If EU states bullies the UK any more, you will be paying.


Let’s not kid ourselves. Lets get our heads out of our backsides – at least those that deliberate have them there! The fact is, EU heads including Merkel and EU loving Irish political parties wish to make England’s exit from the EU setup, as difficult as possible.

This is not our own opinion but that of many across the world. They do this for two reasons alone.

1. They wish to show others that if they too even dare to think of also leaving, they will also face a possible exit nightmare scenario.
2. They wish to punish the UK for leading the way in jumping from one mega expensive, EU dictatorial setup.

Here’s the rub though. For all the deliberate attempts to make things as hard as possible for the UK to exit, UK elected and its very people are hardening their stance even more in the face of EU seen underhand antics.

Instead of convincing the UK that it should remain (by better behavior) – by further playing hardball and acting like dicks,  the actions of EU heads including members of our own Irish government, are convincing more and more people in the UK not only are they right to exit – but they should more go for a hard exit while they are at it!

Should a hard exit happen, the financial bill that would have been asked to be paid with a UK soft exit, will go right up in smoke. That’s between €30 to 60+ Billion that will be lost. If that money is going to be lost, guess who exactly will be then left to fill that financial EU hole!

Yes, the Irish people will be suckered again big time into coughing up even more hard earned money. More of the money again exported to heads they had no democratic vote to choose but will again dictate that Ireland also spit out more money to EU heads.

Such is the bullying and intimidation of EU heads and Irish political party representatives who are rejecting every suggestion the UK makes (in trying to keep a soft exit on the political table) regarding a UK/Irish border solution and other aspects, more and more UK elected are coming around to the idea of “Stuff you – we are out of here with a hard exit!“. It is becoming an increasing likely prospect.

UK’s Boris Johnson, in response to companies also being dragged into the political areas on the matter (to further bully a UK government) – via EU prodding – has now reported said “F**k business too” (LINK), such is the growing browned off frustration of UK elected, in the face of EU heads playing too much hardball – out to also punish the UK for their cheek of leaving a rotten setup. Such is the growing anger of many UK representatives, EU heads are further shooting themselves in their foot – and Irish peoples – for they acting like punishing, uncompromising idiots.

At home, instead of Irish ministers and elected trying to more stay friendly with Ireland’s nearest neighbor and major trading partner, they are further deeply annoying and attacking them instead – repeatedly. Leo Varadkar and Fine Gael is currently leading the charge in this regard. Like his predecessor Enda Kenny, he too is continuing to gang up with other EU leaders in their two pronged attitude to the UK exit.

The hard fact is that the UK is exiting the EU – one way or the other. All in the EU know this to some extent but top EU heads seem to think they can do whatever the hell they like to the UK and still get away with it. Maybe they also hope that if they make things so hard, a UK reverse will be on the cards. It’s not – and it’s time this sunk fully in.

The UK is leaving the EU and if top heads of the EU including Irish ones, continue to act like prats, everyone will be paying a heavy price for their hardball maintained behavior and aggressiveness towards the UK.

  • A hard exit from the UK will see European countries having to pay more individually.
  • A hard exit from the UK will see European countries having to suffer confusing legislation.
  • A hard exit from the UK will see European countries having to tough fight over natural resources including UK fishing grounds etc.
  • A hard exit from the UK will see European countries suffer from a serious loss of UK intelligence agency terrorist information sharing.
  • A hard exit from the UK will see European countries suffer in many, many ways.

If EU heads wish to see the UK eventually take a hard exit, they sure as hell are going about things the right way with their current arrogant, insulting, over aggressive, looking down their noses attitude towards our long nearest neighbor. Such behavior is self-defeating and just plain stupid – leaving all to pay a heavy price.

It’s time some of our elected at home and away kopped themselves on more and see a bigger picture. It could be a very expensive, costly one for all in many ways!


EDIT: One day after the above article is wrote, the below newspaper cover appears.


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