You Couldn’t Make This Up – Unless You Are Politically Corrupt!


Another part of JobPath exposed.

On the Department of Social Protection website is the following document to download and read. It is a document that the department - as such, the government of the day - is advocating is correct and something you should seriously take to mind and follow as advised. It is an attempt - quite right - to advise people as to how to protect themselves against many things. In short: protect their money and fundamental rights.

What makes this item interesting, as you will read below, is the absolute state double standards that emerges.

Keep in mind the way that "JobPath" - exposed on UnitedPeople pages HERE - is being bullied on people, along with the actual abusive every day methods being used by a Fine Gael fronted government and the illegal stealing of massive amounts of people's money by the Department of Social Protection.

We are going to examine this document in detail and break it down. We shall explain and expose where in relation to JobPath, it exposes that a Fine Gael fronted government is saying one thing - but quietly, media buried, is actually doing the exact opposite. In other words, breaking the very laws they demand you stick to.

The direct download link on the government site, to this document is HERE. In case that link is later mysteriously broken, HERE is a back-up link to gain the document.

Power Of Authority (POA)

Page eight (below) of this document has a number of points that are very interesting. It explains what is a "Power of Authority" in relation to the average citizen. The information the document passes on, is accurate also in our opinion, besides the state who by sharing this and more, is clearly advocating the same opinion.

In short: with your permission given, someone can act on your behalf as a representative for you. A formal legal agreement or contract is agreed to so they can so do. Banks, courts of Ireland and even state departments allow POA's to exist on your behalf. They all legally recognise them. This is important to note.

Having clarified what a POA is, let us look at parts of the Personal Progress Plan (PPP) two private companies and other their subsidiaries pushing within the JobPath setup. A PPP they try to get thousands to sign and have succeeded - and for which every signature they get, means more profit for themselves.


Remember: You are giving the above NOT to a state department.
You are giving the above to a PRIVATE COMPANY.

Now, there is a lot wrong about the above - as we have explained on previous UnitedPeople website pages - but here we are concentrating on the POA aspect. For as you see, by signing this "Agreement" or more importantly "Contract" as the state has called it on Dublin highcourt record in 2017, you are awarding a private company your "Power of Authority" to them - having legal recognised them also.

Of course, NONE of this is every mentioned to you as you are asked to sign on a dotted document line or by digital means into a computer. All private companies and the state enforcing documents to be signed of this nature, deliberate do not mention you are gifting them your POA.

In short: you have legally contracted to them your Power Of Authority. What? They didn't mention any of this when they met you face to face? You are far from alone. Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, the Green Party and Labour, also large instrumental in creating JobPath, are also saying absolute NOTHING about how you are giving further legal rights away - without you even realising it. It's not in their interest that you should know these things. They have an agenda and don't want you upsetting it.

Remember also that a POA (as this document states, advocated by the state) means somebody (person or business) can act and control your financial matters. Note also, in this particular case above, should you become mental capacity affected, a POA can be revoked automatically. No. You won't be told this either by JobPath operators or the other political parties.

Remember too, that your signature on a PPP (private agreement/contract) means money in the back for the companies also (See below text graphic. Snaphot from the JobPath 2013 state tender document - section 2.9.1).

It's no wonder they and the Department of Social Protection are bullying people to sign - even by breaking Irish and international laws. Something they were actually found guilty of (infringing a person's rights) in 2017, in an  Irish highcourt. What? You were not told this? There's not a surprise!

Law cover1a

The same document advocated by the state, asks the question "What is financial abuse?"

Their own answer to the question is "financial abuse “includes theft, fraud, exploitation; pressure in connection with wills, property, inheritance or financial transactions; or the misuse or misappropriation of property, possessions or benefits.

As many (very many in fact) people have come to UnitedPeople and stated on record how they have been abused in the JobPath setup daily, the abuses they are subjected to include:

* Theft.
* Fraud.
* Exploitation.
* Pressure (bullying/coercion) in connection with property, financial transactions.
* Misappropriation of property.
* Misappropriation of benefits.

Again, sorry to be a pain in pointing this out - but the above are issues that the state is public advocating is morally wrong and illegal - yet it has been proven they are doing it themselves in conjunction with private companies they have hired to act on their and your behalf.

The same page states "Financial abuse can be subtle. It can build up over time, so you do not realise that what is happening is unfair to you and possibly illegal. It can also be complicated when it is carried out by someone you know and perhaps depend on." As hundreds of people have reported around Ireland to UnitedPeople alone (besides possibly other parties too and to the National Ombudman), the last quote is all too familiar to them also!

