Founder Message

Jeff Rudd. Founder.
Jeff Rudd. Founder.

What is UnitedPeople?

UnitedPeople (UP) was founded after listening and seeing people from all over Ireland, looking for better in our Irish political arena. There has been a constant, increasing call for better representation, transparency and accountability in our democratic system.

People in Ireland, a lot suffering through poor representation, are seeking a new and fresh alternative after being subject to years of being let down and used as someone else's 'means to an end'. Sadly, time and again, elected representatives at local and national level continue to let down the electorate without any accountability for their actions - or sometimes in-action!

It has become very clear that people, young, old and in great numbers, are expressing they had enough of the negative political antics from 'stuck in their way' Irish political parties. Those same parties have lost their moral compass, changing policy directions - sometimes monthly - just to suit party vote winning chances.  Rather than stick on a direction they core believe in and try to see successful concluded, they have position jumped back and forth, all too repeatedly for self-gain instead. At times, they have even left their own core members confused to where they stand on a matter. The public has been then left even more frustrated by it all.

After I discovered a pre-existing process called Participatory Democracy, I again looked around at the old established political parties. I still repeatedly saw that their core ways of operating, proved their unwillingness to change and unwilling to genuinely hold their own poor elected party representatives accountable. The few that were held to minor account, still managed to wander off with massive pensions for life including perks and additional bonuses. Others that frankly, should be behind bars, also still escape being held to account. Why? Many suspect that political parties are afraid to tackle such individuals due to the recognised 'rotten few' knowing too much about the rest who could be also involved in other quiet, similar off camera antics!

I got tired of it all very fast - as did many others across Ireland. If such poor elected was not willing to what was right, then such matters I concluded, must be taken back to the people, for they to instigate the accountability that is needed and for positive change to be created.

The final straw that really re-lit my once youthful enthusiasm, was when consecutive poor governments not only financially struck out at an unwell brother, my wife and I repeatedly, but at our children also. They too with poor elected representation became additional targets for exploitation. Even more suffering, was inflicted upon them through more poor government actions. Instead of just constantly waiting for someone else to try do something, I decided with similar thinking others, to take up the challenge, for creating greater improvements in the country we all love.


Boyne-side Birth.

I founded UnitedPeople in order to create a more true democratic party (using Participatory Democracy) that was willing to be greater honest, open, use the best of left, center and right-wing thinking, to be a party that has no years or decades of corruption, nepotism or cronyism etc. I wanted to create a fresh choice for Ireland people that they could choose not because it was the least one hated on a ballot paper - but the one they really might have enthusiasm for. I wanted to create a new positive direction for Ireland through UnitedPeople.

It's very clear that citizens want greater, faster ability to peacefully see off those acting in bad representative light. With Participatory Democracy, I believe (as other nations has shown already) in Ireland this could be made possible. Given the still continuing acts of political greed, nepotism, cronyism, and much more from the usual political old parties, it cannot happen quick enough. It's no wonder they, the bad elected, are blanking the 83% Constitution Convention call for it to be made happen!

I am proud to say that many people have joined myself, in the task of trying to improve matters through UnitedPeople. They are not just doing it for themselves but for future generations to come. The poor political parties from the past have to be reined in as to their undemocratic and poor representations. UnitedPeople is now attempting to improve the ways which Ireland can be better governed and I hope you will give it your support  along with its endeavors. I hope also that you will consider joining via our registration form which you can find HERE.

Ireland is a beautiful country and it's people residing within, deserve to be better treated in rights and respect. UnitedPeople is seeking to make that happen and more.


Jeff Rudd.
UnitedPeople founder.
Drogheda, Co Louth.