Your Fundamental Rights Are Under Attack


The following page item is lengthy and detailed.
It is also however, without question, extremely important.
We could have posted a short version but the public deserves the FULL details.

It contains  a lot of information that Fine Gael and other parties that have stood with and pushed,
would rather you didn’t know about or think further on. Why? Because for you to do so, you would:

(a) Start to see a bigger picture of what is really going on today in Ireland.
(b) Rightly grow immediately alarmed at the antics being done in your name.
(c) You would be angry at those attacking and undermining your fundamental Irish and EU enshrined rights.


You can bypass this page and continue on in life saying and doing nothing, choosing to remain in the dark.
Should you do so, you are by silence and inaction further enabling those out to undermine you.
You allow yourself to become your own worst enemy. Elected won’t rush to point this out either.

Those that do give a damn about themselves, their family and country, will do something.
This should include NOT voting for those participating in corrupt legal or illegal tactics
and those that continue to support them or stand by them.

If you wish to remain oblivious to how you are being screwed, please stop reading here.

The following first section has been shared previously in Facebook to friends of Jeff Rudd (here) and those interested in the UnitedPeople page (here).  It is reproduced here and further enhanced with additional graphics. Those that have read the slimmer version previously, can move to the next section if they so wish – and still be able to remain overall better informed.

Section One.

Public Antics.

The Sunday Times (Ireland edition – 1st July 2018) announced that the Fine Gael government is to try introducing by-laws that will allow local authorities to demand proof from residents that they are using an authorised waste disposal service.

The below image, as with others after it, can be clicked on for larger viewing.


* The ethos behind this by-law attempt is correct. In other words, people should dispose of their rubbish in an appropriate and safe manner. This means no dumping rubbish by roadsides etc.

The new “waste management by-laws” will include an “obligation” (note this word) on households to sign up to an authorised service. People are going to have provide proof that they are signed up to a business, to dispose of their rubbish.

* Again, the principle notion behind the planned by-laws is right – but the way it’s being done, actually further (again, as you will read) is another state attempt to undermine your fundamental rights – but you are not supposed to notice this part! Please read on to understand better.

* The Fine Gael government is again playing you for fools, trying to pull a quiet, swift, business contract law breaking trick on you.

Previous Attempt.
As some of you are aware, for over two years now UnitedPeople has been peacefully assisting in a Dublin highcourt case that was taken against the state. The case centred around a man that was tried to be forced by the state, to sign a contract (they on record open admitted a Personal Progress Plan – PPP – was a contract) with a private company as the continuing massive expensive (€100+ Million Euro so far) abusive “JobPath” racket continues – a future inquiry in the making right now – and which many elected are major avoiding while the issue continues.

A highcourt judge in a long ruling stated in part of his verdict summation, the persons basic human rights were infringed by the state, as they and a private company they hired (Seetec), tried to get a man to sign a private contact with a private company. In other words, you have the full legal right under Irish and European contract law NOT to be forced to sign any private contract with a private company. Can you see where this is going?

What the incoming by-laws will also do, is try to ensure that you are contracted to a private company – if you like it or not – or if you can afford it or not!

…And even if you cannot afford it (61% currently struggle with already education costs, 790,000 citizens currently are living below a recognised poverty line, 1 in 4 experience energy poverty, etc) the state will try to crazy impose a further fine on you when you might not be able to pay for other things already!

At the heart of this matter though, is Fine Gael trying to force people into one business or another – even if they don’t wish to enter into a further business contract. They tried this previously through the “JobPath” racket (link) – now they are extending the same illegal stunt further, PR dressed up with a saleable reason that undermining people’s legal contract rights is a good thing!

* Again, for the third time, UnitedPeople ABSOLUTELY agrees that any and all rubbish should be disposed of in a correct and polite manner that neither disturbs an environment or person(s).

 We MUST recognise however, that behind the “obligation” (they used this term in the JobPath racket that was in highcourt exposed as an illegal state bullying act) people have an Irish and EU right NOT to be (again) forced or intimidated to any contract.

This is NOT just about the principle issue of dealing with rubbish. We are extremely concerned about the state trying – again – to undermine people’s basic Irish/EU contract rights. Your rights.

Sadly, this is what Fine Gael continues to do. They will obviously deny it – but the evidence speaks for itself when you deeper examine the fundamental contract laws behind what they are again trying to impose on people.

Absolutely get rid of your rubbish in a way that sees you do it right – but by heavens, also see that you and your future children’s rights are still maintained as they stand today – and not blindly undermined by the next dose of devious tactics Fine Gael are again trying to impose. Fine Gael being a party of proven liars and which breaks Irish and EU laws itself even today – repeatedly.

This matter is not just about rubbish – it’s also far more about your basic legal rights and their continued protection – including those that exist in relation to Irish and European contract law. See the bigger legal picture Fine Gael and those that sick stand by it, don’t want you to see.



Section Two.

Authorised Waste Disposal service.

The words “authorised waste disposal service” like “obligated” have extreme special importance attached to them. An importance that citizens should pay more attention to.

