Disallusioned Youth. Stark Reality.


2020 Reality

Labour is history.
Fianna Fail is dying.
Sinn Fein is rising in popularity.
Fine Gael came general election third.
The TD greedy are giving their kind more money
The divide between rich and poor is widening.
Elected are again gifting their party mates.
Old politics is alive and kicking.
The poor are getting poorer.
Homelessness is growing.
More are going hungry.
The Dail cabal is back!

A great deal of youth at the last general election opted for the Sinn Fein Party and much to their error, the Green Party, thinking they were actually voting for the Green Party – not wanting to vote for Fine Gael and Fianna Fail. O’boy, did that back fire on them! Vote for one – get two cabal additions thrown in for free! Once Green voters next time, won’t make that mistake again.

If a person was able to see a geographical map that biased RTE (being in it’s normal state) won’t show, we see a plain fact. Sinn Fein has raced to the top of voter counts in many countries.

Those marked with asterix didn’t even get the required vote quota by any preference level. They were just the last ones left. Last in race.

The general election ended with the result that the usual FG/FF/Green members crawled into government offices after 170+ days of stalling, PR antics, ignoring 500,000+ Sinn Fein voters chosen representatives, only after lumping on the public a pike of also rans who had to crawl across a TD nominated line by desperately digging for lower preference counts. The most voted for in number one top preferences, found themselves ostracised by the also rans as they ganged up and further continued their ostracization operation in order to make sure they scrapped back in by hook or crook.

The same mob that gave out about Sinn Fein not able to form a government in 30 days, took 170 days themselves to then do whatever was necessary to keep the most voted for, completely out. The FFG cabal coalition was in. Everyone else was surplus to Fine Gael and Fianna Fail need.

The important question is, how did Ireland get to this point? For that answer we have to look at not only the state of many of the government departments decimated by previous Fianna Fail, Labour, Fine Gael and Green Party rule but how the people themselves were treated previously by the same returning cabal.


The Social Media Aspect.
Something I have wrote about before a number of times given my qualifications also in the area, social media has played a huge part in turning public tide away from the old, now tired and dying parties. In short, it’s not only that people are far more able to talk to one another more often in more ways via online group chats, open one to one chats that others can also see but also by private messages too. Add to this, the ability do one posting to a public forum that then might be seen by thousands, we are delving into abilities of conversing with mass numbers which were previously only available through traditional media such as radio or newspapers.

Another aspect of these chats was a greater public ability to pass on not just more information about their local election runners but also able to pass on far greater detailed information repeatedly – and to many across greater groups in minutes rather than days. Information pictures and even video was able to go viral within minutes to many. We are talking items that are able to be transferred in seconds also across many platforms from Facebook, to twitter, to Instagram and more. All in minutes rather than days and weeks. Now done in seconds. It’s a brave new world.

The public has massive embraced these communication methods far better than elected politicians. So much so that Fine Gael elite gained private lessons from Facebook trainers on how to catch-up with the rest and then try to win public back into their favour. Most of the time they have failed. Many elected have grown to hate social media and major dying parties have spend small fortunes to advertise through it in further desperation.

Still. the public converses and informs many within minutes, about the rotten elected antics of not just their national elected but local chancers too and their equal corrupt ways. RTE might still be a production factory outlet of Fine Gael and Fianna Fail propaganda with it’s political connected presenters and top-table directors also party connected – but it’s also losing public money hand-over-fist as it fails to get to grip with modern ways. The cabal parties are still throwing the publics money towards it like a series on never ending lifebuoys but it’s had it’s day in the format it flounders around in it’s sea of mismanagement and debt.

Now, lets be honest here and cut through any bullshit. The likes of Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and others, still want to keep RTE alive in part because though it, they still try to control some of the public narrative they hope voters will still gullible swallow – and they are still succeeding to a ever declining degree – but as the election results in 2020 shows alone (besides previous elections showing a consecutive decline for FF/FG), RTE’s days as being the main source of information for voters, is done. Gasping and nearly buried.

RTE executives refuse to accept this as does out of date Irish political parties – but the writing is ‘on the wall’ and on most definitely on social media! Where other European and world networks are going par per view, RTE refuses to still. why? In massive part because many across the country – the more political aware – will refuse to direct fund RTE and it’s disgusting ways. So if RTE was to go pay per view, it knows it really is unroyally screwed. It’s dig the grave time.

So old vote dying parties prop it up by burning through public money – regardless of what the public want – or in this case, more and more don’t want! Arrogance personified. There is madness in their method however, as they still need to try PR brainwash the masses and RTE is their last remaining major outlet that they can have direct control of or indirect influence upon. So, they keep it on life-support. Stuff the public, stuff you and your taxpayer money! You are paying for it if you bloody like it or not, say Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and its cabal enablers!


The Youth Vote.
Seeing all this happen or finding out about it and more, right under their noses through social media, is a far more well informed Irish youth society. They know hundreds of reasons why not to vote for the usual old cabal parties – HERE is one hundred and one reasons alone and HERE is many things the cabal would rather stay hidden away, unspoken about. They know a hell of a lot more things than an aging society far less used to fast accessible, online media outlets that hit them with news at it far more happens.

