Why a poor effort by many elected?

Why are elected TD's still not mentioning many things that has gone within the JobPath setup? Assaults, much illegal stealing, lying, signature forgeries, suicide attempts and more.
We continue to ask!

The fudging of state housing numbers

UP member Alister Smith highlights about the still ongoing housing crises and points out the fudging of numbers also still continuing - especially as the number is reaching 10,000.

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"Welcome" to our new members.

UnitedPeople member numbers continue to grow. Thank you to Mr Ivory, Mt Tobin, Ms Patterson and Mr Glovers (plus more) for signing up. Great people willing to help make a better Ireland.
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Seeking The Creation Of New Branches.

UnitedPeople is seeking to create new local branches around Ireland. We are still collecting member names in order to make this happen. If you are willing to help create a local branch in your area, please contact Alister Smith, National Coordinator - and he will assist you in contacting other UP members in your area.
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