Page 14 - Heart Of The Matter.

Page 14  - more issues advocated by the state - clearly spells out examples of what is to be considered "Financial Abuse". We shall examine them here in relation to JobPath. What is see as words in brown colour, is words quoting part of page 14 and other pages.

* "Using your property or possessions without your permission" - As a lot of people now know, the legislation brought in that supposedly makes "Irish Water", the private business company, legal (yes, it's registered with the state Companies Registration Office as such) - in that legislation, the state formally recognised your personal data as an "asset". One that is yours to own and be legally yours, as much as your bed or radio.

We have shown in detail previously on our JobPath page (HERE), in a free 147 page report to download and on our data protection dedicated page (HERE), that the state is in fact giving people's personal information illegally away without their personal permission being obtained - and many times when it is, it's obtained through the use of threats, coercion, illegal money stopping (which they reluctantly admitted in a highcourt, they have no legislation in place to allow them to do it) and the imposition of "Economic Duress" - also illegal. They didn't tell you?


In short: when it comes to "Using your property or possessions without your permission" - the state is already breaking the law. You are also not supposed to know this.


* "Promising care or other services in exchange for money or property and not following through on the promise" - Note the "...for money or property" part. Your money in relation to JobPath, is your benefits and your property is also (again) your personal data illegally being given to a private company. As many have found across Ireland, they have not gained what was promised but they did get treated to the indignity of their personal data stolen and transferred but also robbed financially for declining to be bullied into signing a PPP, which is an attempt (after the crime has been already committed) to try legalise a private companies possession of it.

You are not are not supposed to notice these aspects and no surprise, none of this will be pointed out by either elected at national or local levels or private company agents/representatives speaking to you during the JobPath process. Last thing they want you to know, is how they are further taking advantage of you!

In short: when it comes to "Promising care or other services in exchange for money or property and not following through on the promise" - the state is breaking the law while supposedly trying to do what they are say they wish to do.


* "Threatening to withdraw care or other services unless you give the person money or property" - On UnitedPeople website pages, an extensive report (HERE) and Facebook posts (found HERE and HERE) we have detailed hundreds of examples of the state working in criminal partnership with private companies pushing JobPath, to be doing just the above. Both together, have illegal stopped services and money because people maintained their legal right to hold on to their legal rights.  You couldn't make this stuff up.

HERE is one example that also incorporates a person's right to speak - which guilty parties have also tried to stop. HERE for example, is one reason why it's important that you hold on to many rights. Remember: personal property now includes your personal data - as made legal via Irish Water legislation and recognised by the state as an "asset" to be possessed.

In short, when it comes to "Threatening to withdraw care or other services unless you give the person money or property" - UnitedPeople has public shown hundreds of times along with personal statements given on the matter to UnitedPeople, that the state is breaking the law here already. JobPath victims have testified to this also for Dail TD's and for a Public Accounts Committee (PAC), setup to look at the abusive JobPath scheme. You are not supposed to know all this either. The same TD's, along with local representatives, are all too quiet yet again.


* "Putting undue influence upon you to sign documents you do not understand such as a deed, a power of attorney or a will. Undue influence may take the form of deception, coercion or pressure."

The above is advocated by the state as a crime - yet at the same time, the state is actually doing it - as are companies involved in the JobPath scandal. Hundreds of victims - possible many thousands - across Ireland have had undue, total illegal influence placed on them like a ton of bricks, in order that they be coerced. Deception has been repeatedly used and is still used - including with every JobPath introduction session. Coercion or pressure has been used not hundreds of times but definitely thousands of times by all guilty parties, elected and of private business standing.

Hundreds - possible thousands - across Ireland, have been forced to sign a document they do not understand. In standard Irish and international business law, not understanding what they are signing, is grounds for an agreement/contract to be rendered invalid. Coercion or pressure tactics are also under same laws, reasons for agreements/contracts to be automatic rendered invalid.

Again, your local and national elected is not going to tell you this either. Nor is the private companies bullying victims, going to tell them this either. It's obvious why!

In short: while advocating to you in one public shared document what is actually illegal - the state and private companies are carrying out the same illegal acts. Of course, you are not supposed to grasp this accurate reality. Again, elected are silent.


* "Using a power of attorney to steal your money or property." - Remember when you first signed at your local welfare office? You signed an agreement with that department.  You signed to many things. One of which - if you realised it or not (most not) - is that you awarded staff within that building and whole state department, to act on your behalf. In other words, you gave them Power Of Authority in legal terms.

