How Trump and his supporters are lying to the world!


For some time now President Trump of the United States of America and many of his supporters have been clever lying to the world – and they are still stupidly doing so. Some do it blindly, not knowing the full truth and some do it deliberately now to (a) try not make themselves further look like now exposed idiots or (b) try to continue a lie for Republicanism RP purposes.In other words, falsely let others take the blame – away from the actual real guilty. They try to take the blame away from Trump for creating a massive child separation problem.

They clever use old video footage and audio interspersed with more modern graphics graphics to try produce so called “evidence” that when in fact deeper examined, exposed inaccuracies and outright lies. This post will show how they are doing it – but first, some honest background information.

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A Core Truth.

Previously, USA president Bill Clinton brought in tough laws against those that were attempting to enter the United States. There is no “ifs” or “buts” about this. Clinton attempted a strong crackdown. One tougher than ever before. There WAS child separations under a number of previous presidents. However, it was NOT then national state policy or happening on a national mass ordered, official scale. Previous cases were more the exception – rather than national action carried out immediately by all border state staff.
* Trump and his followers would rather you didn’t notice this very important difference!

Clinton’s legislation was focused on immigrants deemed more dangerous to the security of the state – rather than outright being blanker aggressive towards all trying to enter.
* Trump and his followers would rather you didn’t know this!

It should be noted however that Clinton’s legislation there was no demands (or otherwise in another form) whatsoever, any national orders that children should be separated from their families if they were caught entering the United States.
* Trump and his followers would rather you didn’t know this!

Additionally, ask a Trump fan to name the exact previous legislation and importantly, where in it, is the parts which orders a mass grabbing – and then further national orders children to be orphaned from their parents, the Trump fans cannot do it. They cannot. Why? Simply because the national legislation or order didn’t exist – yet!
* Trump and his followers would rather you didn’t know this!

If people (and their children) were caught, the default action by border guards and others staff then, was to keep a family together – even if there was a tough crackdown in a particular region at separate times ordered by state governors.
* Trump and his followers would rather you didn’t know this!

It was only when President Trump gained power and then further used one of his minions (Attorney General) to introduce additional add-on national actions to what was already on the law books, that the mass separation of families began. The new national edict brought in April 6th 2018, signed by Jeff Sessions, further allowed others then to begin the mass national separation of babies and older children from their parents. A complete blanket national separation policy to be carried out soon after all were caught.
* Trump and his followers would rather you didn’t know this!

Trumps additional legislation in fact went further. It stated that all preceding (including Clinton’s) legislation could now be shoved aside, overwritten and was void in many areas. The memorandum of April 6th 2018 clearly states this.
* Trump and his followers would rather you didn’t know this!

Indeed, what people need to notice is that if it was Clinton’s previous (wrong blamed) legislation that was causing the problem, then in fact it would have been null and void anyway by the new Trump memorandum orders – delivered via his attorney general. The memorandum again, we must point out, saying that it “…supersedes any existing policies” – which again, we must point out, nowhere previous orders that kids and parents be separated.
* Trump and his followers would rather you didn’t know this!

Its also now been uncovered that many of the separated children have been forcefully given drugs – completely without any parental consent or even their parents informed that this was going to happen. A number of legal cases has begun over this absolute barbaric practice. One also allowed to happen on the back of the additional Trump memorandum edict. If this too was supposedly happening previous under any earlier presidents, why wasn’t it then exposed!
* Trump and his followers would rather you didn’t know or notice the above!

HERE is an example newspaper report on the above matter. However, don’t only take this report as solid evidence.

Use a web search engine to independently confirm from other sources, the mass illegal drugging of children, allowed under the Trump memorandum.

Let’s be very clear here.

BOTH sides of this debate have incorrectly used video and photographic material, in order to blame the other side. However, at the core of this issue is a fact.

That fact is that none of the national child separation policy stuff mass started till Trump’s memorandum came into being. Ask a Trump fan to prove different with any solid evidence, they cannot. None exists. They CAN show you previous video of protests over separations – but again – these were the exception (where particular staff went too far)  rather than doing so under national policy – which didn’t exist to allow it anyway!

How come there was no exposure of mass national ordered, child separations over 10 to 20 years approximately? …Because there was no mass national child separations going on. That is, until Trump took office. Then the crap hit the fan!
* Trump and his followers would rather you didn’t know this!

How Video Evidence Was Faked!

Watch the video below.

It looks good don’t it? Also most believable? Indeed! Here’s what you are not supposed to notice however.

Some of the video footage is taken from recent going’s on, allowed under Trump’s memorandum permission. Some of it is from further past. The audio however, is taken from the past – when Clinton’s legislation was being enacted – even under ex-president Bush junior, a Republican, just as Trump is!

By mixing the two together, the impression that’s supposed to be gained (wrongly), is that the modern footage shown to the world is in fact all from the era of the audio.
…When in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. The video even has “2014” (for example) stamped and over-layered in parts.

In fact, some cage footage – for example, that actually shows everyone together including kids (look again) with their parents, is from earlier. You are not really supposed to kop this however! The makers just stamped an earlier date over all of some video. …“O’ well, that will solidly prove to the masses that it’s all from an earlier era of total child national separations and brutality!” Upon detailed re-examination, does it really?

Some of the past footage showing people (note, they are adults) at desks and behind wire, is mixed in with more modern (sharper) footage. You are supposed to assume they are all from the same time. Note also that some shots (too) quickly show children with their hands behind their backs as if tied or cuffed. Look again and pause the video if need be. There no ties, cuffs, etc… Nothing. The quicker impression, deliberate edited that way, is to sneaky impose that earlier footage shows tied cruelty to children. Take time out to re-examine the footage in specific detail? Greater accurate truths emerge.

The additional adding of past speeches, backs-up a subconscious impression (remember: a deliberate professional media tactic often used) that its all from the further past. When, if you examine it (and others) in detail and then question it’s parts, you uncover complete fabrications and deliberate, clever made false impressions.

* Trump and his followers would rather you didn’t do the above or even notice all the above!

Trump and his fans would rather you remain brainwashed or fooled, into swallowing their inaccurate crap – and sadly many will.
Will you however?

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UnitedPeople does not support or endorse either the Republicans (GOP) or the Democrats.
This post is made to expose just greater inaccuracies.

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