Unofficial Election PR Continues.


There can be no doubt now. All the mainstream parties are now in election mode. This week the master of Ireland political PR, Leo Varadkar, has been more busier than ever trying to be seen on location at various places including a school for young children.

The latest week of PR rollout continued on Friday with an appearance through the government TV station, RTE. Presenter Tubridy gave Varadkar the opportunity to smooth present himself to mass nation with a friendly, easy chat.

Leo Varadkar stands regular accused by others as often being more PR than actual substance. Certainly the leader has enough ready soundbites to go at any moments notice. He has been increasingly accused of being more style over actual substance – or real working, effective plans. PR is his game and he has a team still that does it well for him.

What the public are not supposed to remember is since Fine Gael got into government in 2011, and again in 2016, they have not only continued a complete and utter mess of issues such as housing, Brexit (they have no plans prepared for a hard exit) and the health service – they have in fact made things far, far worse.

…But in the new year there couls be a general election – a considered safe bet despite Fianna Fail agreeing to continue prop up their foe yet again – and some main parties have planned and pre-printed posters for it already. The master of spin is again out PR selling about marvelous great future plans. As they have done similar since 2011 – and people are completely expected yet again to swallow it all, again to believe it to be all true this time around.


The Late Late Advertiser.

Mr Varadkar’s appearance on the show didn’t go down well with some at all. The presenter of the show didn’t get off light either from criticism. Many viewers had a go at him for Mr Varadkar not having plausible answers. Also, many pointed out that the RTE host let him off far easier than he did Peter Casey, who was on the show in recent weeks.


The continued soundbite, polished image of Mr Varadkar however, continues to be put out there prior to the next 2019 general election. ….And still he won’t say anything about JobPath attempted suicides, the highcourt cases, the stealing, assaults, the abuses & more. LINK

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