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Pulling No Punches.

NOTE: This article requires that you are able to think realistically and practically, thinking things through, step by step. Please stop reading NOW if you are one of those people that likes to complain about posts that are too long – because they actually flesh something out, break it down and assemble it into a greater picture that should be better seen by those also dumb as a bag or rocks or just don’t wish to examine greater details. In other words, the ‘I’m all right Jack‘ percentage and the ‘I couldn’t be arsed‘ percentage of Ireland.


For the rest of you that have decided rightly, to keep reading, “Thank you” for remaining more open minded, more willing to examine matters that RTE and other crappy media is burying.


A Core Long Standing Issue

I don’t consider it good enough that our elected do not do accountability good enough. Accountability in Ireland is a sick joke – and the sick joke is being inflicted upon the people of Ireland as once again they end up paying for the mistakes of others. It is this writers opinion that the public will in the future, be left paying again for the mistakes of our elected. The following is just one recent example – just a example sample.

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Before Cheltenham racing took place, I posted on social media that there was CONFIRMED infected in the prior area itself. The racing started on March 10th (Tues) and went on till Friday, yes, the 13th! 18,000+ people including reported elected, attended the festival. At the stage (via Feb 29th) there was ONE reported Coronavirus case in Ireland. There was likely more but this was the first official case. Dates here are important.

* If you get infected with the Coronavirus, it’s reported that it takes on average between FIVE to TEN days for signs that you are even infected, to emerge. In those five to seven days you can be perfectly normal, look and feel healthy – while carrying on as normal mixing in society. As the Coronavirus is far more infectious, more people are likely to catch it from someone close, in a bar, shop or at home.

The vast 18,000+ bulk of those that returned from Cheltenham did so after the 13th. Of any that was infected, add on another five to seven days before signs began emerge they were ill. Add a day (to be on the safe side) for a doc/hospital visit, add on a day for test results to come back (no one was swamped with tests at this stage. Overnight testing was possible) – and that you have is a time period from date of return that adds up to around the 18th to the 2oth of March. Now lets look at official recorded dates regarding infection detections in Ireland.

We note that from the 18th to the 19th infection cases registered with the state has doubled overnight already. Total cases 366.

In two days we have gone from 74 to 126 cases detected. 683 total cases detected. In two days (18th to the 20th) we have gone from infected numbers increasing by their tens, to increasing in hundred numbers.

Let’s think about this by going further. Those that came home infected, were mixing with others unknowing at the start they were infecting possible many others. The virus “R rate” (something that I was again, the first to public report on and call for the R rate number to be FG disclosed. I got the deaf-ear for some time) was starting to rise at this stage. So many more were before getting sick themselves, were also individually sharing the infection further themselves to multiple persons for five+ days before getting sick – and so on it goes

A few of us that were aware of what the hell was going on in the world before Cheltenham even started, said it was sheer madness. FG and it’s enablers played either deaf or gave scant regard to concerns expressed. It was alright to attend. Elected even said worse about those coming back. They could return no bother without health checks or even advice given. No one would be told to self-isolate for 14 days. They were just all allowed to flow back in without a damn care in the world and the FG government just about held the country doors open, waving them in!


6 Known Major Covid Mistakes. LINK – Back-up LINK

…Then there was the many innocent Italians (many not knowing any better themselves) that had come to Ireland, from a country that was even worse infected as we would soon discover…

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For sheer possible incompetence, knowing that a world high risk, health matter was globally racing ahead per day since early February, the response of elected government in Ireland – as minimum was utter stupid – but it could be further assessed as also office and department position incompetence, neglect of duty and in fact as the Sunday Business Post wrote (LINK) on the 3rd of May, the groundwork for the state being sued for the previous expected being utterly possible responsible for contributing to un-necessary Coronavirus illness and deaths.

If such a case is won in the highcourts (you can be sure FG and it’s enablers will drag such a case out as long as possible – over years – for political vote and financial war of attrition, reasons), the state (taxpayer) will be left facing to pay a compensation bill to survivors of Corona or the family of deceased. The actual elected ministers that were totally stupid, incompetent and possible guilty of Manslaughter in the Second Degree, will be again allowed to escape from investigation or held to any form of proper legal account. No such investigates will occur and if they do, will be severely limited or hampered in their scope and how they can ultimately report any further found details. A safe best given previous state investigations or inquiries, and how they were made operate!

If an ordinary citizen screwed-up and was possible responsible for causing injury or death, you can be damn sure that person would have the state possibly cracking down on them as soon as possible, examining every aspect of a whole affair. Garda would be all over the place. However, if it’s our possible elected that contributed or direct caused death or injury? NOTHING.

It’s not damn good enough anymore!

The Election Call For Change.

UnitedPeople and other parties to give them credit, including the Irish Democratic Party led by Ken Smollen, have been calling for real change. We have open repeatedly stated that one of these real changes must be in the area of elected accountability. We have repeatedly called for far better accountability protocols not only to be created or improved. We have called for those that fail to see those accountability protocols carried though to actual action, to be equally held to account for their failure to do such a task.

What has other parties to say about improving accountability in Ireland? Let’s examine their 2020 election manifesto’s to begin with. Sorry, my mistake. We cannot examine their addressing of this matter in those documents – because there is little in them regarding this decade long standing, growing issue. In fact, there is nothing in them at all, in most cases (the exception being possibly Sinn Fein)  that says anything about people being held to better account in political office.

* Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, the Labour Party, the Green Party? Bugger all in their manifesto’s detailing or even mentioning accountability. They having seen or heard about this post, will of course now include something in their later ones to cover themselves, in future publications – even if it is as expected to be, more token window-dressing again! That’s right. I’m not known for ‘pulling punches’.

The Irish state has seen over a decade of greed, cronyism, nepotism, TD fraud actions, misrepresentation, greed, stealing, drug taking, Dail female harassing, drink-driving away from the Dail, tax dodging, lying, human rights treaty breaking, constitutional law conflicting actions and a lot more besides, happen via our Dail and Seanad elected. What was the result when a tiny piece of such antics was exposed? They got off with further huge pay, perks and pensions. However, lets be clear here – they were not the only ones. Lying state officials that also might have ‘lost‘ phone evidence or had secret car park meetings to try ruin an innocent person, were also let go with huge pay and pensions too.

There has been bugger all real accountability under the governments of Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, Labour and the Green Party.

They don’t want to talk about the issue. They give it scant attention or a total deaf ear (like many subjects they won’t resolve. Simple example: school books, uniforms or iPad monopoly, “voluntary” fees now masked as yearly ‘registration’ or ‘supply fees’). There are many issues that the usual old political parties won’t deal with – and there is in place, bugger all ability to hol them all to account for their incompetence or inaction.

Well, I tell a lie. You get to be fooled into re-electeting them back again every four or five years. You are still not getting accountability though. Feck that! They can’t be having that! It would upset their unimpeachable lifestyle and their bank accounts. Nothing can be even dared allowed upset that setup even around any slight fringes.

* Therefore,
(a) the whole matter is dropped by the corrupt parties and
(b) the matter is dropped by media who favour them – as they too don’t wish the public to clearer see there is a long existing, still ongoing, major issue unresolved.

Why Does UnitedPeople Consider Accountability A Major Issue?

The UnitedPeople Party addresses many of the current more mainstream issues that other parties address. However, we address some of the ones that other refuse to. This includes “Accountability“.  We consider this issue just as important as the state economy, the mental and physical health of Ireland’s people and protection of their environment, to name just a few matters. Why? Because, as well as applying new progressive solutions to such issues and other incoming ones that old parties also refuse to see or tackle, by having greater accountability – it means:

(a) elected and staff are able to be held to account for mistake that should have been easy by-passed.
(b) people are held to account for taking costly short cuts.
(c) guilty are able to be accountable for avoiding matters or hiding them.
(d) the incompetent could be exposed quicker and if need be, removed quicker before they increase possible more damage.
(e) the lazy or junket lovers can be held to quicker account for over-indulging.
(f) those that fail to implement plans, progress them or make a balls of them, can be exposed and removed.
(g) The financial greedy can be held to better account.

…We could go on but you should be starting to get the picture.

By having more accountability – and just as important, accountable people seeing that they can be held to better account at a quicker speed (very important), such people would be more inclined to do the following regarding housing, health, agriculture and fishing, domestic and foreign issues, etc:

(a) implement new or better solutions.
(b) be seen to do the previous, far quicker.
(c) far better head-off other incoming issues.
(d) behave more responsibly.
(e) be less inclined to be greedy, full of self awarded grandeur and egotistical.
(f) state departments regarding many matters would be better tight run and structure optimised.
(g) elected and connected, would have to be at their work-desks a hell of a lot more than previously.
(h) state contracts could be less awarded to elected friends or business mates.
(i) banking issues and connected matters would be better addressed, more in favour of the people and country over private company gain.
(h) they would be far more answerable to the people of Ireland, the taxpayer, their employer, all year – every year – even every month!
(i) all state department bosses and the elected over or surrounding them, could be made more transparent for actions, costs and issue outcomes.

We could go on but you should be starting to get the picture.


UnitedPeople believes that many – if not all issues – can be far better positive advanced though far greater accountability put in place within all matters that are Ireland related and has state government involvement. Done also though the re-introduction of “Participatory Democracy” (LINK), something illegal stolen from the people of Ireland, the state – the public – even far more can have a stronger, more stable, better run country to be even greater proud of. A UnitedPeople even bigger picture aim.


A Note Of Caution: If the older parties wish to deny greater accountability (by also not even raising the still existing issue) coming about, they however, will not want to be seen denying any accountability practices or knocking such attempts. It does not make good PR for them.

If they cannot attack a message of “Accountability” – they can and have done to date – attack any messenger highlighting the “accountability” issue and try to hamper opposition trying to progress it further into public minds. They do this under guise of other excuse invention or personal media and internet social media attack. Both the parties and worse, their more fanatical, less well behaved, indulge in this process on a daily, even hourly basis. They last thing they ultimately want, is held to far more public account, more often. If they cannot attack that message, they try attack the messenger bringing information of the possible ability, instead!

Undaunted in the fact of such attacks while seeking positive progress on this matter and others, UnitedPeople and it’s individual members continue their efforts. If underlying accountability can improve, a hell of a lot more elsewhere has the opportunity to greater improve but corrupt parties of old would have you didn’t ‘rock their boat‘ so they, themselves say and do nothing in this area. UnitedPeople continues to speak up and when a future occasion arises, stand UP!


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