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JobPath – The Cold Calling.


Mentioned on the UP Facebook page (LINK) already, the previous UnitedPeople report on this government racket, is being currently updated.
Below you will find just one section of this update.

It is early produced here as it is a serious growing concern that is being more and more brought to the attention of others and myself in UP on an increasing basis lately.


The Cold Calling Phone Calls.

In the last year (2017 to 2018) UnitedPeople is steadily gaining a weekly increasing amount of people contacting the party over phone cold calling by Seetec and Turas Nua. People are being called totally out of the blue and ordered to turn up – in some cases, the very next day – to a JobPath introductory session.

Across the phone they are threatened by the private companies that if they are found not to have attended, their benefits will be taken from them.

People in many cases with such short notice, have had already plans made or preparations set. From hospital to doctor appointments, from arranged interviews to going to a location for seeing someone about applying for a position, to having arranged to care or visit a member of the family that is sick, dying or is being actually buried – on the same day as they are short noticed ordered to attend a JobPath starting session via a single phone call to them out of the blue.

In many cases as you can quite well imagine, some that are already nervous, under serious stress, shock or even grieving, being told by hired state agents that they must do as they are told, abandon all plans at short notice, “turn up or else there will be hell to pay” ramps up further mental pressure on citizens. In many cases, at a time that they really don’t further need.

In 65%+ of the cases we have been informed about, those called have been told by JobPath staff that previous letters have been sent out to notify them of the upcoming sessions they are ordered to attend by either of the two private companies. Of that 65%+, we factored in that many might have indeed had been sent out such correspondence – but many people, from standard manual workers to highly trained professionals, have stated that at no time had they prior received any form of written notification. They all cannot be lying or it’s one massive conspiracy by the public? They just gain a phone call complete out of the blue and told to turn up at extreme short notice …or else… (The threats emerge).

From the very start of being told people are being treated like this, one immediate aspect jumped to UnitedPeople’s attention. Here we have private companies cold calling people by phone total out of the blue, demanding that those called come and use their company services. In other words, people that at no time had prior indicated they wished to enter into a business relationship with a private company were technically being spammed by electronic means by a private business. Under Irish and EU data protection laws this is actually illegal.

We checked this with the Data Protection Office.

They stated:
“Unsolicited communication is essentially something that was not sought or requested” and “Under SI 336 of 2011 marketing calls to mobile phones are prohibited unless (i) the caller has been notified by the subscriber or user that he or she consents to the receipt of such calls on his or her mobile telephone, or (ii) the subscriber or user has consented generally to receiving marketing calls and that such consent to receive marketing calls is recorded in the NDD in respect of his or her mobile telephone number. In relation to email and mobile phone text based direct marketing, it is an offence to send such communications to you without your clear consent in advance.”

It’s bad enough gaining phone calls completely out of the blue – but then to be threatened or attempted to be blackmailed across the phone by a private company, again, is another matter!

We are very much aware that those backing JobPath will state that some calls cannot also be classed as “marketing calls”. It is again the advocates of JobPath trying to slip low quality private company tactics between the cracks of legal legislation at Irish and European level so they can continue to make these type of rotten calls or not be further held to legal accountability.

These calls however are (a) still complete cold calls made out of the blue by (b) private businesses (c) for the eventual purpose so that they might also personally massive financial profit, (d) without prior authorisation whatsoever given by those receiving the calls.

Human basic rights be damned!

If anyone says all this is completely justified, they might excuse it – if any laws did fully cover it – but UnitedPeople (and others) also deem it completely underhand, immoral, the sort of gutter tactics you would expect from the lowest of the low and not from something one should expect from a state setup that is supposed to be caring for people, not scurrilously more bullying them.

Once again Ireland citizens gain a clear indication as to how elected representatives think those already down in their luck in unemployment, should be further treated disgracefully. Any excuses they come up with to even try justifying such immoral, never mind possible illegal actions, exposes their attitude as how they see unemployed and how they should be low treated!

JobPath is a state human rights abusive abomination concocted by rotten political parties.

This is not a left or right-wing cause – it is a human rights protection cause.

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