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Mid’ 2019, the contract for JobPath was supposed to run out. Fine Gael at the time tried to keep the matter off the public and media radar. Thankfully, some of us were aware what Fine Gael was up with a further enforced departmental silence and still chasing of the contract extension.

Middle of the year then, Fine Gael quietly extended the JobPath contract for a few months – then they extended it yet again for another year. Their arrogance in doing so was made clear to the world when they defied a Dail motion just previous to their renewal contract arrogance.

The Dail motion that was passed by a good majority democratic demanded among other things:

  • immediately cease all referrals to the JobPath service and end the mandatory nature of the scheme;
  • end the contract with the JobPath providers as soon as possible without any extension;
  • end the use of ‘payment by results’ models in job activation schemes;
  • examine the significant international research on the consequences of sanctioning, including the short-term impacts, such as poverty, and the long-term impacts on health and well-being.

There was more. The motion was proposed by Sinn Fein’s John Brady. It was backed by his party, By Fianna Fail, by Labour, Independents and more. I was up in the galley above with Damien Fagan, cheering the speakers on as they each condemned the JobPath racket, law-breaking and abusive scam.

* The motion was democratic passed – no question.
* There was no question about the Fine Gael response. Two fingers up in the air to it.

They arrogantly renewed the JobPath contract twice before years end. Stuff your elected representatives and they carrying the voice and will of the people.

Hell! Stuff democracy in real action! Fine Gael didn’t give a crap. They were going to do what the hell they wanted to do and bugger the lot of you all – they did!


The Excuse.

The reason they said they could do what they did, was that the motion was not legal in legislative law – it was just a democratic motion. You know what they were right – but by admitting they were right, they also proved to the world they were also acting in the wrong. They forgot about our constitution.

Article Three reaffirms the seeking of a united Ireland – through the consent of a majority of the people, democratic expressed. Therein lies ‘the rub’. The constitution recognises within the very first three articles that that legal change (no matter what it is) can only brought about by the democratic consent of the people when expressed. Through the Dail motion passed, it was!

Move on to Article Six – part one. “All powers of government, legislative, executive and judicial, derive, under God, from the people, whose right it is to designate the rulers of the state and, in final appeal, to decide all questions of national policy…”

So article six (1) says power shall come from the people – have ultimate decision – and get to decide the aspects of national policy. All this by democratic expressed method, be damned!

Move on to Article Six – part two.these powers of government are exercisable only by or on the authority of the organs of state established by this constitution“. …The constitution three articles previously, having established that change shall come – to repeat – can only brought about by the consent of the people. 

The consent of the people. Who speaks for them in our Dail? Yes, the people you, we and I elected. The constitution awards them the right to speak for us and by democratic usage, say what is wanted, demanded and yes, also not wanted.

One of those expressions was carried out by democratic speak and vast majority vote when the elected representatives enacted a Dail motion.

Here’s the clincher – a legislative law might not have been changed but something far higher in legal status, our constitution, authorities and further recognises their democratic expressed will – their – combined consent to have JobPath turned off.

Fine Gael might have ignored a Dail motion – but in doing so they ignored that our very constitution says: “All powers of government, legislative, executive and judicial, derive, under God, from the people, …to decide all questions of national policy.”

That will was expressed by democratic vote – Fine Gael carried on regardless. Stuff your vote – and stuff your constitution too! As we know also now – ramming in the press-ganging JobPath , they also said “Stuff the Declaration of Human Rights” Too (See HERE).

Fine Gael ignored a fundamental tenant of our constitution. When someone or some party ignores the constitution, they act unconstitutional. If they have acted unconstitutional in any or many ways – which JobPath has (not just the sections referred to here) – then could it be said that funding millions of Euro towards an unconstitutional setup is further illegal?

Are those standing by and defying the expressed democratic will of the people, acting unconstitutional? Are those shoveling the unconstitutional hundreds of Euro millions funds (for a massive 93% failure rate) therefore acting unconstitutional – and by extension, acting as traitors to our nation and/or the democratic expressed will of the people?  Let the debate begin. Let the deniers begin their excuses or try say they were justified. “We were only following orders” you might get to hear in time.

As UnitedPeople has shown over three years of producing yearly printed reports – each one increasing in pages, in greater specific detail, with additional solid proofs that could be independently verified from various sources – there has been mass law breaking at local, national and international law levels.

The Irish constitution at various sections, not just the main ones mentioned here, have been additionally ignored and conflicted with. Do download the latest copy of the UnitedPeople JobPath Report, click HERE. There’s a forth edition coming – again 100% free – with even more genuinely shocking exposures.



RIGHT NOWas of February 28th, 2020. The current JobPath contact is due to expire at the end of 2020.

* If Fine Gael get back into government they will either continue to extend it or dream up a similar racket, re-titled under a new name and possibly with the same companies.