UnitedPeople has been contacted by a number of citizens living on the South side of the border in the republic of Ireland. For their waste disposal, some of them use services across the border such as Northern Ireland official designated dumps and legal recognised rubbish hauliers, etc. However, if the announced Southern government by-laws do not list their services as an “authorised waste disposal service” – regardless of the border, citizens will be deemed to be breaking the law.

From this view, citizens will be firstly slapped with a €75 fixed payment notice. They will gain an extra fine per day, of up to €500, till they sign to an “authorised waste disposal service” and gain a possible additional fine of up to €2,500 on top of the rest. This too will be applied to further slap people into capitulation.

You might be doing everything right and proper. You might have been using professional services or getting rid of your own rubbish in a professional manner (such as bringing your rubbish to a recycle center and dump – paying as you enter) – but if you are further not using an “authorised waste disposal service“, all that can be pointless. You can be immediately, automatically deemed guilty (before being found innocent) by a possible unknown council official (who has probable not prior contacted you)  before you even get to a courtroom, to defend yourself, before being slapped with hefty fines.

The same “authorised waste disposal service” principle will exist elsewhere in Ireland. If a local council does not have the services you use or also hire, on their select approved list, you could find yourself in serious trouble – and be actually fined even though you might be doing nothing wrong – everything right in fact!

You’ve ‘Bin’ Reported.

Any “authorised waste disposal service” in your area will have the ability to report you. If you are not signed up to Oxygen, Panda or other bin services – and they notice you never have a bin put out or do so far less, they also have the ability to report you. The default action (guilty before found innocent) of local councils, will be to start slapping you with a costly penalty notice. Then other fine charges will follow. You will have to prove your innocent. Here too (like JobPath” – see below), you are now considered automatic guilty by default. You are no longer recognised by the state as “innocent until proven guilty“.


It turns out that anyone might have the ability to report you. Someone got a grudge against you? They might make a convincing (but false) initial case against you by submitting a malicious report to your local or county council. You could be immediately submitted to a nightmare scenario that could also take some time to resolve. Will you be allowed to find out who has tried to viciously hang you, just so that you have courtroom ability to fair procedure and justice? It’s looking highly unlikely so far!

Would you want to know if a local bin service was playing dirty tricks in order to get you to sign up to a local service – and they being one of them? You could actually find yourself being forced into a private contract with a private company. The very one that previously has tried to see you get into trouble while you were doing everything right beforehand – just not with them!

Facebook Post – HERE


This section refers to a previous issue UnitedPeople has been long tackling and highlighting.
It is an issue that on it’s own, should be vital addressed – but it is also part of a bigger picture attached to above.
A picture of rotten, political quiet antics, elected would rather you not notice or then challenge.
As you will read and ‘join the dots’, note: what is being further done today, has been long planned.
As you will see, the above section matters are very related to the below – but the public is not meant to know.


Section Three

JobPath: The Short Version.

* A state enacted policy (care of Troika agreement signed by Fianna Fail and Green Party – then continued by Fine Gael and Labour – something you didn’t get a vote on either) to see that citizens young and old were bullied by the state, so that two private companies could make €100+ million Euro so far, off the backs of threatened, abused, illegal robbed, harassed, assaulted, left suicidal people, who was also told that if they didn’t sign a private contract (a PPP – Personal Progress Plan) with a private company, they would be immediately cut down or off their benefits. Their right to travel in this modern age, was also curtailed.

The above is a very condensed version – read more HERE.

One of the (many) victims of JobPath was Damien Fagan (LINK). When the state tried a matching illegal tactic upon him (tried to be forced into a contract, had money illegal stolen and more), he with his informed knowledge of the law, took the government and a private company to the Dublin highcourts in 2017. He sought answers to legal questions, clarity on specific legislation, requested a judicial review and sought redress for a physical assault (digital recorded) carried out by a member of the private company Seetec – for which the Garda still refuse to do anything about despite the assault been recorded (we have a copy). Their refusal reason? Lack of evidence, we joke you not!

You can read about his case in detail, on pages 100 to 128 of this free downloadable document (LINK).
Within those specific pages, there is a chapter on the Damien Fagan case.

UnitedPeople on it’s own has been investigating the JobPath racket from soon after its start-up. For three years we have been digging and collecting evidence. Part of this evidence was given to Damien along with other assistance, in his legal case against the Department of Social Protection and the company, Seetec. Damien and ourselves, when we dug deep into the whole JobPath setup, also noticed a series of underlying disturbing precedents and illegal acts that consecutive governments, including the 2011 (to present date of page posting) Fine Gael had embarked on and continued.

One of these issues we sought to have addressed within the Dublin highcourts. It was. A judge ruled that a citizens human rights was infringed by the state and a company, as they tried to force one of Ireland’s citizens into a private contract with a private company. Not that he had much choice, the evidence provided in the case by Damien Fagan and ourselves, was able to show illegal acts citing Irish law (we could have added EU law also, if necessary). A (reluctant) admission by the state was made in a Dublin highcourt, that they were doing something they actually had not got the legal legislation to do. In other words, an illegal act. One still being done!


