Greetings to all our UnitedPeople members.

Welcome to the first formal UnitedPeople (UP) email newsletter.

Thank you to those that have recently joined UP. The number of members that now has indicated by joining, that they seek a better way for Ireland, continues to grow monthly. The new members join many similar thinking people who have been with the party from the very start. Onward and UP!
Since its foundation UnitedPeople members have been quietly active on behalf of the party, pursuing a number of urgent matters that needs to be addressed. One of these lately has been the still growing issue of JobPath. More on that issue will be found by clicking HERE. UnitedPeople has been making a serious difference regarding this matter by being willing to operate through more professional methods that other parties fail to do or be as innovative in their ability to seek issue resolutions.

One member that deserves great praise is our national coordinator Alister Smith (LINK). His drive to do more is relentless - while only willing to do so by professional methods that have been recognised and respected by others. The willingness of many UnitedPeople members to seek better, only by operating better than those before us all, has gained the respect of many elected people at local and national level. They continue to give more and more of their time to UP members and hear out what they have to say.

When I founded UnitedPeople, this mode of better professionalism was a basic starting point to which go forward from. Like many, I was tired of the poor style old politic methods still being used by aging mainstream parties. As they continue to use poor quality methods of operating - including their supporters - more people turn away from them than they often gain, but they continuously fail to take this into account.

UnitedPeople is attempting to improve things and at the core of if all, is how politics should change in many ways for the better. If you have joined UnitedPeople, you are now part of that positive progress movement. I wish to personally thank you for being open-minded and for indicating you are willing to big or small assist.

Hopefully some day, future generations will also reap the benefits of our attempts.

Jeff Rudd (LINK)
UnitedPeople Founder
UnitedPeople out tackling JobPath abuses and defending the rights of all in Ireland - the bigger picture.

GDPR & Your Rights.

From May 25th 2018, new rules apply to people's personal data within the EU. The Fine Gael government has tried to circumvent these new rules by making it's departments immune from being fines as it continues on many cases, to break rules its asks others to obey. UnitedPeople would revoke the double-standard immunity. Fine Gael's actions only betrays their true character.

UnitedPeople shortly on it's website, will be explaining in more detail just exactly what GDPR is and how its affects you. In the meanwhile, we suggest you watch THIS video that comes via the UK BBC television channel.
UnitedPeople data Privacy Policy.
As part of the incoming GDPR rules have everyone has to apply if they gain personal data from others, UP has published its own policy regarding this matter. A brief and detailed version can be found HERE.

Elections Are Coming.

Since UnitedPeople has started it has been reporting many issues and facts that the old parties would rather remain hidden. We all know that elections are coming - but not just the national ones that most media is still concentrating on. Local elections are coming in 2019 also. This is just as important to remember.
What the old parties do not make clear at all - in fact, never state at local elections, is that your vote at local elections helps decide how many of each party then can put it's members into the national Senate.
Through a calculating process of all votes through local elections, Seanate seats are then allocated proportionally at the next opportunity in the future, following after any local elections. In other words, when you vote for a local person, the party they represent also gets a vote, aiding them to put one of their own into the Seanate above another party. You might be voting for the person, your vote counts for the party too.

UnitedPeople hopes to be fielding candidates for the local elections, around the country. If you are already a member and feel you might wish to stand, come talk to us. We gladly assist you in this matter. If you think along the same lines as others in UnitedPeople and feel confident to try making positive improvements beginning at local level, let us help you to help others. Contact us today or send us a message HERE.
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Walk Before Running.
This is just the beginning of regular newsletters to be posted out to all members. We hope to keep you well informed. As the party has shown already through tacking "JobPath", knowledge is power and we as a party intend to return more of it to the people of Ireland via improved democracy.

From the very start UnitedPeople has slowly, quietly progressed in a number of ways. This has been a deliberate tactic. If something is worth doing, it's indeed worth doing right. Will UP make mistakes along the way, as it a party of humans who are not infallible?, Yes. There will be errors
and things to be learned from them. Very little ever goes perfect to plan and we must allow for this and be willing to adapt - and accept that we should be open to doing so in order to go further - via better ways.

The Coming Referendum.

Unlike other parties that have been whipping their members into voting one way or another regarding a matter of belief or conscious in line with a policy forced downward from a top management table, UP has took no position on the referendum. Why? This is due to two current reasons.
  1. Every citizen is entitled to hold their own opinion on matters. Their opinions should not be forced to be adopted by others. This is a form of dictatorship dressed up by some parties as part of "democracy" in operation. True democracy should be better than this.
  2. Following up on the previous point, UP does not operate a party 'whip' system. Those that join UnitedPeople do so because they already are thinking along the same lines on core issues as previous joined members and fellow supporters. You, the member, did not join so that you can then be later dictated to - be told vote in an alternative way to what you hold as an opinion.
It would be therefore wrong for the party to dictate that all it's members vote according to the the notions of a few in the party. UP is just starting out but we intend to continue as we have started, by respecting its very members who have their own opinions based on their current beliefs (be they religious or moral, etc) and not have them dictated for them. We can each share opinions and educate - but dictate to others? No.

We do ask - not dictate - as a party, that voters do come out and use their democratic legal right. Decisions are made by those that show up. Whatever else your opinion is of the current Ireland democratic system, it still is applicable in use for changing current legislation and other state processes. We hope you will take the time to use your vote. Something long sought for you to better gain by others in Irish history.
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