No Change. Same Old, Same Old Returns!


So it turns out that Leo Varadkar and Micheál Martin have now shook hands on a “weird and wonderful” coalition deal. They have masterly succeeded in ostracising Sinn Fein, repeatedly tarnishing them while as second place and third place voted for parties, have in a clever power coup, taken over government running of the Irish state. Others in Fine Gael and Fianna Fail call it “democracy in action” and truthfully, while it is the democratic process in action – just because something exists as in the case of  the two Dail mafia parties now joined again at the hip, it still doesn’t make it automatic right and certainly not moral.

Their union media says “officially marks the burying of a Civil War hatchet that has divided the parties for nearly a centuryLINK. Here again, this is true. The important word there is “officially” for previously when they were joined at the hip, it was by behind close door deals and promises made to look out for one another – often at the regular cost of fence sitting and keeping on elected incompetents so that Fine Gael didn’t lose it’s previous power throne.

All that’s left now between Fianna Fail and Fine Gael is to stop their pretense that they are separate parties. Besides different ideas and abandoned ideologies that very few in either parties know exist in detail or how they make their own party different from the other, they are relatively the same thing. as many across Ireland are saying “Two sides of the same coin” for a long time.

The Fail Gael party has now agreed a number of joining principles to chase but sadly, they are deliberately not mentioning the following below listed in any location of their agreement. It’s traditional standard policies for standard issues areas. However, they won’t talk about, address or bring in the many changes that are needed in today’s modern Ireland.

Translated – no real change allowed.

What is NOT in the FF/FG agreement for the formation of a new government?

* The tackling of a media monopoly by a one/two moguls.
* The addressing of regular lying and bias of RTE.
* The addressing of RTE’s refusal to disclose stars up to date wages and tax avoidance measures.
* The closure of #JobPath – along with investigations regarding and ending the following: data stealing and illegal data retention. It’s fraud, its human rights breaking, pressganding practices and more.
* The ending of the EU ruled VRT racket which the public is still paying for EU imposed fines upon the government, for continuing it.
* The ending of awarding of state contracts to companies always overcharging in open ended cost contracts and other contracts regular awarded to business mates of elected and their party.
* The end to the additional tax on wages that was only supposed to be temporary.
* Reversing the hiding of previous reports and still continuing FG burying of files for 25+ years, using state secrecy laws to their own convenience.
* The starting of investigations regarding state NAMA discounts to FG connected.
* The addressing of cronyism and nepotism with the Dail and Seanad.
* The addressing of supertrawler fishing stock pillaging and coastal seabed destruction.
* The addressing of religious organisation not paying the massive money owed to state and victims due to past abuses.
* The instigation of actions to hold to account those involved with criminality while being an elected local or national representative.
* The addressing of local and highcourt judges acting illegally in actual court and beyond it.
* The removal of Fluoride in our water systems.
* A complete independent assessment of 5G and it’s long term effects.
* The reversing of state abandonment, decades use of “Precautionary Principle” safety protocols.
* The reversal of state departments now finding people ‘guilty before innocent’ by default decision before even allowing on the rare occasion, a legal right to face their accuser. Sentence imposed before any formal natural course of justice allowed to be instigated.
* The reversal of elected giving away bit by bit, Irish neutrality and sovereignty.
* The reversing back to the constitutional ideology that the state is supposed to serve the people – not the people are supposed to serve the state – something that was quiet subtle changed without public consent. No referendum was carried out for permission to allow this and the mass public are still not meant to notice.
* The creating of greater accountability protocols and ways to see they are more carried out. Accountability to be instigated on those that don’t see they are carried out.
* Further legislation to give greater protection of people’s personal data – while holding to account those elected/non-elected that have already broken data laws, it’s illegal transfer and illegal storage on further illegal, un-legislated for, state servers.
* The creation of greater individual rights protection legislation in regards to property, exploitation, abuse through state instigated actions, banks, departments and businesses.

UnitedPeople will continue to address the above and more – and that scares the crap out of them.

The above listing of Fail Gael avoided matters, is only a beginning of what is NOT in the new government Fail Gael agreement. In other words, besides the traditional policy areas which both parties will make a song and new PR dance about, there will be NO CHANGE in regard to other serious matters they do not want actually addressed.

The only real change the Irish public might get, is though their doses of newly invented PR and media spinning soundbites.


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