One of the underlying issues was regarding the status and upkeep of basic human rights in Ireland. Although JobPath itself, at front view, was based around unemployed people and they being taken massive advantage of, Damien Fagan and UnitedPeople saw what old political parties in Ireland have continued to try hide. JobPath, while a a major abusive, expensive issue itself, is in fact also another outcome of an underlying current attack upon the basic rights of citizens long enshrined though Irish and European statue legislation.

We can immediately cite two aspects already here. In case you  have missed them above, we are taking about:

  1. The state operating with an ethos of “if you are accused of something – you are default found guilty and will be penalised (financial or imprisonment) – until later, if then, you can even afford to carry out a legal challenge (and find a solicitor/barrister willing to take on your case), you have to actually prove you were innocent all the time“.
  2. Consecutive political parties can completely ignore long standing Irish and EU law. Laws that state you cannot be forced to sign something you do not want, you cannot be forced to sign something you do not agree with and you cannot be forced to sign a business contract you have no wish to enter into or continue.

This is also where is the state used term “obligation” (or mandatory) comes into conflict with the upholding of human rights in Ireland. However, you are not meant to notice all this too. The usual devious political parties are deliberate not informing you about what they are doing and the illegal, disturbing ethos they have now embarked up and allowed to grow. No democratic vote has even taken to legalise the change of government moral direction either. You are not meant to notice this also.

Just some so far, of the side-effects of an “obligated” (mandatory) growth, have been:

  • * Household tax forms – “Obligated sign that you are admitting you further liable  …or else
  • * A PPP/JobPath contract – “Sign or else…
  • * Water re-charges – “Agree and sign …or else…
  • * Water meters (so you can be monitored and re-charged) – accept them ...or else!
  • * “Irish Water” (remember:  a private registered company) – Accept/bow to their orders …or else!
  • * Public Service Card. ‘Obligated‘ to have it …or else!
  • * You’re ‘obligated‘ to allow state departments (illegally, without your clear consent – which they will try obtain then by financial threats and legal pressure tactics should you object) give your data to private companies …or else!

You should be able to see where this is going. Your actual basic legal rights versus what’s “obligated” or even as Regina Doherty TD tried to PR spin as “mandatory“, is now undermining your actual fundamental, set in law, legal rights.


Damien Fagan and UnitedPeople were very much aware of the above and didn’t take on the JobPath issue simply to be a thorn in the side of political parties – even as they are up to more no good. We took up the issue of JobPath for two clear reasons.

1. To question what was being done (and still is) within JobPath. State modern indicated abuses.
2. To expose the underlying quiet attacks on basic human rights. A ‘bigger picture’ for the public.

Regarding both, success has already been achieved – even if it has been small, quiet victories around the country or having main and connected issues raised in the Dail, with a Public Accounts Committee, besides with elected TD’s and others.

As you will read in the greater documented tale of the court case taken against the Department of Social Protection and Seetec (remember: one of two companies also carrying out similar antics), the following emerged during the court case after much hard work done by Damien and UnitedPeople, to get the following admissions:

  1. * There was and still is NO legislation anywhere (including the 2005/2010 Social Welfare Acts) that allows people to be forced into a private contract with a private company. What’s Irish Water or rubbish services registered as, with also the national Companies Registration Office? You should take note of this. Sorry, you are not meant to!
  2. * They stated via their barristers, under court oath to tell the truth in highcourt, that what they public PR spin as an “agreement“, was in fact a “contract” (Under Irish and EU law, of course it was. It contained terms and conditions which also had to be signed, in order to be legal binding. If it was a non-binding, simple agreement between just two people (not a company), a nod of approval or handshake would have sufficed.). You are not supposed to note the importance of all this!
  3. * There was and still is NO legislation anywhere (including the 2005/2010 Social Welfare Acts) that allows people to be penalised (cut down/cut off) in any way – provided all willing and many pressganged citizens, were fully willing to “engage” as was legally required in existing Irish and even EU legislation. The general public is not supposed to know all this. The usual political parties, with their own private agendas, are sure as hell not telling for obvious reason!
  4. * The verdict from the presiding judge (buried in legalese formatted text) that human rights was being infringed by the state and company – as the state and company was trying to force an “obligation” (or mandatory) requirement (the signing of a PPP for example) on people, it was put in front of – and then threatened illegally, if they declined to sign (choosing to keep their legal right, to reject a contract they considered not wanted, defective, inconsiderate to their current parental duties or ineffectual to their actual employment needs). Here too, people were not told of their full rights – and in fact, were blatant lied to. It’s still going on today. Again, the national public is not being told via the Dail, RTE or private business national media. You should be asking why?


JobPath Court Room Antics.

As mentioned above, the case taken by Damien Fagan and supported by UnitedPeople, was to seek answers to legal questions, clarity on specific legislation, a judicial review and redress for a physical assault. There are many shocking aspects to this case, which you can read about in the free PDF you can download. In short, for here – a brief mention.

