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Addressing JobPath

For some time now UnitedPeople has gained hundreds of people coming to it regarding the state JobPath setup. So much so that we started a two year investigation into a number of matters surrounding it. We continue to investigate it as there has been an alarming number of law breaking and abuses happening within it. See HERE or click below.

That said, it would be wrong not to admit that a lot of people have been aided by state intervention within JobPath itself. We have stated this on social media and in face to face communications with people. Many of those at all staff ranks are continuing to try help many people. The areas we raise, are where issues still have to be addressed, where the setup is operating outside its remit and actually breaking the law. We are in a way, trying to make what works as a whole, better by trying to remove the internal bad parts.

Some sadly don't get this and think those raising JobPath issues is attacking everyone in it. This is far from the case. There is decent people across Ireland working in the JobPath setup that have nothing but good intentions every morning they go to work. Well done to them.

We will continue to assist the many that come to us, seeking help with JobPath issues. Unlike elected politicians that just see unemployed as 'lazy' or a financial drain (elected should look in a mirror), we seek the protection of not just their rights about everyone's that also fundamental affected by legislation that underscores the whole setup. We have got to see the bigger picture and then address it for the betterment of all - including the good people within JobPath.

Getting ready for GDPR

Like other websites, individuals, clubs and businesses that have a website that might collect people's data, UnitedPeople is also upgrading its current facilities. This newsletter for example, has further subtle improvements which needed to be carried out. Bit by bit, the changes are being made not just for GDPR on the 25th but also for overall ease of use for members and subscribers. The future is coming and again, UP is improving for it.

Putting Ireland First

The UnitedPeople website is hosted through an Irish business. UnitedPeople in all its efforts to make many things better, has done this deliberately. Somethings are necessary even at times, the cost might be slightly higher than other cheaper overseas competition. We must continue to support both employers and employees in Ireland whenever it's possible.

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