Cabal Law Breaking

Judges wooden gavel resting on a law book in a courtroom conceptual of judgements, crime, punishment, and justice


Fianna Fail - Fine Gael - Green Party - all breaking laws and/or standing too silently by as their cabal parties continue to break constitutional, national and international laws.

To add insult to the public, they continue to tell the public to
obey the laws of Ireland - all the while they break them and more!

VRT (Vehicle Registration Tax) law breaking.
Fines imposed for operating this racket still - like other EU laws FG/FF Greens break or are now a part of breaking. The elected break the law - the vehicle owner forced to cough up - the taxpayer pays the then EU fines imposed - but the guilty elected continuing the racket, get off totally scot free for breaking EU laws. No accountability. LINK

Data Law Breaking.
1. PSC card
2. Post Office data access
3. Passing on personal data to private companies.
4. Airport related data issues
5. 140+ departments data transferring also in conflict of Bara case, ECJ Ruling.

JobPath (See HERE).
1. Data possession and transfer
2. Pressganging in violation of a signed Human Rights Treaty. LINK
3. Coercion, not also including forcing people to sign CONTRACTS (PPP's), using financial threats so a private company can profit to the tune of hundreds of taxpayer Euro millions.
4. Massive fraud connected to false claims of work found for pressganged.
5. Pressganged threatened into creating false success reports.
6. Falsifying national reports by excluding affecting areas that expose more failure.
7. Illegal stealing of pressganged money when Social Welfare even highcourt admit they had NO LEGISLATION to allow it.

PSC Card (See HERE).
1. Data possession. LINK
2. Storage of data too long on servers. Office of Data Protection reports this and far more is illegal. LINK
3. Illegal, non-legislated for, servers storing the data that also conflicts with the ECJ Bara case ruling.
4. The illegal discriminatory demand that the card be produced - even though it NOWHERE legislated outside of Department of Social protection services. This leads to illegal denial of state services.

1. Allowing 18,000+ citizens come and go unchecked on exit and return -  openly knowing they were attending a region that also was infected by the Covidvirus. No accountability.
2. TDs/owners not closing CV19 infected factories or ducking/refusing to bring in the laws needed to make reporting of infection mandatory while also informing staff. Even worse, Fine Gael reduce laws to make it easier for factory owners to get away with any reporting that should be done! LINK. No accountability.
3. Not stopping more incoming by flights and ports. Cheap labour imported from infected countries. No one also  medical checked six month into the Ireland Covid breakout. No accountability.
4. Movement of elderly into homes - then got infected. No accountability.
5. TD's all too aware of the risk of CV19 infected factories - and then did nothing. No accountability.

1. Article 28.1 of Bunreacht na hÉireann regarding the limit on ministers that can be appointed. It states simply:

"The Government shall consist of not less than seven and not more than fifteen members who shall be appointed by the President in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution."

Then there is 28.4 that states - alludes to the confidentiality and collective responsibility of Cabinet:

"The Government shall meet and act as a collective authority, and shall be collectively responsible for the Departments of State administered by the members of the Government.

The confidentiality of discussions at meetings of the Government shall be respected in all circumstances save only where the High Court determines that disclosure should be made in respect of a particular matter. The legal question arises about how the state already breaking the law here, is going to stay within our laws here also - where only 15 people are supposed to collectively wield the executive power of the State! Yes, that's right. The law are being crossed too by elected - but the voters/citizens of Ireland are not supposed to know.

2. PESCO (EU army in all but name). LINK
3. Triple Lock safe guard violated.
4. Funding a EU weapons buying effort also in violation of constitution. Does Ireland (in EU) really need French/German made fighter planes?
5. Continuing the still discriminatory nature of the constitution regarding fathers rights.

1. Indicating to Ryanair that vouchers should be given out before money should actually be returned to customers. This defies established EU law that says money MUST be given back flight/holidaying to customers. Aiding and abetting. LINK
2. The crossing of established EU laws on the creation of a monopoly by the state. In other words, the creation of "Irish Water" was illegal under EU laws. It is still illegal operating (and soon recharging) under EU laws. Under Article 82 LINK & 86 LINK of the legal binding European Competitions Treaty, it is seriously dodgy for any government or private company to oversee a revenue generating monopoly. Fine Gael & Labour would rather you not know. They brought it in in present day structure and FF/FG/Greens are continuing this illegal setup.

For the ordinary citizens of Ireland, it is do what you are told. Obey the laws of the land and EU - while FF/FG/Greens breaks them and/or allows them to continue to be broken - also remaining silent by it all as it further happens under their governorship. None of their guilty (or their mates) will be arrested or see the inside of a court - unless it's on a tour through a state building.

Underscoring it all, is that there is little or no accountability except for a five year general election wait - and in the meantime people's memory fade and distraction tactics are applied. PR stunts or too much silence also applied.