Double standards

A Time Of Contradictions


If the people of Ireland are confused over political matters, it should come as no surprise to many. The traditional political parties are not helping things – at all.

Take for example, the current Fianna Fail stance that they will not go into a coalition with Sinn Fein to form the next Ireland government – but at the same time are urging Sinn Fein to join the DUP in creating a government elsewhere.  So in FF eyes, SF is good enough for the DUP – but not good enough for FF. Talk about self adopted airs/graces and double standards?

Fine Gael are not much better – in fact at the moment, worse. You have FG ministers denouncing SF (again) over criticism made of part of the Irish court system – while FG invents Data Protection legislation to make sure their GDPR law breaking departments cannot be taken to court, found guilty of crimes and fined! Yes – more double standards.

When it comes to double standards or contradictions, you have consecutive governments of FF/FG/Labour (or one voting with the other) as either breaks Irish or EU laws (including possible business monopoly laws and VRT) while the same parties demand that all others obey the same laws, with the same breath.

You have a government willing to spend one billion Euro on weapons for 2018, two billion Euro for 2019 and planned three billion+ Euro on EU army weapons for 2020 – while at the same time saying they are stashing away up to seven billion Euro for a ‘rainy day fund’ in case of a future crises. You have parties supporting spending hundreds of thousands – maybe millions, to legal fight NOT have to take €13+ billion Euro from Apple who have passed it on already.

All this however, is in contradiction to the fact that currently the nation is experiencing a number of crises regarding housing, health, education and more. On one hand they don’t have the money they claim or can’t find it – but announce separately that they can for other matters.

You have FF/FG/Labour calling on others not to break the law when it comes to stealing via fiddled taxes or by other methods – but via a process they actually have brought in (JobPath) themselves, they (a) continue allow state departments to illegal steal money (to the tune of millions of Euro yearly) from already vulnerable unemployed people and worse, (b) continue to maintain a guilty silence about the matter. No wonder they really don’t want full legal mandatory disclosure for state departments? Heaven forbid many civil servants having to tell full truths on record which then might expose just how connected political parties repeatedly are connected to such antics!

Confused over such matters or ‘in the dark’ too? Maybe that’s the way they want you to be?

You have FG calling for greater equality, at the same time continuing to bump up their (and other TD) wages – while under cutting others for years and even today, allow that they can collect their massive pensions at the age of 65 but the average worker is only allowed to collect their far lower pension at 68 (LINK). Anyone spot more double standards?

You have all same parties along with Labour, public calling for greater truth and transparency – it’s good PR for upcoming elections especially – but at the same time they keep quiet about they rushed through in the last days of a previous government, a bill to reduce what the public can find out how they are behaving and where public money is actually being spent by them. What? They didn’t mention any of this at all? Are many seriously still surprised by their antics? If not – why do many still crazy vote for them?

Talk about voting for self-inflicted further pain!

UnitedPeople is calling for, seeking and creating the much needed laws for greater honesty, personal accountability and legal justice. We have just scratched the surface above – but as you too might suspect – we all have a long way to go before things get better. The first step to gaining this possible future is simply to stop electing repeat offenders. It just makes sense not to have them back. You are paying a hefty price for their continual return.

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