Double standards

Smear Crises, FG Non-Accountability, Vanishing Acts & Vote Grabbing.


It seems that not a week goes by now for those willing to see and hear public evidence, which exposes once again that no true accountabilty will be found with a Fine Gael government.

Indeed, when confroned in the Dail by another politician asking if there was any disciplinary proceedures under way over the states latest scandal (how many is that now?), Mr Varadkar’s responce to being confronted over the cervical cancer crises, was:

“There are no disciplinary proceedures under way that I am aware of. Not being the employer however, I may not necessarily be aware of them for obvious reason”.

Obvious reason?

Let’s first of all, think about his answer.
* First of all, he is the Department’s employer – and the ultimate current elected boss every other state department – as he is the leader of the current government supposed to be running things.
* Secondly
, Even if he wasn’t what’s he supposed to be in his elected role, is he unable – or is not willing – to give a decent accurate answer or find it out? What does that really say about his underlying true character!
* Thirdly, we again see that accountability is something that Fine Gael fanatics at heart, is again not giving a crap about – unless there’s votes in it for them as we shall again soon see.

We now know that the usual ugly mentality existing with too many Fine Gael heads, became again exposed to the public for what it is, over the last few days. Fine Gael heads sought to take advantage of a dying woman for the purposes of vote gain. Others in Fine Gael will claim that the latest twisted attempt to win support , was rejected by others in the party – but it again exposes two things.

Firstly, that this type of mentality is not just continuing to exist in FG members but by extention, to its followers also. The recent Leo Varadkar publicity department setup at huge cost to the state taxpayer, might be officially be disbanding soon  –  but the staff within it are just being relocated to other departments to somewhat do the same thing in many cases, just spread out more for cosmetic purposes. Of course, the public is not supposed to notice this either. Opps, we let ‘the cat out of out the bag’ again?

Secondly, they were willing to somehow interceed in court sittings, appointments etc, so that they could get their way for vote gain. How exactly can they have a say regarding how and when legal cases are held? It was certainly indicated that they might have this worrying ability – and was quiet willing to use it to their own advantage! Citizens – too many of them – will pass over this single aspect alone, too fast and let them away with it! Certain media including RTE (no suprise) too, will say bugger all.

Again, seeing as one media owner has a possible sybiotic realtionship with Fine Gael and its party people, the fact that they are each willing to keep citizens in the dark yet again about more, should be no surprise at all. It’s now par of the course of Fine Gael and supporter tactics.


Duck and Cover.

Speaking of traditional tactics, once again we discover that yet another Fine Gael leader is only too willing to quickly dodge matters of serious concern to the whole nation. This time it’s about the current abortion referendum.

Leo Varadkar is following in the long traditional footsteps of his previous master, Enda Kenny, when it comes to avoiding anything that might put him in a postion where he would have to actually face the nation on TV and give straight answers in front of a live questioning audience. As we can see from THIS article, yet again a FG leader ducks yet another important debate.

Previously, this happened quite all too often. Enda Kenny at one stage (again) went particularily quiet and kept a possible low profile for seven days when Catherine Murphy TD came under attack for exercising her Dail privilage right to speak on matters important to the nation. The attacker was only a cash donator to the FG party and one that in turn likes to hire ex-FG leaders to his business boards.

While a TD was under attack for doing their hired job, there would be no defending of their democratic right from a Fine Gael leader.
(Enda emerged a week later, to more speak to microphones talking rubbish, at the opening of a recycling bin location. We kid you not.)

In Leo’s debate ducking case, he was all too willing to be in front of TV cameras and speaking to radio microphones when it came to talking about weather storms Ireland had recently suffered from – but when it again comes to political storms, like Enda Kenny previously – Leo continues to do what Enda also did. He’s too has handed over the task of defending party positions while it’s leader slinks off from being confronted by his employers – the general public of Ireland.

It’s another day in good old politics, still sadlly alive and kicking in Ireland by the same old political parties. Some things are not changing despite their constant biased PR to spin a different version of reality. A far from the full truth accurate one!

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