More Fatal Cancer Signs That Better Is Required


The latest published news (by mostly non-Ireland owned media) that more deaths of citizens might have been saved or their passing delayed, comes on the back of the previous cervical cancer scandal (LINK). Currently Fine Gael and it’s enablers are deliberately trying to avoid further public discussion or debate on the issue. TD’s of Fine Gael and other parties are again, like many other issues, trying desperately to downplay the latest deaths that reportedly have been caused in part, because someone once again failed in their job.

As many citizens know – from being unwilling to swallow just the government station news output – the latest government of Fine Gael and it’s enablers once again refuse to do accountability. University Hospital in Kerry has become the latest location where it’s been discovered standards have again failed and sadly, deaths appear to have resulted from this. While ongoing inquiries might later be held, again it’s highly unlikely that anyone will be held to account for this next latest mishap. An additional sad truth is that in Ireland, accountability does not happen as it should.

The current Fine Gael government hard trying to move on from the previous cervical scandal, have been avoiding holding to courtroom account anyone responsible for the previous major medical reports mishaps. The American testing company at the center of that previous cancer scandal, have yet too be held to courtroom account and no one individual within it, is not likely to be arrested or questioned either.

The message is clear again. Fine Gael and it’s backers don’t do accountability the way it should be done – as it is done for along time in other countries.

Public awareness about this factor has been kept deliberate low by Irish media once again. After an all too brief period of a few Irish based media outlets light reporting on the latest Kerry cancer scandal (LINK), many of them were quick to move on and drop further discussion, investigation or ask why isn’t anyone being held to account? Topic dropped – again.

A further question remains. If this has happened in one location, how many others so far have escaped being discovered as having made their own mistakes and have been further allowed get away without any accountability. So far the number of deaths which might have been prevented or delayed from cancer grows higher. So far where someone, a hospital or a business should be held to greater account, they are not – again.

A true shocking fact is that Ireland doesn’t do true, transparent accountability under any government formed by the old traditional political parties. Some Independents, once they too have gained high paid, perked and pensioned government positions, also appear not willing to further pursue such matters in the Dail or though a national discussion with Ireland’s public. Topic dropped.

Such is the still unwillingness of staff in the top ranks of medical fraternity, to report on mistakes by others they know of, Irish patent medical reports – ones not found to have often gone conveniently ‘missing’ – still have to be sent to England on a regular basis, for re-examination/review. Irish specialists and doctors are refusing to disclose much of what they know is in people’s medical reports, for fear of exposing a fellow practitioner, or they refuse to disclose to citizens that something has been misdiagnosed, left out of medical reports – or was put in and the ill person concerned, was not informed.

Vicky Phelan’s situation is a case in point. It was only by accidentally gaining an opportunity to read her own fuller medical documents that she discovered facts which her doctors and specialists had not told her – but was down on paper record for some time. Again, so far no one person has been held to account for this either. Topic dropped.

Cervical cancer survivor Vicky Phelan ‘won’t stop’
until health system is change

There are be no doubts to many in Ireland. Medical cover-ups in Ireland continue, along with payoffs and non-disclosure agreements. Sadly, with the standard old political parties, very few, if any, will be held to Garda investigation account. Files will go missing. Important pages will vanish. Phones and their own records will be lost! Topics dropped.


Shocking Facts.

  • Ireland has the third highest rate of cancer in the world – ranked only behind Australia and New Zealand, according to a global report. LINK
  • Heart disease and cancer are the most common causes of deaths in Ireland. LINK
  • According to analysis from researchers at Imperial College London, Ireland will meet the target of reducing premature cancer deaths by a third in men by 2030, but won’t achieve that target in women until after 2040. LINK
  • Irish men have the highest rates of skin cancer in Europe. LINK LINK


Better Legal Legislation.

These facts and much more, makes it vital that assigned staff and their defined responsibilities must be cleared laid out within their agreed working contracts and also within legal legislation that should be further created by any sitting government. Previous consecutive governments consisting of Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, the Green Party and Labour have repeatedly failed to do this. Like legal avoiding what exactly is a “Public service” (important to the current buried JobPath ongoing scandal), a lot of state legislation that needs to be created or improved, is being avoided. Here too, public or TD conversations have been all too silent. Topic dropped.

Sadly, the current ongoing situations in Ireland are not likely to become overall resolved. Until more of the Irish public firstly becomes aware of what many an elected local or national representative, is hiding away from them – and then the outstanding improvements come about, the current Ireland situation where professionals are reactive to scandals rather than being more proactive in preventing them, is far likely to continue.

As long as media outlets continue to remain biased towards political parties that are being financially rewarded or its members have a too cosy, symbiotic benefiting relationship with media owners, such matters will repeatedly failed to be fully disclosed.

The end result of all this will see that accountability of those that should be held to account, will once again be allowed slip away. They likely allowed to slip quietly away with a nice exit payment and a massive pension to boot!


For the record: UnitedPeople is willing to address this continuing poor situation. We repeatedly raise the issue where others continue to decline to – and the very rare that do, then don’t follow their few words with positive action. The current status of poor accountability is not good enough. Too many lives are being lost and too many families across Ireland are being left suffering because of the unwillingness of others to act. Individually and collectively, we must do better. UnitedPeople is willing to have the discussion others are avoiding and they will not act upon.

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