What has the state department done with that POA? As UnitedPeople has proved a number of times previously, the department by their own (reluctant) admission to a Dublin highcourt in 2017, has regularly repeatedly overstepped what they are legal allowed to do. They have cut people down and off, when they had NO legal powers to do so - meaning: they acted outside long established national and international law.

That's right. After deciding to retrain your absolute legal right not to sign an agreement or contract (one that gives away much including POA) with a private company pushing JobPath, the state hundreds of times - maybe thousands of times - has ILLEGALLY took money off people for which, by their own highcourt submitted and signed statement, they had NO legal power to do. Yes - this is called theft (breaking the law) to the rest of us - and is such according to Irish and International legislation.

In short: "Using a power of attorney to steal your money or property." - this is what the state has done - aided by private company co-conspirators. They continue to do it to this very day. Of course, you are not supposed to grasp this accurate reality. Again, elected are all too silent.


Page 15 - Let's Be Clear!

"Fraud is the crime of getting money or property from someone by deceiving them. We all need to be alert to fraud. Fraudsters are clever. They use isolation, fear, confusion and misdirection to carry out their fraud. They may make you feel that you do not have a say, but you should never feel that you cannot have a say in your affairs."

UnitedPeople can absolute state that fraud has been committed - according to the words and conditions advocated and shared by their Department of Social Protection itself.

Many involved in the JobPath scandal have committed fraud by what even the state, in the above document, advocates is Fraud. Victims have been deceived, lied to and been left without full information they should be told.

Victims have been treated to isolation tactics. One 53 year old man who contacted UnitedPeople, right now (Aug' 17th 2018) is repeatedly being put into an isolation room during the JobPath setup he's been bullied into. Illegal threatened with "Economic Duress" if he didn't turn up, when he does, he's placed for his time with JobPath, into virtual solitary confinement. Should he not comply to these conditions he is told the private company will make sure he is financially undermined.

This is actually happening in Ireland 2018 - and the state is turning (again) a blind eye to this too.

The 'fear of god and state' has been many times been put on people illegally, to make them comply with a state illegal act.

The state alone, using its Department of Social Protection, with private companies have in the JobPath scandal (and beyond it) use confusion and mountains of misdirection to carry out mass fraud.

Victims have many times stated on record, they feel they do not have a say over matters concerning their own affairs.

Remember, these are condition's that make up "Fraud". An act of law breaking as advocated by the state - while they in 2018 actually commit the same illegal actions. You cannot make this stuff up! It's Ireland reality - just ask Ireland victims.

Found on page 12
Found on page 12
Found on page 15
Found on page 15

On two pages of the government promoted document regarding your rights including protection from fraud, it's stated that you should report such matters to the Garda. Both pages specific mention the words "An Garda Síochána".

Many victims have done exactly this. The result?

* Fobbed off and told they are wasting their time.
* Told "That's a civil matter. It's not in our jurisdiction or remit."
* Allowed to file a report - for which nothing will be ever heard about again.
* Given a Garda Pulse number - but when victim followed up, told there is no justification to chase the matter or no crime has been committed. This has happened, for example, in the case of Damien Fagan (LINK). A man physical assaulted by a Seetec employee. The assault was actually recorded.  Garda result? "Not enough evidence". We do not joke you!

Mr Fagan in fact, shortly after attending a local Citizens Advice office for help - requesting some information politely and professionally - was soon facing in the same office, three Garda demanding that he leave the public service. In trying to peacefully, lawfully seek justice for the assault and more upon him, three of his local Garda tried to eject him from a service that's supposed to protect citizens. The Garda failed to achieve their objective. Mr Fagan, well versed in the law, was able to ask on what legal grounds were they trying to evict him? The Garda had no legislation 'legs' to stand on. They had to leave.

It was pure and simple, more state and Garda intimidation. UnitedPeople has other victim statements where state forces has been also questionably used to do this to others - from early morning calls to interruptions of Sunday dinners by Garda. All to try increase pressure - to try bully already JobPath victims - into a further action through state and companies hired, which was already illegal under the terms and conditions of "Fraud" which the state advocates is law breaking.

Again, you could not make this crap up. It is 2018 Ireland reality experienced by many Ireland citizens.

Page 16

Page 16 of the government advocated item says that you can protect yourself from fraud by; (a) being informed. How you're supposed to do this when you are lied to and full information is deliberate kept from you, is anyone's guess!

