Past Lessons For The Next Economic Crash.


Look Back In Anger.

Before Ireland gained it’s own dose of Corona from beyond its borders, the economy was finally finding becoming more stable despite the imposition of austerity measures by Fine Gael, Labour, The Green Party and Fianna Fail. They all allowed the imposing of austerity measures that even the IMF  – officials from the then Troika – have now official admitted were in fact completely useless and worse detrimental to the people of Ireland and undermined its economic recovery. All involved allowed German led officials to further bully their way in. They all failed to defend the people of Ireland. Instead, further advanced the then policies that are now exposed as wrong.

To quote Prof Christian Kastrop, a key figure in the banking crisis of 2008 (he was president of the Economic Policy Committee of the Council of European Finance and Economic Ministers and of the Eurogroup) told The Irish Times Berlin correspondent, Derek Scally, that Ireland was hit with unnecessarily harsh austerity measures a decade ago at Berlin’s behest.

I never understood back then why programme countries making progress were hit with overblown austerity measures rather than more restraintLINK

Another person involved with imposing brutal, now proven pointless austerity polices, was Robert Watt, secretary general of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform. He would later acknowledge that imposed fiscal rules actually make very little sense. Anyone in opposition to the imposed dangerous austerity policies of the time, were called by the main parties involved as “reckless populists” despite being in fact rights and now proved to be right as we look back in history and at eventual statements from further in distance, officials in Europe

If anyone needed a further modern sign that the then imposed austerity measures were wrong, one only need to look to Fine Gael’s leader, Leo Varadkar and his April 2nd, media statement that he hoped to avoid Ireland having more austerity policies as the now incoming Covid-19 is expected to hit Ireland soon. Being Ireland’s ultimate master of modern PR spin, he stated “The objective absolutely, certainly if I’ve anything to do with it, is to avoid another era of austerity in Ireland.LINK

* The irony or double standards in his statement being of course, that it was he, his party, along with others backing him in cahoots, that were the actually culprits in imposing previous wrong austerity policies on every section of Irish society previously! From the sick, disabled, inform and dying, from workers, unemployed, carers, nurses and parents – all and more were previously attacked and undermined by austerity policies by slapped down by Fine Gael and those that have enabled them to carry on their terrible imposed wrath.


Mistakes Buried With No Apology.

Mainstream economists around the world have long since rejected austerity as counterproductive. They had done so previously. However, Fine Gael (acting like previous Taoiseach Bertie Ahern who joked about such people that should go kill themselves. LINK) treated such world renowned, much experienced and trained economic professionals like dirt and completely ignored their austerity advice. Fine Gael heads felt they knew better. Their arrogance was astounding (some say it still is).  Top economists then warned that austerity deepens recessions by cutting demand, and the consequent collapse in tax revenues and rise in unemployment-related payouts makes a national fiscal hole bigger.

…But Fine Gael and all who stood by the party as it attacked its own people, in arrogance, felt they knew better! History revision has proved them extremely wrong. However, at least some quiet lessons have been learned?

Indeed, while Fine Gael sneaky has NEVER acknowledged that past policies have been totally wrong – while they have NEVER apologised for what they did that was clearly wrong, they are now PR spinning that they will do Ireland a favour by not imposing new austerity policies with the now incoming Covid-19 created, Irish economic crash. Talking advantage of a crises in PR terms? As Fine Gael finally states anti-austerity statements though modern created PR, like many other things they have also buried quietly, they swiftly sweep aside their previous opposite brutal acts in hope that too many of Ireland people have short memories regarding their decade of just past rotten policies. In sad truth, too many will be willing to forget while others will remember – and be online and media attacked for reminding the forgetful.

Ireland like many world states affected by Covid-19, now faces an uncertain future economically and in government procedure practices. A lot of what has to be done to see Ireland best gets through what is to surely come, might be best carried out by more experienced, more trained and long skilled professionals. There is a current fear that a party that contains failed school teachers, failed doctors, failed landlords, failed publicans and failed bondholders will once again continue to betray Ireland’s people while continuing to exploit them for their own ends.

The fact that most of them – excluding Sinn Fein party members – have quietly accepted yet another whopping €8,000+ TD pay rise while at same time imposing Covid caused policies that will affect others economic wealth dramatically, exposes their continuing massive double standards. As Fine Gael and other elected continues to PR spin about everyone being ‘all the in same boat‘ – their own quiet greed again betrays them and exposes yet again, their true character to those non-willing to self impose blindness!

The current fear is that once again Fine Gael and additionally, Fianna Fail, will continue to act with their usual double standards, massive law breaking, unconstitutional, treaty breaking acts and continuing their own TD greed. All the while not instigating core changes needed, public demanded, that they are still trying to stay quiet about and don’t actually want to see imposed. A list of those much needed changes now sought by the people of Ireland, is available on the front page of UnitedPeople’s website. LINK.


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