  • * Deliberate long delaying tactics.
  • * Deliberate lies initially regarding the state’s abilities.
  • * Deliberate 100% invented meeting that never happened.
  • * Deliberate false statement by a Seetec manager about what happened at a fictitious meeting.
  • * Deliberate false evidence then submitted by the state and Seetec, lying then to a highcourt judge.
  • * Deliberate lying about equipment used during Damien defending his rights previously (Damien is dyslexic).
  • * And more…


Greg Doran: HERE
UnitedPeople has a national stack of victim statements, on record.


All the above was challenged and successfully exposed in the Dublin highcourt. The fact that a Fine Gael fronted government (besides also, a private company) would do these things, in a public courtroom – and have the audacity to expect to also get away with it, is simply staggering alone!  All the above and more, so far has also been media buried. ALL TD’s have been informed TWICE by UnitedPeople about it – but none of them have mentioned a thing in the Dail or outside it. You should be asking why?

Despite the success in exposing many government illegal actions and sometimes, in-actions to protect a citizen, the judge in their final ruling declined to address other aspects of matters brought before them to be examined and answers to be sought for. The judge in fact, broke court rules by not giving a required verdict within a regulation time-frame, one long put down in judicial court rules and daily used for years. There was another delay here too. Later it was excused as a “technical error” – but as you will read, it appears not that simple!

Mr Fagan was denied his request for a “Judicial Review” of the whole JobPath matter. No further investigation. The reason? Mr Fagan gained his money stolen off him by the state, (just) minutes before the actual case began within the Dublin highcourts. The other side notified him they were willing to refund the amount their had previously (by their own courtroom admission) illegal taken off him with no legal laws to do it (that’s called “theft” to the rest of us).

The judge ruled: as he had gained the money back (illegal stolen from him), this voided the reason for a Judaical Review. In other words, no need for further questions to be asked about what the hell was (and is still) going on regarding JobPath. Important to note that Mr Fagan got his stolen money back ONLY because he was willing to use the law to defend his rights and ONLY because he had been willing to go as far as to take them to a highcourt. The effort to get there took months and a mountain of paperwork going constant back and forward – including more deliberate delays from the other side. It now appears there was a definite reason for those delays – as you will read shortly.

* The judge did not impose any penalty on those that highcourt lied.
* The judge did not impose any penalty on those (person and company) that invented fake material.
* The judge did not impose any penalty on those that tried to fool the court with the fake material.
* The judge did not impose any penalty on those, by their own admission, admitted (reluctantly?) that they hadn’t got the legal legislation to be doing, what they were doing – and still doing!
* The judge did not refer various (illegal) matters brought to the attention of the court, to other state authorities for further criminal investigation.

…All the above matters (and more) just disappeared also from a final ruling.

What the judge did not also rule on, was many other clear raised issues brought to their attention including that of a physical assault. In the final ruling – much was completely ignored – as if they were never brought to the attention of the court for redress. “Puff!!!” – just vanished – and thus left unaddressed! Deliberately?


The Invisible Court Case.

The unresolved matters couldn’t be allowed to go unaddressed. After all, this was only about basic legal rights of every citizen being undermined, supposed legal “obligations”,  national and private contracts – and at a national financial, public paying cost of (now) €100 million Euro so far. Most would consider such things issues of national vital importance.

They were just some of the issues tried to be raised in the highcourt case, which were very oddly left greater unaddressed in a judges closing statement. People might be left thinking that someone didn’t want to give a ruling on them? If the letter of written law was actually adhered to and clarified in a judges verdict, this would have serious dire consequences towards a number of ongoing government antics currently being tried against Irish citizens.

…So some matters and issues raised, just vanished from a legalese verdict given.

The matters (those addressed and unaddressed) are still regarded by Damien Fagan and UnitedPeople as “In the national interest” of all. Yes, even to protect the rights and pockets of those that might have an opposite political view to UnitedPeople and those with misinformed, ill-conceited attitudes toward other citizens – including unemployed, elderly and single parents (and more) ensnared within the JobPath racket!

In short, when such matters are thought to be “In the national interest“, they can go on application, from a highcourt to the Supreme Court, bypassing a court of appeal. Such an application was made. After more months of waiting and more delays, a Dublin ruling was made regarding the application for a Supreme Court hearing (addressing issues raised previously and those also left unaddressed – avoided).

Below, we produce the ruling on the application to have national interest matters, addressed in the Supreme Court. Full disclosure.

Note from the pictured document above.