The youth see the rip-offs far more clearly – an example HERE – and then they equally see who is unwilling to anything about them. They are then sharing all that information further. They don’t need to hope that RTE, etc will just do it, They are doing it themselves. They are far better standing up for themselves, more often and speaking more. They are not bar stool moaners. They are increasingly becoming activists to fight against old cabals and their ways.

The young see themselves pressganged by oppressive old parties. They see their personal data being stolen or threatened out of them. They see their data being illegal exported to other departments and worse, to private companies without their permission (see HERE) – or tricked into giving it through the likes of the mega expensive failing racket called JobPath (see HERE). They see their national neutrality and sovereignty being given away (see HERE). They see and hear their local and national elected telling them to obey laws – while the vary same elected break Irish and EU laws – besides a signed international human rights treaty. The double-standards from elected on a regular basis, has become staggeringly all too frequent. – and that’s on top of their mega flip-flopping when not also opting out to vote on matters, once again cowardly sitting on political fences because it suits their own private party agendas and not what’s actually best for the public!

The young alone also see the many issues that the old cabal parties are decades on, never mind years, will cowardly avoiding like a plague (see HERE for example – the “Missing” section.). Why? They don’t want their pocket filling agendas ultimately affected. There’s expensive holidays and second or third homes to pay for – or maybe another landlord type property to buy,for making even more money from! They see the never ending tribunal and inquires where bugger all is ever held to true prison account and the taxpayer once again gets the bill (see HERE). They see once long existing state services, back-door, bit by sneaky bit being given away to private companies (see HERE). They see the need for at least FIVE referendums (see HERE – second item down) but know they will likely never happen under Fine Gael or Fianna Fail and its enablers past and present, the Labour or Green Party. They see all the above and far more. This has further contributed to the combined decline of vote support for Fine Gael and Fianna Fail alone (see graph below).

The implication is obvious. Overall, there continues to be a gradual decline for the growing unwanted parties. It don’t help that 31% of people are living in official deprivation, that 38% of funding was previously cut by Fine Gael on programmes that were operating to help stop violence against women, that 44% of funding was prior cut to community care, that 37% was cut from state drug programmes and 27% was previously cut to health care. All these and more are helping to chip away at the old parties poll numbers. All these facts and more are continuously buried by state RTE media and biased other outlets passing on a more sanitised daily news report.

It certainly don’t help that less is going to be allowed be private as TD’s want to ensure they and their Garda tools are further able to crack into people’s private conversations, that Garda are used to crack down on buying meals of less value than €9 Euro and bar stays with no law to back their actions. Meanwhile, TDs get their own bar open earlier than everyone else in the country. Youth and more, see demoted but favoured TDs who get to keep their perks along with their wage bumps while the €700+ Euro a day elected give out about public trying to hang on to €350 Euro (or less) a week. The divide between rich and poor grows wider.

We either operate by the law or we don’t. There should be no grey area. Our rotten politicians however, like the grey areas as they can abuse and bully the public through them. Their suggestions now seem to have automatically become the orders of semi-dictators, with no Dail legislation to actually make their demands legal. As far as our usual rotten TDs are concerned now, they don’t need laws. In the recent past, similar ‘requests’ or ‘guidelines’ have been dumped on the public and state forces have been used in TD threat methods, to see their ‘advice’ was obeyed. This is what our nation has descended to. “Obligatory but not mandatory” isn’t that right Regina Doherty? A woman now forced upon the public again, to head the Seanad, a setup she tried herself to close down – put there by a party with its own agenda, not run by the population of Ireland – after she was voter fired from her TD job! 

You couldn’t make this stuff up but Fine Gael could and did – only to be backed by it’s enablers, the Green Party and Fianna Fail, standing by it all. Incredible, immoral, party arrogance and a clear abuse of public democracy!


Not one – not two – but three recent TASC (Think tank for Action on Social Change – LINK) reports confirm that younger generations feel completely isolated from conventional politics. They fear they are being asked to give up their aspirations for the future. They do not believe education in the republic does enough to reduce inequality in life chances. They (like older people too) feel that political parties prioritise their own interests over those of their constituents. The very actions of national and Dail/Seanad elite expose this often to be all too true. The youth of Ireland fear their economic security. They fear their for their chosen career path stability and they fear the very government that is today using them, abusing them too and exploiting them in every way made possible.

The ball of fluff that is the much PR’ed Programme For Government (PFG) says that it wishes to create 200,000 jobs – but aims to do this through Irelands tourism sector. Such jobs if they materialise, should be welcomed but it should also be acknowledged by elected that this is an area where many of those jobs will be low paid ones that often do not have as good opportunities to advance or may not lead to higher quality of work – which in turn where indeed possible, leads to higher wage rates and a better way of life including job security. Low paid jobs do not tend to create those benefits.

While the usual cabal of old parties are in no rush to further also address temporary contracts and zero hour jobs, other new parties are including UnitedPeople. The youth see who is and who isn’t willing. They see who is crapping out PR but once put in power, then doing bugger all. The youth of Ireland see all this and a lot more – and daily they become greater aware of it all by non-traditional media who are still churning out their biased sanitised pulp for the too complacent masses.

Combines with others – older people, sick, disabled, disenfranchised and more – who are all too aware of the above, it’s absolutely no wonder that sooner or later, current floundering parties will die off or at least further fall into obscurity. The clear indications are there already that they are heading in that very direction – at least to those not wearing (mind imposed) blinkers.




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