(b) Stay in control. How you're supposed to do this when the state and private companies is demanding under use of threats, your POA, is also anyone's guess!

(c) "If you are rushed, you may make a decision you will regret." - As many JobPath victims of pressure tactics will clearly give evidence to, they are often deliberate rushed so questions but to company agents or state officials, can be avoided by same! Many JobPath victims have previously been told they cannot take away a copy of the PPP before they are forced to sign it - while still unsure what they are signing and left without full information regarding it.

(Some offices now do allow a copy of a PPP to be taken away. This has come about due to UnitedPeople acting on behalf of many citizens and informing many more to what they are not told by the state or the companies also pushing JobPath.)

Many people later regret (when they find out) what they have been bullied into signing, lied to or tricked into signing.

Page 13.

IMPORTANT: The crimes listed in the document are actual crimes previous committed. We are not talking theory here. This is made clear in the Social Welfare provided document itself.  This is vital to note when you then assess what's going on and has been already proved, regarding the JobPath scandal - one that that is being allowed to continue through inaction and deliberate elected silence.


...In Closing.

The state has outlined what "fraud" is. It has given clear definitions of "Fraud" especially in the area of finance. When we apply what the state has outlined to the very department advocating the definitions, we can find they have broken the law many times over, themselves.

The above document is available on the state Social Welfare website. It comes via the Banking & Payments Federation Ireland.  The document and what the Banking & Payments Federation Ireland says, is not only believed to be accurate, the state unequivocally advocates it's content by providing it for public consumption.

The state has taken the time to say what fraud is - but at the same time, is committing fraud under the very conditions, it says are accurate and valid. We assume the state is hoping you become informed about the former - but remain uninformed as to the latter status which exists to this day.

The government - including Fianna Fail, some Independents and Labour - STILL WON'T DO ANYTHING at all about the abuses - AND THEY KNOW ABOUT THEM. These include stealing, pressganging methods, perjury, assault, harassment, questionable use of Garda to enact intimidation tactics, blackmail, coercion, slander and more.

One person along with UnitedPeople, has stood with us and bravely, peacefully and like UnitedPeople, professionally continues to challenge what is still going on. We speak of Damien Fagan. Despite his own dyslexia, he staying absolutely within the law and using it, is with UnitedPeople in exposing what is going on.

In short - abuses ongoing that will be a future national inquiry. One in the making right now.

In his case against Seetec and the state, with UnitedPeople assistance, it has been able to be showed in court:

(a) Both have broke the law multiple times prior to court case.
(b) That they on record admitted they don't have the law to do what they were doing - in effect, thus breaking the law.
(c) They invented evidence.
(d) They committed perjury.
(e) They admitted (reluctantly) on record that they did the above.
(f) They lied about other claims. Claims that was exposed as more lies by Mr Damien Fagan who was able to produce photographic evidence.
(g) Show that Mr Fagan was physical assaulted - and produced a recording of it.


For all the law breaking above, they now want to sue Mr Fagan- THE VICTIM - for costs of the case that he took against them. A case where even the judge, while denying his right to a judicial review, said in his final ruling that Mr Fagan's human rights had indeed been infringed!

Those that admitted breaking laws, including lying in court and handing up to a judge self-invented evidence, now wants costs off a citizen found by a court, to have been a victim of the law breakers.


The Irish judicial system itself has multiple tried a number of ways to stop exposure of the JobPath set-up. That's a whole story in itself - for a later possible book authored by Damien and Jeff Rudd (LINK), author of two extensive detailed reports on the JobPath national scandal.



What Can You Do?

  1. ONE: Contact your national and local elected, asking what are they doing to highlight the current abuses or what are they doing to find out more?
  2. TWO: Insist that this be a forthcoming general and 2019 local election issue.
  3. THREE: Don't vote for those allowing the JobPath scandal to continue.
  4. FOUR: Don't vote for a party or their persons, who are too silent or unwilling to act about this far reaching issue.
  5. FIVE: Share information - including this page. It is harder to fool a nation if they are more informed. Knowledge is power. History has proved this many times over.

P.S. Despite ALL the other political parties knowing what is going on, many of them even within each of their own local areas, NONE OF THEM is willing to do what we are doing - professional behaving and within the law, exposing human rights abuses happening today in Ireland, through Irish and soon EU courts.

They won't open their mouths at local or national level. This is simply not good enough. If they are not goods enough for the people - why should they be be elected to government or personally reelected?

Do you really want low quality elected representing you?
It's a simple question only you can answer at forthcoming elections.