EU is at risk of ‘civil war’ says France’s Traitor Macron.


In speaking to the the European Parliament in Strasbourg (17th April2018), French President Emmanuel Macron has stated (LINK) that the European Union is in a period of ‘civil war’ (even through it’s not actually a country – he must have missed that bit). He has warned France and the rest of the EU that it must not retreat into Nationalism. Speaking and playing to a crowd of non-elected voter EU bureaucrats, he had the hypocrisy and the audacity to go on about defending democracy. You couldn’t make the double standards it up – unless you were taking lessons from Fine Gael, Labour and Fianna Fail in Ireland!

Naturally enough, most of the the mob he was speaking to, loved his words and applauded him. Music to their ears. However, not applauding him was some of his very own country MEP’s. Many in France also see Macron as being full of crap, a traitor to true democracy and a traitor to his own country – selling it and his people out for a federal Europe of closed door, quiet agenda design.

The Frenchman stated the EU would provide “a return to national sovereignty at the expense of shared EU powers” – something that would “would provide the reassurance voters wanted“. As he stated this, he also referred to powerful multinational corporations who were taking over the EU – and espoused that the EU was the defense against them. This is more double-standards or hypocrisy as it is the very same EU heads that trying to still bring quietly in, major corporate business (TTIP Treaty) aspects that will undermine the rights of the people of Europe. Citizens of Europe are not supposed to notice this however – but many increasing are!

We need a sovereignty stronger than our own,‘ he said.

No, we don’t. We in Ireland want to be able to rule our own country without constant EU interference.

Macron in order to see his and other EU heads dream come about – a federal Europe – has decided to offer up more money from the people of France (note: before he has even democratic put it to them for a vote). He volunteered that France was ready to pay more into the EU budget as Britain leaves. His idea of a greater federal Europe includes new taxation of digital businesses, countries greater mass swamped with cheap labour (great for mega-corporations of course), closer cooperation in defence (PESCO/EU Army – more military spending for the arm business. Example: €3 Billion, Fine Gael has planned Ireland to spend in 2020) and a stronger common approach to running the EU’s single currency. In other words, the last item being controlled by more faceless unelected heads who will dictate more to each individual nations finance ministers and more.

What Macron failed to mention that that the people of Spain’s Catalonia region (once an independent state itself) had taken a vote to leave before the Spanish government sent in it’s jackboot thugs in police uniforms to steal ballot boxes. Yes, that so called ‘democratic‘ Spanish state.

By EU and parties willing to back a federal Europe – including traitorous Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Labour – nationalism now is supposed to be a bad thing. Irish parties however have a damn short memory when it’s convenient to them. Some have forgotten they were founded over nationalism. It was nationalism that help create the Republic of Ireland. How soon is ‘eaten bread soon forgotten?‘ Nationalism then, as with many today, is about pride in ones culture, heritage and a willingness to share it to others regardless of race or any defining factor, if they wish to invest their interest and time.

Quite frankly, people are more growing in opposition to globalism, ‘big government‘ and their individual rights being trampled upon. The break up of Europe as it is indeed occurring, with growing numbers looking for a return to sovereign independent countries more free and in charge of their own affairs, is under way.

Clearly Macron and Ireland’s own traitors have not learned from what history has taught many others over centuries. Empires founded on lies, double standards and the people’s rights trampled on, have never truly lasted. The EU continues to sow the seeds of its own destruction. Many historic nations and setup have in time crashed and burned in history due to same circumstances. Yet the traitors of Europe carry on not willing to learn from history – thinking they will succeed where many through centuries have failed.

Talk about self-imposed stupidity!


See: The EU Army – LINK

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