commissioner Phil Hogan, FG Senator Jerry Buttimer, Independent TD Noel Grealish, Supreme Court judge Seamus Woulfe and former RTE broadcaster Sean O'Rourke also at the Clifden dinner.


100% TRUTH. Feb' 3rd, 2023.
When in early 2020, the government of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Green Party formed. I decided to start listing their antics. I did so on a UnitedPeople website page. I knew this had to be done, as I knew that given their individual past histories and character, they would soon be up to their old ways. "Old politics" ways.
Sadly, I was proved too right. I wish I had been proved wrong. That would have meant a brighter future for my children in being more able to stay in Ireland and greater chance own a home some day.
100% truth however, such was their rate of screwing up, such was their rate of greed, lies, cover-ups and much more, after one year alone of 70+ government farces, I could not keep up with them, in trying to keep track of it all. They were - and still are - up to more no good than I can actually get down on paper to record for posterity. In a one-man effort, I failed to keep up with them. For that I apologise. However, I'm still trying. So many antics, so many details they want to keep minimised and hidden!
Many of their first year antics alone, has vastly not been RTE media covered - but you still can read about the first year, 70+ issues on the UnitedPeople page I did create here.
Since then, they have continued to deprive many people across many categories of the Irish public. The antics have continued. The incompetency has continued alongside the greed and citizen back-stabbings. They have done all this themselves or allowed previous instigated antics to continue under their power enthronement. Their fuller record speaks for itself. Not a limited record that they and RTE (and other media biased friends) just want you to PR swallow.
I've said it before and I will say it again. It's far time for better.

Jeff Rudd.
UnitedPeople Founder.


ripoff copy

There is far more farces, scandals, cock-up and exposures on record - and that's just since January 2020 when the FF/FG/Green government took over. The Green party proving to standing my many scandals, u-turning on their 'watchdog' election promise - just like the mega u-turned on their CETA objections they have maintained for years. It's hard to keep up with the antics of the three parties and many individuals elected within each one.




The actions of past governments, those that backed them and that voted with them, was then and even now a continuing history of enabled law breaking. They continued to tell everyone else to obey laws of the land and EU - while they themselves broke same laws and more. This was and still is not fair justice. It's more of the old same. It's not "Change" or even improvement. It's old politics alive and kicking.


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