Matters to be resolved and progressed

Participatory Democracy

A greater way to hold elected at all levels more accountable. A better way to see that local and national issues are addressed.

Crime, Legal & Finance

Rome for improvement is not an under exaggeration that's needed. Long unaddressed, UnitedPeople is tackling vital issues.

Big Data. People Exploited.

Before Facebook etc, was exposed for data breeches, UnitedPeople was calling for better data protections.


TD's lying on the matter. All avoid mentioning of abuses. TD's not willing to tell the public the full truth about a state setup.

Privitisation Agendas

Exposing the quiet underhand agenda of other parties, who undemocratic have decided to give away people's services.

The people of ireland speak

Some issues to be resolved and improved, are not about right or left-wings agenda, it's just about doing the right thing regardless of political party ideology.

- Jeff Rudd

Irish govt... grow up! Look back at Brehon laws and learn. Look at Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, etc... Look and learn.

- Daf Wynne

Honesty is the best policy!

- Kevin Allen

I wish for a republic that our forefathers truly intended. One where our government serve the citizens, where the welfare of us all are the priority and not corporations and' the market' a country is its people.

- Jessica Keye

It's time for honest, open transparent government and politicians to run Ireland. Remove the old guard with their sense of entitlement and benefits. They get a pay rise of €5,000 Euro a year while pensioners get €5 Euro a week

Put an end to homelessness, poverty, hospital waiting lists and trolley abuse of our sick and elderly. Time to start caring again about each other.

- Kieran Walsh

Let the people decide for themselves. No longer should Ireland's people be treated like children.


- Aindriú Orkney

"Ireland unfree shall never be at peace." Padraig Pearse.

- Alistair Smith

The Irish government are corrupt greedy and lack all morals. FG are for the rich and always were. They despise the ordinary working man and the poor. Hence Jobbridge and JobPath.

- Alan Ryan

Without true accountability we are banging out heads against a brick wall, the system is infected and that infection needs to be cut out, we have to work together to make it happen.

- Michael Flynn

A government for the people by the people. Not what we have now!
An end to homeless, poverty, hospital waiting lists, evictions etc...

- Bridget Flanagan

I want an end to injustice and inequality. A tall order me thinks!
"Don't stop believing..."

- Helen Phelan

Bunreacht Na Eireann of 1937 - is it really standing the test of time? A document 81 years old poverty, evictions, pillaging of our natural resources, austerity polices, fundamental rights ignored. Too much power yielded to government. The people of our great nation need to change it.

- John Moran

MISSING IN ACTION - What UnitedPeople wishes to tackle as traditional parties of old, still refuse to improve or change - even leaving them out of government formation documents to any degree. All matters avoided yet again - except by UnitedPeople.

The above and more, being addressed by UnitedPeople.

Talk to us today.

UnitedPeople is what the name says, a party of people from all aspects of Irish society, united in determination to not only resolve issues but further improve them. Speak UP!


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