  1. * A reason for used for declining a Supreme Court hearing was “Wansboro v DDP”. It’s was an invisible case of which no traces could be previously found by the general public – anywhere. Why? Good question. Only by investigative digging carried out and pressure brought to bear, did someone within an office with the Dublin Highcourts, call back after been contacted, to inform that the ruling ten minutes after been phoned about it, was “now online” – in the public domain. LINK.
  2. * The Damien Fagan case concluded in summation (awaiting a judge ruling) from both sides BEFORE the “Wansboro v DDP” determination was reached. You would think then, that the pre-existing criteria would still apply for bringing a case to the Supreme Court.
  3.  * Damien Fagan and UnitedPeople previously could not understand why a Judge could have been breaking highcourt procedural rules, causing a long delay in making their final ruling. Now, we have reason to guess why!
  4. The Fagan case ruling was oddly delayed just long enough so that the new criteria could be brought in, totally quiet, unpublished and without any eight separate cases prior knowing about it. Was this to further limit how cases could be brought to the Supreme Court? Expect a denial. We are going to come back to the timing issue shortly, as there is more to this.
  5. * Quote: “It follows that is unnecessary to revisit, etc, …any legal issue which is of general public importance.”  Seriously? Stuff “general public importance” – not good enough to be heard in Supreme Court now? Not good enough to be heard under some obscure, complete impossible to find (up to July 6th, 2018) Wansboro v DDP criteria ruling?
  6. * Quote: “…the matters that he seeks to raise in these proceedings involve questions either of policy or of contract which may either not be justifiable at all, if so, would not be proper for a judicial review”.  In other words – the issues might have merit (national importance) but the court has decided regardless, not to further hear about the matter, to even review the matters raised and the ones left open by a preceding highcourt judge!
  7. * They refer to the Wansboro (again) – but this was a criteria that didn’t legal apply yet till after prior application to the Supreme Court was made, based on the prior existing legal conditions – conditions that it also was possible to find and applied correctly! It was even in the highcourt documents submitted from the very start of the whole case, that submission to the Supreme Court would be made – obviously using the then existing, legal predetermined criteria – not the ones that were not invented yet!
    Not the ones created yet – but with the case oddly delayed long enough, was then later applied retroactively in order to use as a reason, to turn down an examination of the national important matters! Someone (again) had decided to play ‘fancy-free’ with the laws of Ireland, so a case of national importance could be tried shelved and also made vanish. Those responsible knowing there be little likelihood they would ever be held accountable by the usual political parties. After all, it was and still is, to the political parties advantage that such a case be stopped. Expose in a Supreme Court that the rights of every citizen are being undermined? No – they can’t be having that!

Timing Is Everything – The Connection To The Rubbish Issue.

Note that on the Supreme Court judgement, the “date of determination” was Wednesday, 27th of June.

The Department of Social Protection gained their notification copy of the decision on Friday morning, 29th of June.
(Mr Fagan however, gained his notification late in the afternoon, the same Friday. Coincidentally(?), too late to immediately legally act that day, get to a court and even inquire about submission of any legal documents to possible re-address the rejection.)

Two more days after the Department of Social Protection officially gained 29th of June decision notification, The Sunday Times (1st of July) the ran a front-page article suddenly announcing that the government were now to introduce by-laws requiring that citizens will be obligated to produce proof that they are signed up to a private company/service – this time in order to prove they are getting rid of their rubbish.

The government couldn’t move on the next ‘you’re obligated…‘ till they gained the Supreme Court decision they hoped for. When they did, then came the sudden news announcement days later.  Here’s the funny thing however…

The Sunday newspapers (especially the main parts including front cover) are often printed by national printers on a Thursday night or during the next day, Friday. So in order to be able to print a front-cover – even by printing at last minute – Saturday standards, for typesetting reasons besides article content creating, editing and overlooked then by legal people for possible issues, the main articles (at least) would have had to be prepared a day or two in advance prior to physical print-press day.

Count at least two days back from printing day – and you get a day that is actually before the official notification to the Department of Social Protection (thus the government). This being the case – how did:
(a) the government gain early notification before Friday so they could immediately begin their own wording announcement and
(b) how did the government gain early notification so they could early contact a journalist for government PR reasons, to enable said journalist to word a front-page article in adequate time, for printing-presses, also run early enough before a Sunday?

The government couldn’t act or announce the ‘rubbish’ matter before the Supreme Court ruled on the Damien Fagan case – because underneath it all was and still is, issues regarding people being forced/obligated into private contracts and be “obligated” to the state to supposedly prove all this. However, once the government got word (early enough) that the matter was to be (attempted) brushed with a questionable determination, they could then proceed with other matters related to business contracts and demand that citizens be signed up to them! We hope you are starting to see a bigger picture in all of this.

Of course, you are not supposed to ‘join any dots‘ to possible see a bigger picture and again, your mainstream parties are sure not telling you
(a) about all what has been going on either and
(b) why the Damien Fagan case was and still is, of important national interest!

One more thing for this section. If Fine Gael, Seetec and Turas Nua (or Fianna Fail, the Green Party and Labour who also played their serious part in bringing this all in) think this is the end of the matter in legal terms, they would be wrong.

Regardless of the outcome of the Supreme Court, the matter is also now being further examined by Damien Fagan and UnitedPeople, for submission to the European Court of Human Rights, regarding an infringement of people’s rights as laid out in standard citizen protections and business contract legislation.

* NOTE: As a judge in the Damien Fagan case, did not impose penalties (thus giving court recognition to a crime and setting a legal precedent) for the state law breaking – this has left the state able to do the same again – which to date, they are still doing. If questioned, legal caught and actually brought to highcourt, all they have to do to get off, is just minutes before the case begins, repay back money stolen – so a judge then doesn’t have to give a ruling on their previous illegal acts. Clever eh? A thief robs your money (and many others) – knowing beforehand it’s illegal – but as the thief has just paid you back before his court appearance, he knows he can get off. Welcome to the tactics of Fine Gael and those in elected office on all sides, also allowing it to happen.