They will PR spin it that their operation methodology will have been changed or “updated”. The outcome for many – if the contract is renewed (or new similar setup appears) – will be that hundreds of possible thousands will be press-ganged yet again to a state setup and/or private company setup.

Those that are currently trapped in it or will be further press-ganged into it before the end of the contract runs out, will be stuck in it for 12 months. If the contract is NOT RENEWED, the private companies will only be left with those already trapped in it. They cannot take any more via state force tactics (coercion) or financial threat.

If Fine Gael one way or another get back in, the racket and national scandal could continue in same open version or PR disguised version. JobPath has, I have no doubt, contributed quietly to the reason that Fine Gael and possibly Labour TD’s have seen their support vote drop or their TD seats lost.




Not for the first time at all, during my near five year investigations of the JobPath national scandal, has it been reported to be that private company JobPath staff have being deliberate giving the impression that they have the same status and just as importantly, same legal powers as staff of the Department of Social Welfare or the Department of Social Protection. If given, this is a WRONG impression.


Let us be very clear here from the start.

JobPath is being operated by PRIVATE COMPANIES hired to carry out a task. Just have as much additional legal rights over citizens as a rubbish collecting private company, also hired by any government department.

Again, to be clear, the JobPath private companies have gained NO extra legal powers care of the 2005 or 2010 Amended Social Welfare Act.
* NOWHERE in any of those acts has the private companies involved, gained any additional legal powers or gained additional rights over individuals.
* They have not gained the right to demand off a citizen what anyone else you could meet randomly, might try getting from you.

This is why is is very important FOR THEM, to get you to also sign a private “agreement/contract” – that then gets you to award to them additional legal rights that you are unknowingly (as they as sure as hell, do not point it out for obvious reason) giving to them.

By signing an “agreement/contract“, you are then in fact, giving them, a private company, POA (Power Of Authority) over you. Nowhere in any JobPath presentation given, does any of the companies involved tell you this very important aspect. Nor do they tell you that you have the triple confirmed right not to sign the “agreement/contract” they try to get you to sign using various concocted reasons including their massive financial gain for every signature.

* By giving the impression that they are (a) working ALONGSIDE social welfare staff regarding JobPath, they are by effect giving press-ganged victims the impression that such victims can little disagree with them – and if such victims do, the weight of state laws are on the side of the staff (as they are supposedly of state department staff status). As such, their welfare payments stands a greater chance of being affected!

* By giving the impression that they are (b) working ALONGSIDE social welfare staff regarding JobPath, they are by effect giving press-ganged victims the impression that there are laws there just as much to back what you know now, are PRIVATE company staff. The laws are certainly not there extra written into the Social Welfare Acts for Seetec, Turas Nua and the other fronts they operate under (which they sometimes deny – but simple investigation has repeat shown they lie).

The two main private companies (and additional fronts) were hired/contracted in 2013 by tender. They on signing such contracts then became legal “AGENTS” for the Department of Social Protection. Everyone in the private companies from that point onward, was working LEGALLY UNDER the state department – NOT alongside it at legal level or “with it” as put across too many times by too many staff of the private companies. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT REGARDING VARIOUS LEGAL ASPECTS including a private companies right (or in this case – NO FURTHER right) to demand such things as signatures or further private data from any citizen.

Nowhere in any JobPath presentation given, does any of the companies involved tell you this very important aspect also. Like the previous example, it’s not to their profitable benefit to do so.



One of the many JobPath cons shoved down thousands of many press-ganged throats, is that the PPP (Personal Progress Plan) is “just and agreement between you and an advisor” as stated by too many JobPath staff deliberately. This from a legal point of view, is utter rubbish.

When that JobPath staff person asks you to sign a PPP – are they acting as a private individual at that moment? NO – they are still legally acting as a hired agent of the state. As such, they are asking you to contract yourself to the private company they work for. If a PPP has no legal standing between you and the private company, they would not later be able to use it, to crack down on you.

As previously exposed many, many times by myself through UnitedPeople reports and through collected victims statements, a signed PPP has been indeed used many times by the private companies to later ‘get’ people and see that they are cut down or cut off. They have further gained this ability to do so, by conning people (or not fully informing them of all proper legal aspects) in regard to the signing of a PPP.

….But like many things in and surrounding JobPath – you are not supposed to know all this.

I am very much hated for sharing years of such information on this whole JobPath racket from hundreds of Euro millions wasted, to law breaking on a massive scale, to the many cons being pulled by some JobPath staff (not all – there are majority, many decent ones) and too many elected politicians – especially Fine Gael and Labour ones that have stood by it all and to this day, continue to refuse expose much more that really needs to be exposed. If they did, they would be also exposing their own hands involved in aiding this much buried national scandal to exist and continue. Their silence is deafening.

Jeff Rudd.


The UnitedPeople JobPath Pages – click HERE and HERE.

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