May 2019 - Local Elections.

Reaching out to the public across Ireland.

May 2019 brings at least three things.
  1. A possible referendum.
  2. The European Elections
  3. The local elections.
At least one, possible two, of these events which will all happen on the same voting day, will give those opportunistic enough, to get a number of messages out to the public of Ireland. In the case of UnitedPeople, it will be that the party exists, what it stands for and what it future seeks.

The party at local level and at national level has been ignored completely. This is because biased media is not willing to educate people that the party even exists, that a fresh alternative to the usual aging parties have a new challenger. The aging parties and their friendly media, from local radio stations like LMFM radio in Louth to national newspapers such as the Irish Independent, don't want the national public to firstly know others exist and secondly, that they offer new improvements across political and social spectrum's.

Should the public become greater informed and then fired up for improvement - enough so demanded that they are willing to change their traditional parochial voting patterns, the aging parties are trying hard by every underhand method to stifle a nation of people becoming greater informed to alternative to themselves.

This was never so evident than in the weeks and days run up the official deadline of candidates, who wanted to have their name of a ballot paper for the presidential race, to be submitted with the backing that was required first to qualify. Never in the history of the state had there been so many local elected politicians from the aging parties along with independents and shockingly, even socialist opposition parties, all willing to act so two faced and in union to block a person running on an anti-corruption message.

The fact that they would mass gang-up and block in every way, a honest person looking for better in politics and accountability, exposes just how low their moral values continues to be quietly in real life.

It has become clear that more needs to be done by those willing to go beyond internet talk and Irish forums of keyboard warriors and the too complacent. If you are willing to make a genuine real difference, read on by clicking HERE to find out how you can step up and help.

The opportunity to plan for change, then try create it in large or small size starts in January, for UnitedPeople. All help needed. Please do get in touch if you wish to help. Thanks.


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