* Regarding the JobPath case that has serious national implications: it’s also being examined if the case can go back down to a Court of Appeal for re-addressing – and if that is rejected – thus all levels of Irish justice exhausted –  a further legal submission for European ruling on the matter can then be sought from the ECJ (European Court of Justice). The matter is far from over.


Section Four


Your Data – Your Asset.

Part of the above involves around your rights to retain your rights over your personal data. Buried in the Irish Water legislation is the legalese wording that has turned people’s personal data into a form of legal recognised “asset“. What? You weren’t informed about this either by your local or national elected? You should be asking “Why?” here too. UnitedPeople with others, has long assessed that the mass non-informing of what the Fine Gael state (with other parties) has done, keeps you in the dark about this matter too. This in turn, again deprives you of more fundamental basic rights.

To begin with, how can you actually defend your rights if you don’t know that those rights exist? How can you defend your personal data – legal recognised now as an “asset“, a transaction asset that has value – one that can be bought, sold or in the case of FF/FG/Labour/Green party governments – also given away without your express permission – stolen like TV, wallet or bike, etc.

Think your personal data is not worth serious money? You need to read HERE

Just like the Damien Fagan case and the Wansboro criteria retroactively (illegally?) applied – how are you supposed to be able to stand up for yourself if political parties are not prior presenting you with news of changes, full information about new legal changes, more that they have been up to or full details about Acts (with hidden important details) they sometimes quietly, quickly ram through the Dail by vote? (example – see: LINK)

In short, how are you supposed to know and protect your rights if a rotten government is not willing to tell you what your full rights are, how they might have changed them or are quietly attempting to? We hope you see where this is going. It is all related to business, money, the transfer of your assets, be it your data already being shared illegally, your signature need for companies to profit (JobPath), your signed admittance to a further liability so a company can profit (Irish Water), you being forced to prove you are disposing of your rubbish by better means (obligated to show receipts/contract with a rubbish company) …And more…

Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, The Green Part and Labour and not tell you all this and a lot more besides. It’s not in their interest – it’s not favourable for them to tell you what they are up to often or what your greater rights are – as this might affect an often unadvertised quiet agenda they privately pursue.

Another example? Fine Gael and the Labour party at the very end of their 2011 began term of government together, quietly ran through the Dail quiet legal legislation to REDUCE the amount of information the public could gain access to, in regard to what TD’s have been up to, what they are spending public money on and more.

* In other words, before they left office for that term, they brought in legislation to attempt to hide details they would rather the public not know, if they tried using a previous Freedom of Information Act.
* In other words, they were – and still are – denying you your further ability to once greater available information. They have weakened your personal civil rights on this matter alone – and this is only one quiet area that they have done so. There are others. We are only scratching the surface here of activities they are not fully informing you about!


Like an ironic slap in the face, Labour (a new effort to gain itself back into the hearts of the Irish people, knowing there’s a general election possible happening soon in late 2018) are now re-selling themselves as standing up for your rights. This was a party that previously with Fine Gael attacked the sick, dying, single parents, our children’s teachers, carers, nurses, operation theaters and a lot more for years with repeated financial cuts and denial of assistance that was, and still is needed. This is the party that co-joined with Fine Gael to also reduce your civil right access to once greater information.

Who is the latest face of this new ‘Labour – standing up for your civil rights’ ? Only Ged Nash. Mr Nash being the an ex-TD that was fired from the Dail by a Louth county public. The public by democratic vote big majority said he was not wanted. For various reasons, possible for also being part of the redaction of FOI information previously available, they considered him further unfit to represent them.

That public view apparently didn’t matter crap to the Labour Party. At the first opportunity they got, they foisted him into the Seanad, to act from there as a representative – for also the people that had just previously fired him!

Stuff the will, desire and democratic civil rights of the Louth voters! They were to get Ged Nash again – if they liked it or not! So much for the ‘unwanted’ message sent out from a just previous democratic vote! Stuff the voters and their civil right to choose who represents them – they were again getting Mr Nash who left a TD position with pension, perks and large exit payment, shortly before he was awarded yet another national position that had more large pay, perks and additional pension bonuses! All the while they and Mr Nash who has stood by the Labour Party, played their part in the invention of the JobPath racket, silent about the ongoing abuses and more.

Mr Nash is hoping that the Louth public have short memories about what he and his party did previously (see HERE) – and will re-elect him again back into the Dail he was previously fired from.


They are currently telling people to remain within Irish and EU legislation including laws based on the protection of you and your personal data. Meanwhile, what they are NOT telling you is that they are ALREADY breaking the same laws themselves. Not only that – they are creating special laws (LINK) for themselves to that when they future break them (to pursue their own agendas), they cannot be held accountable by the public, for their law breaking, even if elected are somehow caught and questioned before a judge.

A question you are not meant to ask is:
Why should someone write a law to exempt themselves especially, if they are doing nothing wrong in the first place?

Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Labour (along with private companies they have hired) have previously repeatedly told the public:
(a) Data protection laws already exist that fully allows them to share people’s data.
(b) They could not only transfer and give away your data to other state departments  – but to private companies as they see fit.

What you are NOT meant to know  – as Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Labour are not telling you due to their own private agenda reasons, is that:
(a) A European Court of Justice (Bara) ruling confirmed that if any transfers was to even internally take place, the person involved should be informed, they should be told how their data would be processed and held under what conditions etc. Without consent, none of this would be probable legal. (LINK) The Irish Data Protection Office at the time, even welcomed these determinations. (LINK)
(b) The same corrupt parties are now trying to ensure they are legal ‘untouchable’ for their own government or elected crimes. (LINK)
(c) If there was laws previously to allow the state to share your data without your consent – why are they only now trying to bring those laws in with Ireland, to legal cover their backside? (LINK)

Again, citizens are not supposed to widely know all about the above or worse (in the eyes of FG/FF/Labour), realise the implications of it all. That being, the continuing undermining of people’s personal rights – including protections – and right to hold their representatives to proper account also.

If the public mass finds out what the usual political parties are greater up to, they rightly say “No way!” Therefore the public is being greater kept uninformed by the usual political Mafia, if they can help it. A lot of their antics and private adopted agendas are not making it into their election literature, in any informative way.

Next time you see a leaflet or poster, ask yourself:
(a) What are they not telling you about?
(b) What are they hoping you will forget from their past?

In summary closure of this section, your rights to data protection and access to other data, are under attack yet again. You can either sleep through all this – or you can do or say something, for the protection of yourself, your possible children and your fellow citizens.


Section Six.

Another example of how the government is quietly changing terms of what you have previously signed, is exemplified by more antics of the Department Of Social Protection. Here too, with even basics of standard contract law long established, the state has decided to push their luck. Again, they also have been repeatedly allowed get away with it.

When you previously signed an application for state assistance, you signed agreeing to three fundamental conditions.

1. That you are fit for work.
2. That you are available for work.
3. That you are actively seeking work.

These are not unreasonable conditions by any stretch of state demands. You sign at your local Social Welfare office or Intreo office, to these three contact conditions on what would be considered then, a formal legal document.

The government however, has decided to add an extra condition to the contract you prior signed with them.

4. You must turn up and do as you are told by a private company.

You agreed – and they agreed in a state contract signed, that three condition’s are legally applicable. The government however decided to breech those agree legal conditions by imposing yet another condition. If you don’t agree to that later extra condition, you will be punished financially. In real terms this boils down to:

1. Don’t turn up for private company meeting you are ‘invited’ (pressganged) into, you will be hit financially.
2. Don’t sign a further private contract, you will be hit financially.
3. Don’t obey a private company strict orders, you will be hit financially.
4. Don’t give them any personal data they demand from you, you will be hit financially.

Those that entered into a prior state contract were never informed about a fourth condition.
Many that entered into the prior state contract were never given a opportunity to discuss the fourth condition – and those that did gain some semblance of information, were told anyway “it’s being imposed as a subsequent legal condition if you agree to it or not“. If you sign to it or not – and if you disagree in any way? Guess what? We, the government will hit you financially!

NOTE: This raised example of contract law is just not about the unemployed. If anyone stupid enough to try espouse:
(a) “They are unemployed. They should do as they are told.
(b) “They should be available for the private company – they are unemployed.”
(c) “As they are unemployed, they are all lazy and don’t want to work…

The short-sighted fools are missing ‘the bigger picture‘. …The LARGER picture that exposes their fundamental rights are also being covertly attacked too. Today it is one section of society – previously it was another section – next time it could be them or everyone!


 Can you see the treatment and legal, bigger picture, implications of what’s happening above – and not just to this section issue?

In short: the state can impose by penalty that the citizen must operate within prior legal defined parameters set down – but the state when it feels like it,  however, can not only step outside those original legal parameters but more so run amok with them – besides further breaking the law in this and other areas.

ALL of which undermines every citizen’s fundamental rights in relation to contract law, harassment, data protection, blackmail, coercion, pressganging (accept our new additional demands or else…), access to public services and a lot more.

A government consisting of Fine Gael, Labour or Fianna Fail  can step outside the law and make more up as they need to.
You? Just obey – roll over – and don’t argue with the state as they undermine your civil rights by underhand legislation and beyond – then have the audacity to state they are defending all your civil rights in media and leaflet distribution!


Section Seven.

Referendum to delete ‘outdated’ provision on women’s duties in the home – See: HERE

The next trick you are supposed to fall for, comes under the guise of “gender equality”. “Gender equality” will be the ’cause’ that at face value, is going to be tried used, to make what Fine Gael is also doing, completely legitimate.  HOWEVER, if you examine the actually facts of the issue that you are not meant to notice – that Fine Gael and co are not pointing out – another alarming aspect emerges that affects every citizen in the country.
IN SHORT: Some have been sadly mislead with a quiet deliberate FG agenda behind it. A forth coming referendum wording needs to be updated – and all gender parental or legal guardian legal protections kept. Not have everything thrown out – that will also have other larger implications also.


