Someone Has A Lot Of Explaining To Do.


Fine Gael heads have come out to say they are not accepting Eamon Ryan’s 7% carbon reduction redline demand.

In a letter sent back to the Green Party, in response to questions put, it wasn’t even apparently referred to either. How Eamon Ryan then went back to his own party members and reportedly said he had a deal on the matter, is confusing many a Green member.

The Examiner article exposing no 7% reduction, a core redline matter, places the Green party in a dangerous place. Labour previously and even today, regular gets public lambasted for backtracking on previous “Redlines”. Many Green Party members will have this in constant mind.

Now the Green Party is facing a humbling abandonment of their own core ‘redline’, hopefully quietly done so fewer will notice (FG desperately want the Greens so they will remain quiet, to aid Mr Ryan) or the Green party will find its own carbon backbone and stick to its guns instead of crumbling in order to get token seats in a government made up of the usual Dail cabal.

As again exposed in the Examiner this morning, there are already splits in the Green party over the actual thought of getting into bed with FF/FG. How Mr Ryan explains his possible deal mistake on their redline, and then also manages to give the public impression of a united party, is a task not easy for him to do now!

If there is infact a 7% carbon reduction deal, he needs to reaffirm this to his members very quick and very clear. If there is such a deal from Leo, Simon Coveney is going to be very pissed off along with a serious amount of farmers and also independent TDs who fear the losing of their sears over been seen to be part of a government doing this to their local rural constituents.

We could have two parties, possibly three, with their own serious internal splits. Fianna Fall has its own internal issues too – as it kicks out of discussion forums any members that don’t agree with Mr Martin’s thinking. This does not all make good prospects for any future stable government.

Behind the scenes that RTE news reporting and O’Brien media are deliberately burying, there is still serious unrest which will likely see Ireland continue not have a government for weeks, possibly a couple of months yet.

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