The Deliberate Quiet Ireland



A summation of where we are also today, in Ireland.

Much is going on quietly in Ireland, behind the backs of its people within the islands borders. Fine Gael and other parties are actually working against public interest in many cases – but is not telling the public for obvious reasons. when they are exposed, or just before it, they are quick to produce professional made PR that is either blatant lies or more attempts to change the topic or direction , away from matters they would rather not be further exposed and examined.

What follows, is an example of their preferred “Quiet Ireland”.

Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, Independents and Labour who also started or are continuing the following, are:

1. Quietly forcing a national I.D card on people, reminiscent of the dark days of South Africa.
2. Quietly forcing people to admission sign for household tax charges.
3. Tried quietly forcing people to sign up to Irish Water.
4. Now quietly forcing people to sign up to contracts with private companies imported (Seetec and Turas Nua).
5. Quietly building up arms and also quietly joining a further EU army.
6. Quietly giving themselves wage, perks and pensions increases.
7. Quietly furthering a privatisation of once national services and inner job roles.
8. Quietly looking after landlords – one third of FG being quietly just that also.
9. Quietly refusing to admit they have the worst record in Irish history, for building social housing by far.
10. Quietly proposing that sick and dying are made give up their property.
11. Quietly proposing that families be forced into becoming even more landlords (even if they never want to be in business or don’t have the necessary skills to operate one). Of course, after becoming a landlord, they will then have to pay more taxes on their property. You are quietly not supposed to kop that.
12. Quietly holding 17+ inquiries, tribunals, etc that’s costing the state millions of Euro. The outcome being few or none being NOT further held to account.
13. Quietly burying crimes by imposing 30 year secrecy rules on vital evidence, they want buried away till some culprits get to live out the remainder of their lives, non-punished.
14. Quietly changing the laws of Ireland to that once available information, is now no longer available under the freedom Of Information Act.
15. Quietly using their more invented courts, to force more people out of their homes – while they quietly look after the banks more often, in more various ways.
16. Quietly unwilling to do more about the education cost crises.
17. Quietly unwilling to do more about the stretchers in corridors crises.
18. Quietly unwilling to do more about a Scientology cult invading Ireland, buying even more local properties and also passing it self off as further ‘health/public care services’.
19. Quietly bashing and constantly lashing the hell out of our nearest neighbour – one of our longest trading partners, the UK.
20. Quietly paying private companies millions of Euro because the companies are not (they claim) making enough money from vehicles traveling on the motorways – that the government has actually given to them.
21. Quietly harassing (sometimes at very gun point) your Irish fisherman (and industry), forcing him and the industry to take further reduced stock quantities while openly allowing invading massive super-trawlers to rape stock in Irish water – then sail off unaccountable.
22. Quietly giving your personal data (your legal “asset”) to private companies without you being informed or permission sought. Breaking a Bara ECJ legal ruling.
23. Quietly still imposing VRT breaking an EU ruling saying they must not. Thus they are still quietly yearly paying fines for breaking this law.
24. Quietly continuing to (Fluoride) drug an entire nation without their express permission.
25. Quietly bringing about many dangerous aspects of the TTIP/CETA treaty – one still being brought in without any democratic vote allowed by the people of Ireland. How are they doing this? They are PR staying its just a “trade agreement” – despite it having another level of courts – managed and staffed by big business.

There is more we easily could add – but you should be getting the bigger picture of “Quiet Ireland”.

If you have, your current Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and treacherous Independents want you to stay quiet about it all. Roll over and play along with them. Do nothing – don’t object – don’t make people more aware of what’s going on.

  • Those that are too complacent, won’t share this post.
  • Those that are willing to try put Ireland back on a right path, will.
  • Are you going to be a part of FG/FF/etc “Quiet Ireland” or will you share this item?


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