FIRST of all, the actual constitution wording:
1° in particular, the state recognises that by her life within the home, woman gives to the state a support without which the common good cannot be achieved.

2° the state shall, therefore, endeavor to ensure that mothers shall not be obliged by economic necessity to engage in labour to the neglect of their duties in the home.


QUOTE: “the State recognises that by her life within the home, a woman gives to the State a support without which the common good cannot be achieved.

* This is the state formal recognising that looking after a child at home (or other location), is actually being of service to the state and taking some of the burden from it.

The government want complete deleted is:
QUOTE: “The State shall, therefore, endeavour that mothers shall not be obliged by economic necessity to engage in labour to the neglect of their duties in the home.
Got it already?

“…shall not be obliged by economic necessity to engage in labour…”


If this section is removed, ALL PARENTS (along with every other citizen) under a new edited constitution, will COMPLETELY LEGALLY LOSE their right to:

(a) Put their child first with legal right – stay at home (or other location) and mind a child ahead of work
(b) Lose the COMPLETE LEGAL right to not chose to go to a particular job even if your reason is 100% genuine.

Now, people will say that others should go to work – and to a good degree there is good argument in this aspect.
HOWEVER, what you are not meant to note (and you should be alarmed about) is that by removing the above from the constitution – without question or any degree of an incorrect conclusion – you are 100% awarding any state government the absolute right to force you into labour if you like it or not.
A future government (Intreo or something like the current abusive “JobPath” racket) will be able to tell you you must accept a position of work – even if, in reality, it does not suit your children’s care, their or your education needs, their or your medical condition, their or your ability to get to where that work is or if the work will actually leaves citizens also more financially worse off, etc.


ALL WILL LOSE complete constitutional legal right to say “NO” to something the state wants to force down throats.
The BIGGER Picture.
Take it a step further. Look at the current “JobPath” racket that is costing the state (YOU) €100+ Million Euro so far. The state has hired two companies to pressgang people into it and is paying the pressgangers to do this.
Everyone will lose their legal constitution right, to tell the two private companies (and others in the future) to go away (as the state has hired them to act as their legal “agents”).
As UnitedPeople and Damien Fagan has nationally exposed in Dublin highcourts (media buried) and outside, what the “JobPath” racket has been doing illegally (besides also seeing people illegal financially robbed by the state) – forcing people into private contracts against their will – the state will be able to circumvent that illegality and soon be able to strip you of your legal right to reject a private company – one demanding that you take up a role they shove in front of you – a role that once you are entrapped within, the private company makes even more massive money from the state (YOU) in payments for their pressganging done.
…BUT you are not supposed to kop all this – and Fine Gael is certainly not telling you.

If Fine Gael was REALLY concerned about “Gender equality” – all they would have to do is bring about a change of the constitution so it reads:
1° in particular, the state recognises that by personal effort, parents or custodial guardians give to the state a support without which the common good cannot be achieved.

2° the state shall, therefore, endeavour to ensure that the aforementioned shall not be obliged by economic necessity to engage in labour to the neglect of their duties in the home or elsewhere, that facilitates a common good.

* Just wait for the bucket of excuses why they cannot do something like above.
The above is a simple example solution to any gender issues – but Fine Gael has a secret continuing agenda. As we have pointed out previously – to yet again undermine another bit of your legal rights. Bit by bit, they are chipping away – under the guise of doing something good for you.
This referendum is about taking away a woman’s right to rear her children at home – but it is ALSO about more than that. You are just not meant to learn about the other VITAL aspects that Fine Gael and others will try staying silent about.
It’s time to wake up and speak up!




It is important that you understand where all this is going. At a basic fundamental level, your rights and that of your neighbor, your children and your fellow citizens, are being attacked. You being forced into something you have a legal right to non-accept. One manifestation of this in reality, is more and more state bullying and threats issued – all to further aid more financial extraction and signatures needed so others gain, from citizens now being used as asset numbers on profit spreadsheets. When they are not doing it alone, Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, Labour and just as powerful independents, are too silent in letting it happen – or further aiding private companies to run riot over people’s rights and Ireland’s fundamental laws.

How are they allowed get away with it? Quite simply, because the legal, investigative and procedure protocols in Ireland that should be enacted to create greater accountability, don’t exist or are not further allowed to be created. The ones already in place are not being allowed improve to a much needed adequate standard. It’s certainly not in any of the main stream parties interest to see that everyone – including themselves, are far more accountable to the people* – on a more regular basis.

* This is what UnitedPeople is seeking,  a core ideology enshrined within it’s constitution. LINK

In final conclusion: Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, Labour and some independents are not only silent while your legal personal, data and contract rights are undermined, they each are actively working to see that they are further undermined – while they tell you on the other hand, they are looking after same for you!

You couldn’t make any of this up – unless you’re part of Fine Gael, Fianna Fail or Labour… Then you can make up stuff as you go along and also just try to keep people further in the dark!



This page, as long and as detailed as it is, is only a scratch of
the political surface regarding quiet past and current misdeeds.