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UnitedPeople - Driving towards better.

The aim of the UnitedPeople Party is to repair the damage of others, stop corruption, cut out media bias editing and presenters, rescue those needing help, resuscitate Ireland's economy and society - and a lot more that others won't address or continue to ruin.

Rising to the cause, highlighting issues.

Getting to grips with matters, UnitedPeople from it's very start has shown it's willing to jump right in and take the lead in addressing or resolving matters - all the way to the Oireachtas and already into it.

UnitedPeople Agenda
(In no particular order)


1. RTE needs to go or at least made pay per view. The pressganged TV license must end.

2. Media laws need to be seriously updated to provide good protection for the few good journalists we have and serious improvement to current regulations so that media lies, not telling the full truth and one sided spin, is cut far more out.

3. Our elected need to be more accountable, more often. Their should be so for their lies, their mega flip-flopping, their own crimes of personal and state level nature.

4. The elite gravy train of mega pay, perks and multiple pensions must end.

5. The quite chipping away, privatisation process currently ongoing, must stop - then reversed. LINK

6. Our sovereignty and neutrality must be more restored. LINK

7. The "Precautionary Principle" regarding elected acts must be restored. What's happening now is "We will go ahead with everything and worry about actual cost or compensation payments later!" This has got to end and be rectified. No question!

8. Our right to privacy and greater data protection must be better constitution enshrined. LINK

9. Our water and other natural resources (with the setups that cares for them) needs to be better protected through constitution improvement, from takeover by private interests. A serious issue the FFG cabal is still ducking over a decade on.

10. Our national roads and more, needs to be taken back from private companies that are also changing us for lack of usage. Heads - they win, tails - the taxpayer loses.

11. Our freedom of information access right to what the Dail cabal is more and more restricting, must be not only restored - but we should have more open transparency.

12. The pressganging process currently called JobPath, must end. Similar type, state and private pressgang operations must end. Just because a state also may make something legal, doesn't make it morally right. LINK

13. Regain the vitality of rural Ireland, work to restore its communities, it's traditional skills, businesses and character.

14. Stand up for our farming LINK and fishing communities LINK far better than those that are also giving away the rights of each, to foreign bodies, businesses and individuals. LINK

15. Stop drugging our citizens against their will. Yes - stop the Fluoride dumping into our water system. LINK

16. Vastly improve the way's that female representation can come about. LINK

17. Get "Irish Water" back under people power, public representation control. The private company has forgotten who is supposed to be in ultimate charge! LINK

18. An end to governments pressganging and threatening citizens into state or private company contracts against their will.

19. Improve our democratic system. LINK. Reinstate a modern form of Participatory Democracy and Recall.

20. Stand up for the rights of individuals as much as for whole groups. Defend people's rights and further improve them. LINK

21. Stop an ever expanding evil cult that past and current elected won't do a thing to see it eradiated. LINK

22. Ensure that Fracking can never happen in Ireland. LINK

23. Improve our education with more realistic, life useful skills. Give greater support to our teachers, public education establishments. Improving civil studies including the serious teaching of students regarding how to notice when their rights are being attempted to be violated and then how to defend them - before improving them more.

24. Tighter control over state awarded contracts. No more bottomless money-pit contracts that burn though public funds. Far greater accountability in this area as well as tighter time limits seen to be adhered to.

25. Bring about a fair and decent Ireland society devoid of discrimination, racism and disenfranchisement.

26. Go the extra mile in a great deal of matters - many that past and current elected at local or national elected won't go near, try to avoid and won't speak about. Sample items.

27. Bring about a number of referendums (see our main front page) that elected past and present won't make happen, are trying to avoid and hide away from the people of Ireland, as issues to be addressed and resolved. UnitedPeople is not shying away from such matters - but speaking UP!

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The usual Dail and Seanad political cabal still won't allow what's seriously needed to happen in Ireland today. Their cosy 'boats' of big pay, perks, pension and political acts of nepotism or cronyism might be affected - and they don't want those 'boats' rocked. Many political 'gravy trains' must end.

There are in fact, many fundamental issues needed to be addressed and resolved. Further improvements need to happen in greater areas. The above and far more, are on the UnitedPeople website. At the heart of it all, is fundamental legal system change to the betterment of all Ireland people - not a self-rewarding minority elite.

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